The Fast and Effective Way to Get Fit

Are you looking to start a new fitness chapter in the New Year? Learn to aim high when setting fitness goals for yourself. If you want to get into shape fast, you cannot settle for anything less than gold. However, a calculated approach to setting fitness goals is always advisable. It would be counterintuitive to aim small. One needs to remember that while setting goals, you should have your sights set on success and not injury or burnout.

The Fast and Effective Way to Get Fit

3 Big Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Trying to Get Fit Fast & Effectively

Before you jump onto the fitness bandwagon, you need to answer three questions. Getting fit fast might be the aim, but, continuing with a fitness routine is necessary.

  1. Do you see yourself reaching your fitness goal in three months or more? If yes, you need to set goals to help you stay on the path to achieving long-term success. Set yourself a two-six week window to reach your short-term goal of getting fit fast.
  2. What are the sacrifices you might have to make to reach your goal? If you set a goal to work out five days a week, but can only manage three days, re-setting your goals will be the natural step. Set realistic goals based on the time you can devote to it. Also, you need to conduct an honest self-assessment . Building a fitness base takes time and taking your time to increase it will ensure you remain free from injury. As an important rule, try not to increase your exercise limit by more than 10%. When you take it slow, you will win the race in the long-term.
  3. With your current routine, do you see yourself reaching your fitness goals? You will need to stick with the programme in order to reach your goals. Do not fool yourself, try to set realistic goals which you will be able to reach. When you are honest with your self-assessment, you will be able to get fit fast. When you set targets that are reachable, you will get in shape quickly.

The Fast and Effective Way to Get Fit

How Monitoring Calorie Intake Can Help You Get Fit Fast?

When you aim to get fit fast, you need to ensure a proper diet. It is essential to restrict your calorie intake. However, if you reduce it too severely, it could stall weight loss by slowing metabolism. Women should not have less than 1,200 calories a day and men 1,800 calories per day.

Reduce your intake by 250 calories to 1,000 calories daily for effective results to get fit fast. How do you figure out your current calorie intake? Make a note of how much you normally eat in a journal and add those calories up. Subtract 250 and 1,000 for your new calorie goal. If you also exercise, try and restrict your calorie intake to 250-500 daily.

Why Eliminating Processed Foods Can be Effective in Helping You Get Fit Fast?

Getting fit fast does not only comprise of what you eat, but also what you choose not to eat. There are certain foods which can cause weight gain, like potato chips, juices and processed meat like beef or bacon. If you want to reach your fitness goal quick, you need to limit the amount of processed foods you consume. Fast food, sweets and pasta are also big no-no’s when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet in order to get fit fast.

How High Intensity Training Can be Effective in Helping You Get Fit Fast?

If you are looking to flaunt a healthy frame in quick time, dedicating 150 minutes of your time to aerobic exercise weekly will help you. However, if you want to get fit fast, you will need to increase your workout with high-intensity interval training. When you are trying to reach fitness goals faster, traditional aerobic exercise may not help as much as a high intensity workout. The latter is more effective in burning calories. You stand to burn close to 6 to 15% more calories in two hours after high-intensity workout. Apart from losing weight fast, the workout will help you get rid of abdominal fat while retaining muscle mass. It will also help improve anaerobic and aerobic fitness – a good remedy for a healthy heart.

Why Strength Training is Important in Getting You in Shape Fast?

Apart from a good aerobic workout, your fitness routine could use strength-training exercises. How is strength training effective in allowing you to reach your fitness goals fast? Strength training will work muscle groups twice a week. You can use free weights, resistance bands or try squats, pull-ups and sit-ups to build muscle and improve strength. In order to benefit more, repeat each exercise till the time you cannot do it on your own. Most health experts suggest two to three sets, comprising 8-12 repetitions, of each exercise. If you are looking for professional help, consult a trainer to help you design an exercise routine that will help you achieve your fitness goal faster.

How Walking Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster?

Most health experts agree that walking is one of the most effective ways of shedding the pounds fast. It will help you stay fit and does not require any money. If you are out of shape and want to lose weight fast, just start walking. If you are in decent shape, walk quickly (brisk walking) for faster results. You can also add running to your routine for better results. A combination of power walking and jogging will help you reach your fitness goals fast. Walking will help you exercise a number of muscle groups, while also improving blood flow and heart strength.

How Drinking Water Can Be an Effective Aid to Get Fit Fast?

Your body is made up of 80% water. Therefore, you need to drink a lot of water if you want to get fit fast. When you start working out, you need to make sure that your body is well hydrated so that you are in position to continue with your fitness routine. Straight or water with a little lemon juice will help do the trick. Drinking soda will add ‘fake’ sugar to your body. Milk is good, but should be had in moderate amounts.

Get your daily water dose of 8oz glasses. This number can be split between other liquid. Try and drink as much water as your body needs, or when you feel thirsty.

Getting fit fast and in effective way requires dedication and better lifestyle choices. Try and stick to the programme without giving yourself too many cheat days.

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