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Importance of Vitamin C For Our Health, its Benefits, and Side Effects of Excessive Intake of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our body. It helps in the formation and maintenance of blood vessels, skin and bones. This vitamin is water-soluble and is not stored by our body. You should have vitamin C rich food on regular basis to avoid its deficiency. It is found in an ample amount in some fruits and vegetables. Supplements of vitamin C are also available in the market if you are not able to take it through the diet.(1)

How Important is Vitamin C For Our Health?

Our body requires this vitamin to do different functions.

Vitamin C helps our body in producing L-carnitine, collagen and some neurotransmitters. It is also an antioxidant and helps in getting rid of unwanted substances known as ROS (Reactive Oxidative Species) from our body. To your knowledge, ROS are substances like free radicals due to natural bodily processes, pollution, and other factors like that. These substances cause oxidative stress resulting in cell damage.

Our body requires vitamin C for the production of collagen. It makes up 1–2% of the muscle tissue. Collagen is an essential component in the fibrous tissues like:

  • Bones
  • Tendons
  • Cartilage
  • The gut
  • The cornea
  • Skin
  • Blood vessels
  • Ligaments(1,3)

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

You can get many health benefits if you consume vitamin C in an adequate amount. Let us know the wonderful benefits of taking an adequate amount of Vitamin C:

  1. Vitamin C Helps Boost Our Immune System:

    Vitamin C is well known for boosting our immune system. If one is suffering from a cold, he/she is advised to take Vitamin C rich food, this is because of the positive health effect of this wonderful vitamin on our immune system.(4)

  2. Vitamin C Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health:

    Vitamin C helps in improving our cardiovascular health due to the following reasons:

    • It possesses antioxidant properties.
    • It helps strengthen our blood vessels.
    • It helps enhance the production of nitric oxide.
    • It helps in reducing atherosclerosis plaque instability.(2,3)
  3. Antioxidant Properties of Vitamin C to Make Our Skin Healthy:

    Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been used for ages in the skincare industry to heal various skin related problems. Owing to its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C helps fight free radicals and due to this quality, it is a common ingredient in many skin care products like face creams, face packs, masks, moisturizer, etc. These vitamin C infused products leave a radiant glow on the skin. It is also a common ingredient found in many anti-wrinkle skin care products as it can improve the elasticity of the skin.

    The antioxidant activity of Vitamin C helps in reducing inflammation of the skin. It also lowers the risk of developing some conditions, including some types of cancer.(5,6)

  4. Faster Wound Healing With Vitamin C:

    Vitamin C aids in the faster healing of wounds. Since it plays a significant role in collagen production, it is immensely effective in healing various wounds and injuries including rashes, minor cuts, broken bones, etc.

    If your vitamin C consumption is low, your body’s wound healing process may be slow due to the less production of collagen. As discussed before, collagen is present in our muscles, skin and other tissues. This is why doctors and healthcare experts recommend taking vitamin C rich food or supplements during recovery.(7,8)

Side Effects of Over-consumption of Vitamin C

Even though the level of toxicity of vitamin C is less, high intake can still be harmful to some people. They may experience mild side effects like digestion problems.

Over-consumption may lead to kidney stone development as a consequence. A high intake of vitamin C may also cause interference with existing vitamins and minerals in the body. You should consume 65-90 milligrams of this vitamin every day. The maximum permissible limit is around 2000 mg in a day and not more than this.(2,9)

So, we now know how important Vitamin C is for us to be healthy. But as we also know that excess of anything is always harmful, consume your vitamin C but don’t overdo it. Enjoy the health benefits!


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