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What is Good for My Acne?

It is said that skin is the reflection of inner health. Individuals who have smooth and glowing skin show that their body is adequately hydrated and cleansed. On the contrary, skin having acne, blackhead, whitehead or blemishes show hormonal imbalance, poor hygiene level and nutrition.

Every year more than ten million people of different age groups suffer from acne and ugly blemishes. Acne can be mild or severe and can occur on face, arms, chest and back. As such acne does not have any adverse on the internal health but if left untreated for long then it can have serious adverse effect on the look and personality on an individual.

What is Good for My Acne?

What is Good for My Acne?

Both natural and chemical medications are available, unfortunately majority of people opt for chemical medications having side effects over the safe and inexpensive natural home remedies. Some people have misconception that natural remedies are less effective in treating acne from the core, but this not true, natural remedies are equally effective on acne as the chemical ones. Let’s take a look some of the best home remedies for acne.

  • Deep cleansing is good for acne. Cleansing is the first and the foremost step to get rid of unwanted pimples, acne, blemishes, black and whiteheads and more. Coconut oil, honey and milk are some of the effective intergradient that acts strongly on acne. Simply apply any of these ingredients and wash off with lukewarm water. Honey makes the skin smooth and coconut oil helps in preventing bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Another good way to treat acne is toning. After proper cleansing toning is the next important step for maintaining good skin health. It helps in removing all the residues if left after cleansing and also helps in maintaining skin Ph. Apple cider vinegar is best toning agent present in home this is because apple cider vinegar is high in potassium and citric acid that helps in preventing bacterial growth on skin.
  • Face mask is good for acne. Face masks are directly applied on skin hence, are more effective compared to other home remedies. Depending on the skin type different types of healing face masks can be prepared at home. But there are some face masks that are good for all skin types, for instance; mask prepared by mixing honey, milk, yogurt and turmeric. All the ingredients used in the mask are in enhancing skin health and eliminating the acne and its ugly marks.
  • Exfoliation is also great for acne. The main cause of acne development is clogging of pores. Exfoliation helps in removing all the dead skin and cleaning the clogged skin pores. Scrubs are best way to exfoliate skin on regular basis. Chemical scrubs that are available in the market are not always smooth on skin and regular of the same can have adverse effect on the skin. On the contrary, using homemade scrubs are very safe and mild on skin. Scrubs made from sugar, lemon, salt and oats are very effective and mild on skin.
  • Moisturizing is superb for acne. The cleaned and opened pore are then need to be closed so that no more impurities are deposited. For this moisturizing is a must.
  • Coconut oil and fresh cream are the two most common and effective moisturizers that can be used on regular basis for moisturizing skin. People having oily skin should not use these moisturizers because it adds to more oil in the skin.
  • Eat healthy food is crucial for acne. It is said that face is the reflection of the inner health. Hence, along with external treatment inner treatment is also important for acne. Opting for healthy food helps in maintain good health and detoxifying the body. It maintains the nutrition level which s reflected on skin. Healthy and balance diet is very crucial for treating acne from the core.


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