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Does Vitamin E Help With Under-Eye Dark Circle?

There are various reasons that contribute to dark circles. They include seasonal allergies, lack of sleep, and genetic factors. Dark circles are difficult to treat. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and needs extra care. Vitamin E is known for its anti-aging and skin moisturizing properties. Let’s look upon whether or not Vitamin E is effective in clearing up those dark rings around the eyes.

Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E plumps and hydrates the skin by providing moisture and locking in water. It is also known to decrease skin wrinkle volume. This makes it a great anti-aging option. Being a powerful antioxidant it is effective in fighting off free radicals and reducing the damage caused by UV rays. Vitamin E also softens the appearance of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles in the under-eye area.

Does Vitamin E Help With Under-eye Dark Circle?

Does Vitamin E Help With Under-eye Dark Circle?

Vitamin E might not be very effective in curing many skin conditions, but there are researches supporting its effectiveness in treating dark circles.

A study was conducted in 2004 in which a test was done to see whether a gel containing 2 percent phytonadione, 0.1 percent retinol, and 0.1 percent of vitamin C and E were effective in reducing dark under-eye circles and wrinkles in adults.(1)

The topical application of the gel was found to be moderately effective in reducing dark circles, especially in the case of hemostasis in Japanese adults. The gel also helped in decreasing wrinkles.

The amount of vitamin E in the gel was so small that it is difficult to know the effectiveness of vitamin E in treating under-eye circles compared with other ingredients.

How to Use Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is available in form of capsules, oils, and creams. It can also be combined with almond oil while applying to improve its effectiveness.


  1. Vitamin E capsules contain oil that protects against free radicals, deeply moisturizes skin, and promotes cell regeneration.
  2. The oil present in the capsules is not pure. It contains carrier oils like soybean oil or glycerine that would not harm the skin but would also not provide any extra benefit other than hydrating the skin.
  3. One should be cautious while applying the oil from the capsule directly onto the skin as the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive.
  4. Patch testing is also recommended for first-time users.

How to use:

Puncture the capsule and use clean fingers to apply the oil in the under-eye area. Wash your hands and throw off the capsules once done.


  • When buying vitamin E oil, look for 100 percent pure vitamin E that is organic, unscented, and non-synthetic.
  • You can also buy ones combined with other organic components such as jojoba or avocado oil. It adds to the antioxidant properties.
  • Do a patch test while buying any new product by patting a small amount of the product into the skin. If you observe any redness, discontinue the usage.

How to use:

  1. Take a drop or two of the oil on a clean finger and lightly dab it on the under-eye area. Wash hands once the oil is applied.


When buying a cream rich in vitamin E, look for skin-healthy ingredients like peptides to support collagen production, caffeine to decrease puffiness, and SPF to prevent sun damage.

The cream should be safe to be used for sensitive skin and free from fragrance.

How to use:

  1. Take a small amount of cream on the finger and dab it on the under-eye area. Wash hands once applied.

Combined with Almond Oil

Vitamin E and almond oil together can help in lightening under-eye dark circles and in reducing puffiness. This is because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of both these oils.

Almond oil also contains retinol and vitamin K along with vitamin E that can be effective for the delicate skin of the under eyes to keep it smooth and free from irritation.

Almond oil is rich in fatty acids and helps in hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of dark circles. Its UV protective properties, help in protecting the skin underneath the eyes.(2)

The UV protection offered by almond oil is very less, therefore, an SPF product should be used if seeking sun protection.

When Should You Avoid Using Vitamin E?

  • Those with a dermatitis-like reaction on the skin should avoid applying vitamin E in pure form around the eyes.
  • The skin around the eyes is thin and more sensitive and may experience adverse reactions.
  • Also, those with skin that tends to break out more easily should use it with caution.
  • The effectiveness of vitamin E in preventing or treating dark circles has very few studies to support it.
  • As it has antioxidant and hydrating properties there is no harm applying it, unless you suffer from any skin conditions.
  • Those with sensitive skin should consult a dermatologist or do a patch test before applying any new product to the skin around the eyes.

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