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Which Foods Help With Acne?

There are many foods which can help with acne. Glowing and healthy skin is not only about the expensive products we apply on face, instead; it is also about the food we eat. Making some healthy alterations in diet can actually help in preventing infection and acne.

 Which Foods Help With Acne?

Which Foods Help With Acne?

Eating right type of food helps in cleaning the internal body, in simple words we can say that flushing of toxins from the body maintains internal health, which in turn is reflected on face. Let us take a look on some of the food items that helps in preventing acne.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits help with acne. Research reveals that deficiency of minerals such as sodium, potassium, or zinc can lead to production of acne. Dry fruits or nuts are good source of different types of minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper and so on. Nuts also contribute in enhancing the skin texture making it smooth and glowing. Hence, one should include nuts in their regular diet.

Foods Containing Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Omega-3 fatty acid helps with acne. Fish is a wonderful source of omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acid. Both these acids help in preventing infection that leads to clogging of skin pores, which causes acne. Hence, doctor recommends including more and more fishes in the diet for curing and preventing blemishes.


Grapes help with acne. This fruits is full of nutritional value, both fruit and the seeds are high in antioxidant and chemical properties that are very efficient in curing skin problems like eczema and acne caused because of infections. This is not the end, grapes also helps in preventing problems caused because of allergic reactions.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice helps with acne. It is a known fact that brown rice is very healthy and a generous source of protein, vitamin B and minerals (magnesium and potassium). Further, it will also help in fighting stress and regulates the imbalance of hormone in the body.


Garlic help with acne. Garlic is known as a super food that helps in fighting various different types of infection and health problems. Garlic consist of a natural chemical known as allicin, this chemical destroys numerous harmful bacteria and virus attacking individual’s body.


Sprouts help with acne. As such sprouts especially alfalfa sprouts look somewhat like small glass but contains many useful ingredients that helps in cleaning skin impurities. Also, these sprouts have enzymes that enhances body’s germ fighting ability.

Fennel Seeds

Another food that helps with acne is fennel seeds. People who prefer natural skin cleanser for treating acne than chemical ones often eat fennel seeds. This is so because this small root like vegetable helps in improving digestion and facilitates removal of harmful toxins from the body. One can keep fennel seeds and eat them in small quantity throughout the day to prevent acne.


Broccoli helps with acne. This green color vegetable is packed with many health improving properties, such as all types of vitamins A, B, C, E, K and more. All these antioxidants help in curing all types of damages caused by different harmful bacteria.


Avocado helps with acne. This fruit is a very good source of vitamin E. It helps in moisturizing the skin making it smooth. Along with eating people also prefer to apply pate of avocado directly on skin. This way also skin gets all the benefit from the fruit.

Intake of above discussed food items helps in maintaining skin health and reduces acne. Similarly, there are some food items that may have adverse effect on skin (if taken in excess). Such food items disturb the health balance which is then reflected on face. Some of these food items are coconut oil, dairy products and sugar. Consuming excess amount of coconut oil can make the skin oily which in turn will facilitate production of acne. Same with dairy products, as consumptions of excess amount of milk or butter may also lead to secretion of oil from skin, creating a favorable environment for acne.


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