How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Immediately?

Learning to lower blood pressure will be helpful for anyone who is suffering from high blood pressure. It is normal for a person to experience fluctuations in the blood pressure through the day. However, these fluctuations are rather high in persons suffering from illnesses related to arteries and veins. In such situations, it is essential to attend to the increased blood pressure immediately to prevent heart stroke.

Everything that we do in a day, which includes the food that we eat, the way we perform and think, has a significant impact on the value of the blood pressure. Upon diagnosing with high blood pressure, making changes to the lifestyle is essential. It includes the inclusion of exercises and switching to a low-fat diet. Learning about the food choices and their impact on blood pressure will help any individual to lead a healthy life for the rest of the life.

How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Immediately?

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and want to lower it immediately using food and water, the following steps will be immensely helpful.

Coconut Water – An imbalance in electrolyte also leads to high blood pressure. The adequate presence of salts and minerals in coconut water helps counter the imbalance. The potassium content present in the water helps in lowering the sodium level and thus brings down the blood pressure.

Diuretic Foods – Until and unless contraindicated by the doctor or prescription medications, consuming natural diuretic foods such as cranberries and watermelon is an excellent procedure to lower the high blood pressure. For a healthy average adult, the diuretic foods develop fluid-flushing effect, which helps in quick digestion. The flushing effect will release additional fluids from the tissues, which in turn helps in reducing the workload on the heart and thereby decreasing the blood pressure.

Water Consumption – Consuming excessive of water is helpful in lowering high blood pressure. Avoiding caffeinated, alcoholic, and sugary beverages are preferable. Although excessive consumption of water increases the fluids in the tissues, well-hydrated arteries and veins ease the workload on the heart. Alcohol and caffeine content have a significant impact on blood pressure. Also, drinks such as soda increase blood pressure during digestion.

Fresh Foods – Consuming fresh and raw vegetables and fruits are helpful in lowering the high blood pressure. The nutrition’s present in the fresh products such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals fight against the causes that are leading to the development of high blood pressure during digestion. Both calcium and potassium have a pivotal role in decreasing the blood pressure and regulate the same throughout the day. Opting for a salad consisting of spinach, tomatoes, celery, and garlic is preferable to lower the blood pressure immediately.

Avoid Salts – Avoiding salty and canned foods are preferable for individuals suffering from high blood pressure. The ready-to-eat products available in supermarkets and snacks contain significant amounts of sodium that instantly increases the blood pressure. If a person is encountering high blood pressure, it is preferable to avoid such foods, drink plenty of water or eat salad consisting of tomatoes, spinach, and celery to lower the blood pressure within an hour. The consumption of water or the salad do not produce elements that are responsible for raising the blood pressure. Keeping the salty foods away from elderly and African Americans is highly preferable.

Raw Almonds – Consuming raw almonds is helpful in bringing down the high blood pressure. The healthy monounsaturated fat present in the almond contributes to the development of lowering the blood cholesterol levels and artificial inflammation. It, therefore, helps in reducing the blood pressure within the arteries.


If you gain an insight into the food that you eat, it is possible to control high blood pressure and lead a healthy life. The above description will be helpful in bringing down the high blood pressure immediately.

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