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11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Stem

Banana is packed with nutrients and health benefits in all its parts; may it be the leaf, the fruit or the flower; all of them are loaded with exclusive health benefits. Banana stem is also known to be packed with incredible health benefits because of its amazing nutritional profile. Let us read on to know more about some of the amazing health benefits of banana stem.

Nutritional Facts Of Banana Stem:

All parts of the banana are quite edible. In India, Thailand and other tropical countries, not only the fruit but also the stem and flower are consumed. The banana stem is actually not a stem, rather a flower stalk and this stalk supports the entire banana plant. Though its outer layers are discarded, the inside of the flower stalk forms a rich fibrous and edible food item. This has got a milk taste and a crisp texture and often used in fried snacks or savory curries.

The banana stem is loaded with ample amount of fiber and is thus known to benefit in preventing constipation and also ulcer in the long run. It even contains a lot of vitamin B6 and potassium and these nutrients can actually help in retaining the muscle tone and also increasing the production of insulin and hemoglobin; which is why the stem is recommended to patients suffering from anemia and diabetes respectively. They are also known to be low in calories and that’s why you can add it in your daily diet to attain best of its health benefits.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Stem

Amazing Health Benefits Of Banana Stem:

Amazing Health Benefits are:

Benefits of Banana Stem in Treating Anemia:

Banana stem is known to treat anemia. This is because it is packed with vitamin B6 and iron, both of which are responsible for increasing the content of hemoglobin in the blood. This is why anemic patients are usually recommended to add banana stem or banana stem juice in their diet.

Weight Loss Benefits of Banana Stem:

Banana stem is also known to be beneficial in weight loss. This is because they are rich in fiber and that is what keeps you full for a long time. (1) Apart from this, it also slows down the release of fat and sugar in your bloodstream and it even facilitates bowel movement.

Banana Stem is Beneficial in Managing Cholesterol:

One of the best health benefits of banana stem is that it manages cholesterol level in the blood. It is rich in vitamin B6 and also iron and thus increases the hemoglobin count. Banana stem is also packed with potassium and that is the reason why it is quite effective in treating cholesterol and also high blood pressure.

Banana Stem Regulates Blood Pressure:

As mentioned above people suffering from high blood pressure could get benefit from drinking banana stem juice as it helps in reducing and regulating their blood pressure.

Banana Stem Cleanses The Urinary Tract And Treats Urinary Tract Infections:

Banana stem juice is known to be diuretic and it helps in flushing away the toxins and also cleansing up the urinary tract. So, drinking the juice of banana stem at least 3 times in a week can actually prevent UTI or the Urinary tract infections.

It Is Good For Kidney Stones:

Banana stem juice is known to prevent kidney stones. (2) Mixing lemon juice with the banana stem juice could be a real effective method of combating renal stones. The presence of potassium and the diuretic properties in the banana stem along with the citric acid of lemon together work to stall the formation of calcium crystals or calcium lumps from the kidney and thus it is great for kidney stones. It helps you reduce the pain because of kidney stones and also makes you feel fresh. You can also drink the banana stem juice along with cardamom powder so as to prevent kidney stones.

Banana Stem Is Good For Diabetic Patients:

One more health benefit of banana stem is that it is good for the patients suffering from diabetes. This is more effective when the juice is taken without straining. The juice does not have any sugar and thus it does not increase the blood sugar levels. Moreover, it has also got a low glycemic index and this is quite an important factor for any diabetic patient.

Banana Stem Burns Belly Fat:

Do you want to get rid of those belly fat? If yes, then banana stem is one of the things which you can try. Simply add a few scrapes of ginger to the juice of banana stem and this will help your burn the stubborn belly fat. It helps in improving body’s digestion and metabolism. Being enriched with fiber, banana stem juice or even a cup of the stem fills your stomach and keeps you satiated for a longer time period.

It Helps In Treating Constipation:

Banana stem has got several health benefits. One of those benefits include, treating constipation. It is rich in fiber content and this act as a laxative so as to ease constipation. In order to have maximum intake of fiber, you need to take the juice of banana stem without straining it.

Banana Stem Helps In Treating Hyperacidity:

Yet another health benefits of banana stem is that it benefits in treating hyperacidity. This is a crucial part of banana that actually offers you fair relief from hyperacidity and heartburn by regulating the acid levels in your body. Banana stem works best when consumed on an empty stomach.

Banana Stem Helps In Detoxification:

Banana stem is also beneficial in detoxification. This is because the stem has properties for promoting urine production and thus helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Simply mixing one cardamom or lemon in the banana stem juice will help in detoxification and also in preventing kidney stones (mentioned earlier).

Making Banana Stem Juice:

If you are willing to make the banana stem juice you need to simply clean the stem of banana properly and then cut in to several pieces and store in the refrigerator. Now, to prepare the banana juice, add the stem, yogurt, roasted cumin, salt and pepper in a blender and prepare a smooth paste. You can consume it thick or can just add the required amount of water to make the juice.

Apart from the banana stem juice you can also prepare a smoothie by blending one apple, one cup of soaked stem of banana and one cup of water. Strain the juice and ass some ice cubes to this healthy smoothie.


So, there are some real great health benefits of banana stem. If you have been impressed with these health benefits it is definite that you need to add this to your daily diet. Now, the choice is yours; on how you want to add banana stem to your diet. You can go for banana stem juice, smoothie, or can check out some of the recipes of banana stem curries and try making them.


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