Benefits of Quitting Drinking|How Quitting Drinks Can Benefit Your Mental, Physical & Sexual Health?

How Quitting Drinks Can Change Your Life

Alcohol can be a mood booster as well as a life-destroyer. When drinking forms into a habit, it can take your life off course. Drinking produces strong reactions in both brain and body. This is among the main reasons why people enjoy drinking. However, a casual evening alcohol drink could turn into an addiction. Alcohol can have a tremendously strong psychological and physical grip on the person. When you decide on giving up drinking alcohol, your brain will begin to heal. Your liver will also rejuvenate. In fact, you will find yourself in a better. Therefore, the benefits of quitting drinks are far more than slugging shots down. Here are some of the long-term benefits of quitting drinks:

Benefits of Quitting Drinking

Benefits of Quitting Drinking

Mental Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol:

Copious amounts of alcohol can alter your brain chemistry. Alcohol serves as a potent depressant, ensuring that it destabilises your mental equilibrium. A drinking addiction will soon affect thoughts, actions and feelings. Some of us feel more confident and relaxed when we have a drink. This is because alcohol starts to depress that part of your brain with is associated with inhibition. However, losing inhibition could often lead to reckless behaviour, and even suicide.

In time, you could become more anxious and aggressive. Quitting drinks will allow you to lead a balanced, healthy life. It allows you to remain alert during the day without a cloud of uneasiness and inattentiveness.

Contrary to popular belief, drinking does not always have the desired effect you may be looking for. A drink in the evening over a sustained period of time can lead to bouts of anxiety and depression. This is because drinking tampers with the brain’s neurotransmitters that are necessary for good mental health.

Giving up alcohol could help your brain function without hindrance from intoxicants. Mental clarity is one of the major benefits of quitting drinking. Your liver starts to function better. The self-doubt that you had will disappear.

Physical Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking: How Quitting Alcohol Can Help You Physically?

Weight Loss Benefits of Quitting Drinking: Researchers state that quitting alcohol could lead to a drop in body fat. In fact, it could plummet from 15% to 10%. Your beer belly and love handles will also shrink a few months into your newly-adopted non-alcoholic lifestyle. This apart, muscles will become firmer.Your figure and appearance also stands to undergo a significant change. Alcohol adds weight to your body while also reducing metabolism. This is because the body breaks down alcohol first. This could all change with a change in lifestyle.

Skin Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol: Quitting drinking will also have a glowing effect on your skin. Alcohol often dehydrates the skin, giving it an unhealthy texture. When you drink less, your body stands to absorb vitamin thereby boosting cell turnover. This will ensure younger and healthier skin.

Quitting Drinks Will Help You Sleep Better: Abstaining from alcohol will allow you to sleep better at night. People who use drinking to sleep aren’t doing themselves a favour. Alcohol reduces both quantity and quantity of sleep. When you quit drinking, your slow wave and REM sleep will improve. This is the part that requires a good night’s rest as it helps us remember. Those who give up drinking will witness a significant improvement in their sleeping pattern.

How Quitting Drinking Can Be Beneficial for Your Sex Life?

From a mental win to an increased sexual drive – the benefits of quitting alcohol are manifold. When you quit alcohol, you get better sleep. You will feel physically toned and attractive.

Quitting drinking alcohol could solve the problem of not getting erections. When you drink, drinking causes dehydration which leads to low blood volume and an increase in angiotensin – the hormone which is responsible for erectile dysfunction.

For men and women, letting go of alcohol could ensure that reaching orgasms will not be a difficult task. Most men have trouble ejaculating while women who drink often need more stimulation to have an orgasm as opposed to those women who do not drink.

How Quitting Drinking can be Beneficial in Managing Relationships?

When you drink often, relationships often tend to suffer a setback. There is a growing rift between you and your family and friends. When you quit drinking, those relationships are given a chance to heal and grow.

Repairing broken relations is among the main benefits of quitting alcohol. Your family and friends will be a guiding light to help you reach your life goals. Quitting drinking will allow you to have open and honest relations with better communication.

People addicted to drinking usually find that they do not enjoy support as they are headed down a path of self-destruction. Most relations would not like to see their loved one succumb to addiction. When you ‘no’ to the bottle, your friends and family will say ‘yes’ to helping you stay sober over a long period of time.

There will be less mood swings and anger issues to deal with – two deterrents that probably cost you strong and meaning relations.

How Quitting Drinking Can Benefit You to Increase Your Work Productivity?

When you quit drinking, it gives you more time to be productive. The best thing about waking up in the morning without a hangover is feeling fresh and energetic to tackle the day. You will be able to meet deadlines on time while also contributing more to team ideation at work.

You will be less prone to mood swings, anxiety and stress at work. Your co-workers will even begin to work more closely with you. Some people tend to lose their jobs due to bad drinking habits. When you go sober, you can expect a promotion and a pat on the back for a job well done. You will stop questioning your direction in life and begin to take responsibility for decisions made.

The Financial Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol

A drinking habit comes at a cost, literally. Most people beg, borrow and steal to ensure they get their daily alcohol fix. A night of drinking can cost a lot of money. You run into debts and have no savings at the end of the month.

When you quit drinking, you will be surprised to find that you have more than enough money left over that can be put to productive use. You can take a holiday, donate to charity or even invest in shares. If you get less social invitations as a result of you quitting drinking, just think about how much you stand to save a week. Money in the bank is worth more than splurging on rum and coke every day of the week.


There are plenty of reasons to give up drinking alcohol. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to self-improvement. When you quit drinking, your life takes a U-Turn that you never thought possible.

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