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Health Benefits and Side Effect of Eleuthero Herb

Eleuthero herb is an Asian plant the root of which is used to make medicine. It is also known as Siberian ginseng, as it grows in the same Asian region and has a similar effect. It is an adaptogen, a substance used to strengthen the body and increase the resistance to daily stress.

Health Benefits of Eleuthero Herb

Eleuthero herb is used to treat numerous health conditions.

1. Increases Energy and Reduces Fatigue

Eleuthero, as a stimulant, boosts energy and helps overcome exhaustion and related side effects.

A study done on mice showed that the consumption of eleuthero increased the exhaustion level of swimming mice by lessening the lactic acid and blood nitrogen build-up. It also increases fat utilization. (1)

2. Improves Cognitive Function

Consuming eleuthero herb improves the circulation and thus may increase the blood flow to the brain. This brings an improvement in mental functions such as memory and concentration.

3. Helps in Managing Cancer

Panax ginseng has anti-cancer or anti-tumor properties. Research suggests eleuthero to have similar properties, but this claim has no study or research to support it.

4. Increases Muscle Power

Eleuthero acts as a stimulant and increases the ability of muscles to do work, especially when a lot of physical activity is required.

According to a study consuming 800 mg of eleuthero for a period of 8 weeks, increased the male subject’s endurance time by 23 percent. It also increased the peak saturation by 12 percent and the highest heart rate by 3 percent. (2)

5. Heals Wounds And Prevents Ulcers

Eleuthero boosts the immune system and improves or speeds up the healing process. There are certain compounds in eleuthero that have shown to prevent the formation of ulcers, especially foot ulcers.

6. Improves Blood Pressure Level

Eleuthero is known to improve the circulation of blood and help bring low blood pressure to normal.

People with high blood pressure can have problems with this herb as it increases the circulation and also the heart rate.

7. Reduces Osteoporosis

Eleuthero herb increases muscle and bone strength.

In a study, rats were given eleuthero herb for 8 weeks. 16.7 percent of the raise in the femur bone density was observed. (3)

8. Manages Symptoms of Menopause

Extract of eleuthero and eleutherosides bind to estrogen receptors and lessen the effects of estrogen withdrawal in females experiencing menopause.

Those suffering from estrogen-driven cancer should consult their doctors before consuming eleuthero.

9. Improves Lymphatic Function

Edema is caused by the build-up of fluids. Eleuthero improves lymphatic functions and reduces edema.

It was found in a study that eleuthero powder reduced edema within 2-4 hours of consumption in healthy volunteers. (4)

10. Prevents and Repairs Nerve Damage

Eleuthero is explored as a preventive and management medication for progressive neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

It was found that eleuthero improved nerve regeneration and synapse formation in rats with nerve damage. (5)

11. Lowers and Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Eleuthero can be considered for the management of type2 diabetes as it has shown to reduce insulin resistance.

In a study, it was found that eleuthero reduced fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels in subjects with type2 diabetes. (6) The quantity of eleuthero consumed during the study was 480 mg per day.

Side Effects of Eleuthero

Eleuthero is likely safe for most people when taken for the short-term. The side effects include changes in heart rhythm, anxiety, muscle spasm, and sadness.

A high dose may also lead to high blood pressure. Those suffering from hypertension should not take eleuthero herb.

Though there is not much data on the effects of eleuthero herb on pregnant and breastfeeding females but they can avoid using it.

Those who have diabetes should monitor their blood sugar regularly.

Eleuthero contains certain chemicals that might slow down the blood clotting time. It might increase the risk of bruising and bleeding in those with some bleeding disorder.

Eleuthero herb has been in use for thousands of years for numerous health conditions. It is good to get consulted by a doctor, to see if the herb is right for you. A recommended dosage can help you enjoy the benefits of the herb at its best.

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