What Helps Inflamed Acne?

Acne is small blister like structure caused due to collection of debris or oil in skin pores. When oil gets clogged in the skin pores then it causes bacterial infection leading to acne. As such there are various forms of acne and almost all of them cause inflamed skin, are painful and lead to redness of skin.

What Helps Inflamed Acne?

What Helps Inflamed Acne?

People who suffer from inflamed skin because of acne should immediately visit a skin specialist for proper treatment. Some of the simple but effective remedies that can be performed for eliminating or reducing inflamed acne are listed below:


Applying ice helps in treating inflamed acne. One very common and effective home treatment for acne is applying ice on the affected area. This helps in reducing the pain by making the area numb and also eliminates the redness.

Salicylic Acid

Use cleansers which have salicylic acid helps inflamed acne. To remove oil from the skin pores one should keep on washing their face frequently using a cleanser having salicylic acid. This helps in clearing the clog and healing the inflamed acne. The cleanser should be left on the skin for some time so that the acne fighting properties gets absorbed in the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Other treatment that is useful in treating inflamed acne is cream base having benzoyl peroxide. Applying cream having benzoyl peroxide helps in killing bacteria causing acne. A complete treatment kit having two and half to four percent of benzoyl peroxide also helps in removing the inflamed acne spot. These treatment kits are readily available in any medical stores. One thing that should be ensured is the individual’s skin should be completely dry before applying the cream. This increases the effectiveness of the cream and avoids irritation.

Cortisone Cream

Individual can also make use of cortisone cream for eliminating the inflamed acne and the spots. The use of medicine can be continued on daily basis till the breakout disappears completely.

Sunscreen Lotion

Apply sunscreen lotion can help with inflamed acne. As a precautionary measure one should never forget to wear sun screen lotion before moving out in bright sunlight. This is important because when acne is exposed to sun it becomes darker in color, which looks ugly.


Exfoliation helps inflamed acne. Clogging in skin can also be prevented by properly following the exfoliating system. Exfoliating the skin helps in removing dead skin cells and healing the acne outbreaks.


Concealer also helps inflamed acne. If the acne breakout is very deep then as a temporary remedy one can apply concealer for hiding the deep marks on the skin. Experts recommend the use of oil free concealer for better results, usually such concealer is slightly paler then the normal skin tone. As mentioned above concealers only provide temporary solution by making the cane marks fade.

After performing all the above steps still if the problem persists then one should consider visiting an experienced dermatologist for getting correct treatment. Dermatologist analyzes the root cause of inflamed acne and accordingly suggests medication for the same. Inflamed acne is highly complex are should not be ignored.

Some people make the mistake of modifying the medicine on their own but this is not right. Skin is one f the most important and sensitive area of the body that calls for due attention. Doctors know the composition of every medicine (tablet or ointment) and accordingly prescribe the dosage.

If inflamed acne is left untreated for a prolonged time period then it may become severe acne and difficult to treat. The inflamed acne size can be reduced but it may leave the mark that last for life. Inflamed acne marks look ugly and adversely affect the physical appearance of the skin. Hence, it should never be left untreated for long time, instead; doctors should be consulted immediately.