Acupuncture for Rectocele or Posterior Prolapse

Rectocele or Posterior Prolapse is a condition, in which the posterior wall of vagina gets weakened, stretched, and torn leading to protrusion of the rectum into the vagina. This protrusion further causes the inward bulging of the vagina. This condition not only causes severe digestive troubles and constipation, but also makes it difficult to have intercourse due to a constant feeling of heaviness. Acupuncture, a Chinese Traditional Therapy, has been proven to correct rectocele or posterior prolapse.

Acupuncture for Rectocele or Posterior Prolapse

Acupuncture for Rectocele or Posterior Prolapse

Acupuncture is an alternative Chinese therapy that aims at relieving the symptoms of rectocele or posterior prolapse by insertion of needles at specific pressure points. The basis of treatment for rectocele or posterior prolapse is entirely different than that of western medicine. The western medicine considers excess of pushing during the labors as the causative factor for rectocele or posterior prolapse, whereas according to Chinese therapeutic theory, prolapse happens when spleen is not strong enough to hold up the organs.

Thus, acupuncture for rectocele or posterior prolapse focuses on strengthening of spleen by stimulating it to heal and rejuvenate. Though the after effects of the treatment are unarguably pain alleviating, but while the therapy is administered the pain due to pricking of needle definitely persists.

The acupuncture therapy for rectocele or posterior prolapse is done at several acupuncture points. Some such important points are:

  • Spleen Meridian Acupuncture Points: One such point is bai hui; this point is considered to be the universal point, as it is used to treat several diseases and condition. This point lies exactly at the top of the head. When this point is stimulated, it imbibes the energy from the lower half of the body where the energy levels are sunken and collapsed. Other such points are SP6 and SP10.
  • Liver Meridian Acupuncture Points for Rectocele or Posterior Prolapse: Liver is considered as another important organ that can contribute to prolapse, since it is one major organ as well as store house of blood. Therefore, liver meridian acupuncture points are stimulated on the lower leg.
  • Stomach Meridian Acupuncture Points to Treat Rectocele or Posterior Prolapse: Since the uterus is located in the lower abdomen; therefore, there are certain acupuncture points of the stomach meridian that help in the treatment of rectocele. ST25 and ST36 are two such points that aid in maintaining overall health of the body including the digestive tract and uterus.
  • Ren Meridian Acupuncture Points for Rectocele or Posterior Prolapse: Ren also associates with the conception vessel; therefore, it associates with the process of child birth, menstruation, menopause and health of the uterus. Thus, Ren meridian acupuncture points like RN3, RN4, RN6 and RN12 help in the treatment of rectocele.


Rectocele or Posterior prolapse is a condition, which arises due to the incapability of the pelvis to support the internal organs that further leads to protrusion of rectum into the posterior wall of vagina. Though, the condition does not have any identifiable symptoms, but it surely causes discomfort around vagina during menstruation as well as intercourse. In western medicine, the condition cannot be cured without surgery; else it may become a progressively major disease. However, ancient science of Chinese medicine has a therapy to help relieve a person from the condition. Acupuncture therapy at specific points related to spleen, stomach, liver and conception vessel, help greatly in treatment of the rectocele or posterior prolapse.

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