How Does Cupping Therapy Work For Weight Loss?

For those who are tired of following an unstoppable exercise regime, diets and what not to slim down the body, take a breath, there are numerous traditional options which are yet to be tried by you. It is documented that there are certain alternative traditional therapies which can actually be helpful in achieving the weight loss goals.

Cupping is a procedure in which a cup-like container mostly made of glass, with a partial vacuum is placed on the skin of the patient to produce suction in the underlying tissue. It can be used with other treatment as it enhances the performance and speeds up the slimming process.

How is Cupping Therapy Performed?

Fire is inserted in the glass cup to remove some oxygen. The mouth of the cup is then placed on the skin, usually on the back. Some cups use a rubber bulb to remove air by suction. The vacuumed cup draws the skin and muscle tissue. The cup creates the area of stagnation on the back, triggering a reaction to get things moving.

Cupping improves circulation and removes any stagnation which might be causing weight gain.

Stronger method of cupping includes moving the cup around once the cups are attached to the skin and bleeding in which the cup is applied to raise a welt with a lancet and then the cup is reapplied to draw up the blood.

It should be noted that cupping is not a replacement for conventional medical care.

How Does Cupping Therapy Work For Weight Loss?

Cupping therapy stimulates the blood circulation, unblocking the energy channels and breaking down the fat cells. It also encourages the lymphatic system to get rid of the impurities and reduce water retention.

Cupping therapy promotes weight loss and tones the body by stimulating the acupressure points running along the lymphatic lines. This improves the circulation which enables removal of toxins and brings in energy to metabolize fats including fats in the problems areas and fat around the internal organs.

The suction created helps in reaching the fat located in the deeper levels and separated it from the fibers. Once it is ruptured, it liquefies and all the waste is flushed out through the lymphatic system.

It is used by many athletes for muscle recoveries as it helps get rid of the lactic acid build-up in the muscles.

Cupping method does not hurt but it can leave marks at the area the procedure is performed, which usually subside between three days to three weeks. Deeper marks indicate more toxins.

Cupping therapy certainly helps in achieving weight loss along with proper diet and exercise plan. In order to attain the best result, you need to eat healthy foods and have an overall healthy lifestyle. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated.

A study shows the success of cupping therapy in alleviating metabolic indices and subcutaneous fat thickness of the abdomen in patients with metabolic syndrome and abdominal obesity (1).

How Early Are The Results of Cupping Therapy for Weight Loss Expected?

Immediate relief is expected after the first session as the lymphatic and the blood circulation is improved.

There is soreness experienced by a few people the next day of the session as if they have undergone some intense yoga session.

After 7-10 sessions the body becomes firmer. The number of session depends on the person’s current situation as well as hygiene.

The Goal Of Cupping Therapy

The main goal of cupping therapy is to remove the deep-set blockages. It helps you set up for the weight loss goal. Certain other therapies such as diet plan, exercise, and acupuncture are recommended by the practitioner.

An emphasis is put on eating a low-fat diet, eating regular meals, and avoiding dairy.