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How Can I Prevent Acne?

Prevention of acne is all about identifying the common causes of acne and avoiding them. There are some simple things that you can do to prevent acne and also keep your skin healthy.

How Can I Prevent Acne?

How Can I Prevent Acne?

Wash Your Face Regularly To Prevent Acne

One of the main causes of acne is the clogging of skin pores or follicles. The clogging occurs due to the deposition of excess oil or dead cells on the skin. Washing your face twice a day would help in removing the excess oil and cleaning the dead cells, thus preventing the main cause of acne. It also helps in cleaning off the dirt particles that can accumulate in the skin pores. For best results, you should use warm water to clean your face. You can also a mild facial cleanser for easy removal of oil and dirt particles.

Cleaning Your Face More Than Twice May Not Be A Good Idea

It can make your skin dry and also cause irritation due to excessive rubbing and friction. Always use a soft cotton cloth to wipe your face after washing. Avoid using dirty towels that can contain harmful bacteria and dirt particles. Applying cleansers or acne products can often make your skin dry and cause skin irritation. Thus, it is a good idea to apply a good moisturizer that is marked as “noncomedogenic”. There are separate moisturizers for different kinds of skin. Choose the one that suits your skin type.

Choose Good Quality Makeup And Cosmetics To Prevent Acne

The different products that are used in makeup such as foundation, blush etc. can harm your skin. Thus, it is important to be careful while choosing your cosmetics and makeup products. Look for things like “noncomedogenic” and “oil-free” on the label of the skin products. Noncomedogenic is used to specify that a product does not cause acne and can be used safely.

Watch Out When You Apply Gel And Fragrances On Your Hair

When you apply gels, oil, fragrances, pomades etc on your hair, they can easily get on your face along with the sweat. Thus, it is important that you choose these products carefully. Also wash your hairs regularly to avoid dirt and chemicals flowing on your face. This is especially helpful if you are prone to acne.

Do Not Touch Your Face Often In Order To Prevent Acne

When you touch your face or cheeks, you allow the bacteria to spread further and cause acne. Also, your hands can carry bacteria from infectious sites to your face. Avoid picking up the pimples using your fingers as it can spread the acne on your entire face. Instead, use over the counter acne products on your skin if you see any signs of acne or infections on your face.

Avoid Direct Exposure To Sunlight During The Afternoon To Prevent Acne

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful for the skin. Exposing your skin to the direct sunlight for long can cause skin inflammation and redness, increasing the chances of acne. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight especially between the peak hours between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Wear full sleeves shirts and long pants that can cover your skin well while you are out under the sun. There are numerous sunscreens available in the market with varying SPF.

Another Way to Prevent Acne Is By Exercising Regularly

Exercising regularly not only keeps you fit but also makes your skin healthy by increasing the flow of blood. People who exercise regularly usually have good skin and are less prone to acne. It also helps your burst your stress that can also make you more prone to acne. Yoga in particular is very helpful in managing levels of stress in daily life. Eat healthy food. Overall, a healthy lifestyle is helpful in preventing acne.


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