What Causes Pregnancy Acne & How to Deal with Acne During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is known to make women glow with happiness. This beautiful phase is also the time when some women can face skin related issues, acne, being one of the most common issues.

Pregnant or not, acne is always a nuisance, causing displeasure. Acne during pregnancy, though common, can to some extent ruin this beautiful and unique phase of your life. Women who have an oily skin tone and who generally suffer from an outbreak of acne during their menstrual cycles are more likely to suffer from acne during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Hormones and Acne

Acne during pregnancy is basically a result of the elevated levels of hormones playing havoc with your skin during pregnancy. That is good news! Your pregnancy will not last forever and neither will the acne. You may not have to deal with it for even the complete nine months.

What Causes Pregnancy Acne?

What Causes Pregnancy Acne?

Acne during pregnancy, usually, is severe during the first and second trimesters. The skin starts producing and secreting increased level of natural oils that tend to clog the pores of your skin and eventually lead to a breakout of acne or other kinds of inflammation

How to Deal with Acne During Pregnancy?

Acne during pregnancy is difficult to deal with since you need to be cautious about the kind of treatment you choose and remedies you use to treat it. One needs to ensure that the baby remains unharmed and does not suffer from any birth defects as a result of any kind of medication or treatment you may unknowingly use to treat your acne. You need expert medical help to deal with it since some medications, whether applied externally or consumed internally may cause harm to your baby. Topical natural remedies are the safest way to treat acne during pregnancy.

Following are some safe and natural remedies that may help you deal with an unwanted bout of acne during pregnancy. These are easily available in your kitchen or garden and help you to deal with acne efficiently. While using them, you must ensure that you are not allergic to any of these:-


Turmeric paste prepared using water and pure turmeric powder can do wonders to your skin. Apply this paste on the affected areas and wash it after it dries up. It is a natural antiseptic and helps your skin to get rid of acne efficiently.


Apply a freshly squeezed lemon juice on the acne affected area and wash it after an hour. The anti-microbial properties of vitamin C work like magic on the acne skin by transforming it into a glowing and refreshed skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel extracted by slicing the Aloe Vera leaf should be applied to the acne affected skin. Wash it after it dries up. Though it is a little sticky and messy however this gel shows amazing results.


Apply honey to the acne affected area and wash it after it dries. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of honey will definitely soothe the skin.


Cucumber is said to contain cooling properties. Its juice, when applied on the skin, acts as a coolant for the skin and helps in controlling the outburst of acne on your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts of distilled water is the magical recipe to create an amazing natural skin toner. When applied to the skin, it absorbs the excess amount of oil from the skin and thereby, control the outbreak of acne.

Baking Soda

Mix baking soda and water in equal proportions and apply on the acne affected area. Wash it once it dries off. It helps in absorbing the excess oil from the skin and thereby helps in controlling the acne attack.


Raw papaya is a great remedy for acne as it helps in eliminating dead skin cells and the excess oil from the skin. Apply mashed papaya flesh on your face and wash off once it dries up. You shall start seeing the results after 4-5 applications of mashed papaya on the face. You can apply it every alternate day.


Oranges are antiseptic and astringent in nature. A refreshing face pack made from ground orange peels and rose water (if available) can do wonders to your skin. The tangy fragrance of the orange shall turn your skin fresh again.

Fullers Earth

Apply a face pack made using Fullers Earth and rose water (if available) and wash off once it dries completely. When done on a regular basis, it guarantees freedom from acne.

Dos & Don’ts While Dealing with Acne During Pregnancy

Following are some of the points; one must refrain from doing when dealing with acne during pregnancy:-


  • Keep your body hydrated.
  • Consume a lot of nutritious and healthy fruits and vegetables.
  • Sleep well. Rest is important to keep the skin glowing.
  • Follow a skincare routine, by consulting your dermatologist.
  • Use an oil-free moisturizer.
  • If the acne is too severe it is advisable to see a dermatologist.
  • Always keep your gynaecologist in the loop for any sort of treatment that you take.

Stick to one line of treatment. Do not keep changing the course of treatment every now and then. Patience is the key!


  • Excessively wash or scrub the face.
  • Let your hair stay oily for too long.
  • Let your oily hair come in contact with your face.
  • Pop and pick the acne.
  • Keep touching your face.
  • Sleep with your make up on.
  • Use chemically loaded oily and greasy makeup products.
  • Self-treat for acne using medication, especially over the counter medications.
  • Stress and tire yourself too much.
  • Have unhealthy foods and beverages.

Lastly, stay positive and stay glowing. Do remember that each cloud has a silver lining.