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Can You Eat Breakfast the Day before A Colonoscopy?

In case that you shiver at the possibility of having a colonoscopy to check for colon cancer, odds are the “prep’s” stirring your worry. It is undoubtedly a noteworthy burden. As indicated by one research, preparing for the process takes any longer — a normal of 16 hours. But what is most difficult is the laxative part: taking an effective gut clearing solution and adapting to the resulting looseness of the bowels.

It is worth it regardless of the issue. Colonoscopy can spot little colon cancers when they are treatable and prior to the time, they have spread to different parts of the body. It can likewise identify and evacuate polyps, little developments that can form into the colon cancer. The Colon and Rectal Cancers (referred to mutually as colorectal cancer) are the third most regular kind of disease in men and women both.

What is Included in the Preparation Time?

Colonoscopy is a conceivably life-saving technique and the best quality level test for colon cancer screening and anticipation. However, is just fruitful if the bowel is totally rinsed heretofore. Generally, gastroenterologists prescribe a clear fluid eating regimen (no solid nourishment) for the whole day before the process, and above of 36 hours relying upon the test schedule.

A colonoscopy test prep diet is an extraordinary eating regimen that you eat for a particular timeframe before your test. This enables your body to discharge the residue from large intestines and rectum.

Here’s the procedure you must follow to make the prep work as smoothly as possible-

Three days before the colonoscopy process: According to the Colon Cancer Resource Center, you must start to eat light foods like eggs, skinless chicken, skinless potatoes, clear soups, steamed white fish, and cheese before the test.

Two days before the colonoscopy process: You must eat a light breakfast such as eggs and toast.

A day before the colonoscopy process: Do not consume any solid food. Rather, have only clear liquids such as clear broth like chicken broth, fish broth, or vegetable broth, or bouillon, tea or black coffee, clear juice like apple juice, clear sports drinks, or soft drinks, gelatin, etc.

On the Day of the colonoscopy process: Do not have solid breakfast. You may intake clear fluids until the time that you reach the hospital on the morning of your process. Also, do not drink or eat anything 2 hours before the test begins.

Extra Prep Suggestions

The evening before the colonoscopy, drink a fluid that will trigger gut clearing diarrhea.

Your specialist may likewise request that you take an enema or a laxative the prior night, or the morning of your colonoscopy process to guarantee that all residue and fecal matter are expelled from your colon and rectum.

Can You Eat Breakfast the Day before A Colonoscopy?

Can You Eat Breakfast the Day before A Colonoscopy?

Is it important to have no breakfast? All things considered, some developing investigations would recommend that NO, it is not vital. Despite, different randomized, controlled investigations have demonstrated that letting patients eat the day preceding a colonoscopy enhances prep resilience, expands patient fulfillment, and enhances the ability to redo the test later on.

Critically, the diet must be “low-residue” – no nuts, vegetables, or seeds, which are harder to rinse out later. Generally speaking, it is expected that this will enhance the colonoscopy procedure and limit one of the real obstructions to the test, without trading off the nature of the exam. It can be a positive development.


Albeit particular rules are there for a colonoscopy prep diet, talk with your specialist, so that they can adjust the diet plan to guarantee that your personal dietary needs are met all through the eating routine. It’s repulsive and inconvenient process, though, it is transitory, and it may help protect your life.

Your specialist is your best reference to information about how to prepare. When you plan the colonoscopy process, you will get directions. Read them over thoroughly before your schedule for the test and call your doctor in case that you have any sort of inquiries.

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