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11 Ayurvedic Solutions To Beat The Adverse Effects Of Air Pollution

In today’s time, air pollution has turned out to be one of the major concerns. Today, the WHO or the World Health Organization has warned that it is as bad as tobacco, in terms of its effects on our lungs.

There are a lot of people across the globe those are exposed to airborne pollutants chronically, in concentrations that are extremely above the standards of legal safety.(1)

The polluted air contains toxins such as ozone, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, and several other hazardous substances to the lungs. It might also lead to lung cancer in harsh cases. There are several ways to deal with air pollution. However, ayurvedic solutions could be one of those best ways to get rid of the adverse effects of air pollution. So, in this article we will talk about some of the ayurvedic solutions to beat the adverse effects of air pollution.

11 Ayurvedic Solutions To Beat The Adverse Effects Of Air Pollution

11 Ayurvedic Solutions To Beat The Adverse Effects Of Air Pollution:

It must be mentioned that Air pollution today, ranks 8th among all the leading risk factors for the mortality rate and it accounts for 2.5% of all deaths in many developed countries.(2) According to the WHO, air pollution is responsible for more than 3 million premature deaths every year.(3)(4) It is also found some years ago that the CNS or the Central Nervous System of our body is also a target organ for the hazardous effects of various airborne pollutants.(5)

Ayurveda is the ancient natural healing science which has began from Indian about 5000 years ago. Ayurveda is a combination of two Indian words, “Ayur- meaning life” and “Veda- meaning knowledge”. Ayurveda includes several advices on diet, herbal medicine, oil massage, specific ayurvedic medications, yoga and breathing techniques, meditation, and bowel cleansing. There are various ayurvedic solutions to beat the adverse effects of air pollution. Some of them are listed below.

Diets And Herbs:

It is essential for you to eat freshly cooked and warmed food. You must also consume ginger and carom seeds which are known to be toxin reducing foods. You must also take diet that is packed with vitamin C, minerals like magnesium and foods rich in fatty acids; such as the fresh fruits. Moreover, eating a balanced or healthy diet will help you in improving your immune health and thus in getting rid or in preventing the ill effects of air pollution. Jaggery is also known to help in beating the adverse effects of air pollution. Jiggery helps to detoxify or flush out the air pollutants from the lungs.

Herbs like Tulsi, Trifala, and Pippali and some more must be consumed regularly so as to strengthen the immune as well as the respiratory system and this can nullify the effect of air pollutants.

Herbal teas such as ginger and tulsi tea can also be wonderful ayurvedic solutions to beat the adverse effects of air pollution. You need to take this tea, twice in a day for minimizing the effects of air pollution.

Nasya Karma:

Nasya karma is also known as the nasal drops treatment. This ayurvedic treatment helps in clearing the nasal cavity and thus in preventing several allergies that are caused by air pollutants. It is true that nasya karma must be done only under an expert supervision. However, a small dose, such as putting 2 drops of cow ghee or almond oil in each of the nostrils in morning hours and in the night, can surely be done at home. This helps in flushing out the air pollutants from your nasal cavity and also prevents the pollutants to cross your nasal pathway of the breathing system.

Breathing Exercise:

Breathing exercises such as Kapal bhati, pranayama, and many others help in cleansing your airway and in combating any sorts of ill effects of the air pollution. However, you need to practice these breathing asanas on a regular basis for the best benefits.

Abhayanga Or Massage With Oil Application:

Abhayanga, also known as oil application massage is a kind of ayurvedic solution to beat the adverse effects of air pollution. This helps to improve the blood circulation and also to get rid of toxin which might have entered your blood by several means, such as inhalation or the skin. It works as an excellent rejuvenator by detoxifying your body. By having regular abhayanga with oils infused with essential herbs, help in increasing the immune system of your body and also keeps you rejuvenated or energized.

Oil Pulling By Sesame Oil:

Oil pulling by sesame oil is one also one of the best ayurvedic solutions to beat the adverse effects of air pollution. Most of us are indulged in mouth breathing and thus, oil pulling can work as a great solution to beat adverse effects of pollution.

For this, you need to place one table spoon of oil, especially sesame oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes and then spit the oil out. This cleans out any harmful bacteria and even strengthens the mouth’s mucous lining so as to fight several allergens found in the air.


Swedana means to perspire or to sweat. In ayurveda, the process of inducing sweating is known as Swedana karma. Dashmool herb( or roots of ten plants) are used to do Sarvanga or the full body Swedana, that helps in liquefying and melting the toxins and expels these toxins of your body, thus helps in removing air pollutants out of the body.

Facial steam must also be done to cleanse and to strengthen the barrier of your nasal cavity for pollutants. For this, you can use eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, basil oil and carom seeds

Washing Skin And Hair With Neem Water:

There is another ayurvedic solution to beat the adverse effects of air pollution. Washing your hair and skin with neem water can help in flushing out the pollutants that are stuck to the skin and the mucous membrane.

Air Purifying Plants:

There are some plants which are known to be beneficial for purifying the air. Such plants include, aloe vera, neem, spider plant; which absorbs the gaseous pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. They not only absorb the carbon dioxide, but even produce enough amount of fresh oxygen. You need to keep such types of indoor as well as outdoor plant in and also around your houses, as well as workstations for proper circulation of fresh air everywhere.

Enhancing Body’s Immunity:

One more ayurvedic solution to beat the adverse effects of air pollution is to take foods that help in enhancing the immunity of your body. For this, you need to take more of fresh vegetables and fruits, foods loaded with vitamin A, C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Triphala, and Tulsi are also some herbs that can prove effective in improving the function of your body’s immune system.

Dealing With Health Issues:

Smog in air can result in nasal congestion, infections of lungs, shortness of breath, and several respiratory problems. For dealing with such problems, you need to eat ginger that helps in dealing with shortness of breath and also infections of respiratory system. A study has shown that ginger fights the RSV virus (A virus quite common causative agent of infections of respiratory tract), quite effectively.

Lakshyaharidradi Yoga:

Lakshaharidradi yoga is something that is performed for detoxifying the indoor pollution of air. Several dried herbs, such as Laksha, Abhaya, Ativisha, and Haridra, are to be burned and thus spreading its smoke inside the house that would purify the toxic air and also the residuals of smoke. However, make sure that there is enough ventilation available while doing this.

Take Away:

So, we talked about some of the ayurvedic solutions to beat the adverse effects of air pollution. If you are willing to get rid of the harmful effects of pollution then you can try out these ayurvedic solutions and experience the benefits by yourself. However, it must be strictly noted that in case there is any severe symptom that you are suffering due to air pollution then you must consult a medical professional and take the best possible treatments for the same, without any delay.


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