Benefits of Lily Flower

Lily flower is a trumpet shaped flower found in several colors like pink, yellow, red and orange. Some lily flowers are also known to have deeper colors on their inner petals. The flower is known to be used in various ways. Lily flower is known to treat a lot of diseases and disorders. In this current article we will know about some of the best benefits of lily flower.

Dried lilies contain a high amount of fiber, sodium and carbohydrates. Lily bulbs have proteins and starch and also contain small amount of calcium, iron, phosphorous, Vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and Vitamin C.

Benefits of Lily Flower

Benefits of Lily Flower:

Here in this section, we will talk about some of the benefits of Lily flower.

  1. Heart Health Benefits of Lily Flower:

    One of the major health benefits of Lily flower is that it aids in regulating the heart rate and thus allowing the heart to function more efficiently and regularly. Lily flower is known to minimize the irritability of the myocardium without actually resulting in an increase in the oxygen level that is essential to function by the heart muscle. The heart health benefits of lily flower are well known because of the presence of the active glycosides and also the flavonoids which tend to stimulate the arteries and cause them to dilate.

  2. Benefits of Lily Flower in Treating Burns:

    One more benefit of lily flower is that it aids in treating burns. Lily flower not only helps in treating burns but also aids in preventing the formation of scar tissue. It is in fact that the roots of the Lily flower are used to make an ointment that is applied on the burnt portion of the body.

  3. Benefits of Lily Flower in Childbirth:

    There is one more therapeutic use of the Lily flower. It is being used in case of weak contractions while the time of childbirth.

  4. Lily Flower is Beneficial in Treating Tumors and Ulcers:

    It is also known that the fresh or dried bulbs of the lily flower are known to be very much effective in treating ulcers and inflammations on account of their astringent and soothing properties. Lily flower is also applied on hard tumors and is known to soften them on an immediate basis.

  5. Eye Health Benefits of Lily Flower:

    There are also wonderful eye health benefits of Lily flower. It is known that the flower is good enough to cure eye diseases like conjunctivitis and sensitive eyes and is thus also used in several eye drops and other applications.

  6. Mental Health Benefits of Lily Flower:

    Lily flower also has wonderful benefits to the mental health. It is known to be useful in treating insomnia, restlessness and irritability. It is used in aromatherapy to treat depression and get the happy feel in an individual suffering from depression.

  7. Blood Cleanser:

    Lily flower is an effective blood cleanser. It is known that tea prepared from lily flowers is an effective blood cleanser and blood purifier.

  8. Lily Flower is Beneficial in Treating Oral Thrush:

    Lily flower is known to treat oral thrush. You just need to boil the lily plant in sweet milk and use as an oral rinse.

  9. Benefits of Lily Flower in Treating Other Diseased Conditions:

    Lily flower is also known to be beneficial in treating several other diseased conditions including; leprosy, strokes, angina, etc. Apart from these, it is also used to stimulate the hair growth on the eyebrows. Lily flower can also treat or relieve cough, soothe a dry throat, and help with heart palpitations.

  10. Other Benefits of Lily Flower:

    Besides all the wonderful medicinal benefits, the Lily flower is also known to be beneficial in various other ways. It is used in aromatherapy in treating depression and also used as a prime ingredient in the perfume industry. The stem of the Lily flower is being used in Asian cooking as they are sweet, chewy and also have a mild flavour of vegetable that is similar to lettuce, asparagus etc. In Japanese cuisine, there is a use of slices of the sugary sweet and pulpy bulb of the lily flower in various dishes.


So, here we talked about some of the best benefits of Lily flower. You can make use of this wonderful herb in treating your ill health conditions and take care of yourself in one of the safest way. However talk to your doctor in case of any serious disease or disorder that might require medical treatments.

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