Obesity And Ankle Pain: What Is The Connection & How To Lose Weight To Manage Ankle Pain?

Obesity And Ankle Pain: An Overview

Obesity is a common problem throughout the globe. In today’s world where everything you need is just a click of a mouse away exercise and physical activity has taken a back seat. Lack of physical activity causes accumulation of fat in the body as the calories taken in by you is not spent. This causes you to gain weight. Gradually over time your weight reaches a stage where even if you want to do some physical activity you find it difficult to do because of your weight. Obesity can result in a number of problems and predispose you to many medical conditions. Among some medical conditions that you may have, Ankle Pain is also one of them. Normally, people associate Ankle Pain with some disorder of the bones or ligaments in the ankles, but little is known that being overweight or obese can also cause Ankle Pain. This is because when being overweight or obese causes more weight being, put on the ankles and the lower extremities. The lower extremities of the body is designed in such a way that it can accommodate some weight of the body, but if you are overweight the weight of your body puts excess strain on the bones and ligaments of the lower extremities including the ankles and gradually with time the bones of the ankles start to degenerate and that is when the ankles start to give problems in the form of persistent pain. Being overweight also results in faster degeneration of the joints predisposing the individual to conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Obesity And Ankle Pain


What Is The Connection Between Obesity and Ankle Pain?

As stated, being obese or overweight puts strain on every part of the body, including the ankles. Having to bear the extra weight of the body, the bones of the ankles start to feel the pressure and start to degenerate posing problems. Studies suggest that as less as 10 pound of extra weight can start putting pressure on the ankles. Being obese and overweight can cause the ankles to become weak and thus, a making them prone to frequent sprains and strains. Obesity also affects the way how you walk and thus, may predispose you to frequent falls. Being overweight can also predispose you to medical conditions like osteoarthritis and tendonitis.

How Can Weight Loss Affect Ankle Pain?

If you have an ideal weight or a normal BMI, then it reduces the risk of developing many medical conditions like heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension and the like. Coming to the question of how losing weight helps ankle pain, it does so in two ways. Firstly, it decreases the pressure that is being put on the ankles by the weight of the body, which results in less wear and tear of the cartilages in the ankles meaning that the ankles stay healthier for a longer period of time. Secondly, it reduces inflammation in the body which decreases the risk of developing osteoarthritis and hence there is less wear and tear of the ankle joints.

What Are Some Easy Ways To Lose Weight In A Healthy Manner?


To sum it up, if you are overweight and are suffering from persistent ankle pain then weight loss by healthy means is the best way to get rid of ankle pain. It may look tough to begin with but if you incorporate them in your daily routine then with time it becomes much easier to lose weight. Some of the ways to get rid of extra weight are:

  • Avoid junk foods like pizzas or burgers
  • Eat at least one vegetable a day
  • Take a walk after having dinner every day, may be take your dog for a walk
  • Whenever you could try and avoid lift or escalator and take steps to office. Physical activity is the best way to get rid of extra calories and it is easier to incorporate in daily life.
  • Try and not eat outside food

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