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Benefits of Stress Balls & Top 12 Stress Balls to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become more prevalent in today’s busy world. With this, stress balls have become popular among the urban population. Stress balls are an excellent way to relieve anxiety, frustration, and stress. These are small and handy toys that can be carried anywhere and help children and also adults. There are many types of stress balls available now in the market. As we take a look below, we will know about the benefits of stress balls and the list of top 12 stress balls to relieve stress and anxiety.

Benefits of Stress Balls

Anxiety, stress, or feelings of restlessness can be caused due to the environment in which you live or due to genetics. Fidget toys like stress balls, fidget spinners, or fidget cubes can help in relieving stress, and distracting people from anxiety. It is thought that using stress balls to expel energy and calm excessive fidgeting could be beneficial.(1)

When we feel stressed, anxious, or frustrated, we get a desire to squeeze. This is where stress balls can be useful.

Studies published in 2015 and 2018 tested a few methods to alleviate stress, including using a stress ball and interacting with nurses, listening to music, and watching videos. It was found that stress balls helped in reducing the stress of the patients, but not more than the other techniques that were tested.(2, 3)

However, the benefits of stress balls for stress and anxiety can never be ignored. Below are some ways these stress balls are beneficial.

Stress Balls Relieve Stress

One of the major benefits of stress balls is they help us deal with anxiety and stress. So, when you feel anxious or stressed, try squeezing a stress ball. This would benefit you to deal with the stressful situation well.

Focus and Creativity Get Improved

Stress balls also offer you a chance to focus and become more creative, thus forgetting about your anxiousness and stress. These balls take your mind off what is causing you the stress in you. When you relax your body, you relax the mind.

They Relieve Pain and Reduce Associated Stress

Pain due to injuries or overuse of muscles and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis can also trigger stress. Using stress balls can strengthen your muscles and help in a faster recovery. This, in turn, benefits you in reducing any level of associated stress.

Stress Balls Help You Sleep Better

Sometimes it becomes hard to fall asleep when you are anxious or stressed. And when you cannot fall asleep, it could result in further stress and anxiety.

Thus using stress balls can calm you and help in letting go of any unwanted worries and stress so that you can get better sleep at night and wake up fresh and energized.

They Lower Blood Pressure

One of the most essential uses of stress balls is that they help in lowering high blood pressure. Sometimes you can experience temporary high blood pressure due to episodes of anxiety. Though it does not can long-term high blood pressure, you need to pay attention to it. Using a stress ball could be one of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety and also blood pressure.

Stress Ball Stimulates the Vagus Nerves

Our Vagus nerve connects to every nerve in the body. This nerve in our body can be stimulated by squeezing a stress ball. This stimulates the nerves in our hands, which in turn stimulates our vagus nerve. Depression and anxiety are caused due to the malfunctioning of the vagus nerve. Squeezing a stress ball along with meditation could manage anxiety and depression.

How Do You Use Stress Balls?

Stress balls are portable tools and can be used in many settings and in many ways. You can squeeze the stress ball or press it and roll it on a table. Moreover, one can toss it against a wall or can toss it from hand to hand. So, keep a stress ball with you to reduce unnecessary tension, stress, worry, or fidgetiness.

Top 12 Stress Balls to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The size of the “Stress Ball Market” is projected to touch multimillion USD by 2028. (4) This means stress balls are gaining popularity these days and will exceed their popularity level in near future.

Though each type of stress ball is different from others, but the best stress balls have some features in common like they are all fun to squeeze, easy to clean, have materials that you enjoy, and have some other appealing features.

Below is the list of the top 12 stress balls:

  1. Peradix Hand Grip Strength Trainer

    These stress balls for adults come with a set of three balls and are in an ergonomic egg shape that is easier to grip in a size of 2.25*1.75 inches. These balls come in different colors and are for 33lbs, 55lbs, and 66lbs of resistance.

    These stress balls not only help with stress and anxiety but also help in improving your finger and hand strength. They are made of Thermoplastic rubber which feels warm to the touch and also scopes you to squeeze, pinch, grab, and grip to relieve your pain and stress.


    • Soft, and hard resistance levels.
    • Warms to the touch.
    • Can be cleaned easily.
    • Can be squeezed, pinched, or grabbed.


    • They can leave a sticky residue.
    • Some balls can be extremely small for some hands.
  2. Mind Panda Empowering Gel Stress Balls Bundle

    Mind Panda stress balls also come in a set of three, and each of these balls has a different level of resistance, smell, and empowering questions printed on them. You also get a hand-strengthening exercise guide along with the pack of the three stress balls. These balls are extremely soothing and comfortable and can be used to fight stress, anxiety, or even boredom during work assignments or long meetings.


    • The set includes a compact case
    • They are BPA- and Latex-free
    • The stress balls have multiple resistance levels.


    • The resistance level should not be specified
    • For some, the scent or the smell of the stress balls might be extremely strong.
  3. 3D Anti-Pressure Squeeze Pop Ball

    The most fun and exciting stress ball is a 3D anti-pressure squeeze pop ball. This comes in a pack of four stress balls that helps you in providing you relief from stress, anxiety, and other issues too. Along with being squeezable, these stress balls can be pressed to listen to a popping sound that feels relaxing. They have buttons that make popping sounds when they are being pressed. Moreover, these stress balls are extremely light in weight and come in small sizes.


    • Easy to clean
    • Non-toxic and non-BPA silicone
    • Durable
    • Fun popping sound


    • Only a few popping buttons can be pushed down at once.
  4. Stress Relief Balls

    These stress balls come in a set of three and are in red, blue, and yellow colors. They allow you to squeeze, stretch, toss, smoosh, pull, and bounce, and offer you enough relief from stress and anxiety. The balls are 2.5*2.5 inches each and have a pleasant sensory texture. They are made of thermoplastic rubber, which is latex, phthalate, and BPA-free.


    • They are BPA, Latex, and Phthalate- free
    • Warm to the touch
    • Soft, and firm strengths
    • Pleasant sensory texture
    • Durable
    • Extremely squishy.


    • They may leave a sticky residue.
  5. Secure Stress Balls On A String

    This is a secure stress or anxiety ball that won’t fall or roll away as this one comes on a string. You can choose a single strength level or can go for a set of three balls, which comes in soft, medium, and firm strengths.

    This stress ball comes with a guide of training steps along with pictures and also links to exercise videos, which help in improving your dexterity and also relieving stress and anxiety. These stress balls are made of thermoplastic rubber and the best thing about these balls is that they are washable.


    • Strings are attached for security.
    • Warms to the touch
    • Comes with a guide for exercising
    • Durable
    • Easily washable


    • Might leave a sticky residue
    • May be too small for some people.
  6. Bautvas DNA Squishy Stress Balls For Kids

    They come with eight different toys in different textures and colors, which include some filled with tactile beads, that are quite engaging and interesting for kids and adults too. These stress balls or fidget toys could be one of the best stress balls to help with stress and anxiety.


    • A variety of textures are included
    • Good for adults and kids
    • Comes with a 90-day replacement period


    • They have a strong odor
    • Might get punctured or burst.
  7. Motivational Stress Balls For Adults

    This unique set of stress balls is all of the same strengths but comes in different colors like red, blue, and yellow. You will surely love this set of stress balls as you can find different motivational quotes written on them.

    The stress ball is made of polyurethane, which is highly durable and allows you squeeze and release your stress.


    • Comes with motivational quotes written on them.
    • They are lightweight
    • Extremely durable.


    • Might be too firm for some individuals.
    • Highly expensive
  8. Hand Therapy Stress Balls

    Another top stress ball to relieve stress and anxiety is the Hand Therapy stress ball. This helps in improving your focus and increasing productivity. The ball has a motivational quote that says, ‘Focus on the good.” This quote helps your mind free and relaxed while squeezing the stress ball.

    This stress ball measures 2.35 inches in diameter and the therapeutic thermoplastic rubber gel is firm, squish, and finely wrapped in a tear-resistant fabric.


    • Firm and squishy gel covered in a tear-resistant fabric
    • Motivational quote on the stress ball.
    • Proven scientifically to enhance focus and productivity


    • Might be extremely firm for some individuals
    • Some people may find it too small for their hands.
  9. Solid Baoding Balls

    Solid Baoding balls are one of the best stress balls for adults. These Chinese stress balls come in a pack of two. They are of stainless steel and stimulate acupressure points in our hands when we roll them in our hands. When these balls are rolled on the hands, they create a unique rhythm that is pretty relaxing, helps in reducing stress, and improves hand strength.

    These stress balls measure 1.57 inches in diameter and are great for all people’s hands. The best thing about these balls is that they come in a carrying case.


    • Made of stainless steel
    • Comes with a carrying case
    • Great for beginner to advanced practitioners


    • They are heavy
    • They are small in size
  10. Serenilite Stress Balls Pack Of 3

    These stress balls for anxiety and stress are made of high-quality materials and they feature a tear-resistant gel core and also a non-stick fabric that feels comfortable. The design of these stress balls is made to combine physical therapy and color therapy to strengthen your wrists and hands while releasing stress and anxiety. This stress ball is great for kids and adults.


    • Durable
    • Lifetime warranty available
    • Great for stress and hand therapy


    • Small in size
    • No specified resistance level
  11. Water Bead Stress Ball

    Water bead stress balls are made of thermoplastic rubber with a filling of silicone gel along with water beads and work great for stress and anxiety. These balls come with a set of four balls and colorful water beads that provides a wonderfully tactile and visual experience. These balls help you stop fidgeting and boredom and also improve your attention. These stress balls measure 4.17*2.4 inches and weigh 10.6 ounces.


    • Soft to the touch
    • Multicolored
    • Durable and easily washable


    • Not for rough handling
    • People with long nails cannot use it
  12. MagicClub Giant Stress Ball

    This is a giant stress ball and is effective to be used on both hands when you feel like fidgeting. These are soft to the touch and have a squishy feel. MagicClub giant stress balls are filled with water beads in purple and blue colors and thus, help you focus and relax. These balls measure $*4*4 inches and they make squeezing quite fun.


    • Sensory and soft to feel
    • Gel with water beads inside makes squeezing more fun
    • Relaxing purple and blue colored beads.


    • Cannot be used by people with long nails
    • Cannot be used roughly.

What To Look For In A Stress Ball?

Quality Of Materials

When you choose a stress ball for you, make sure to pick one that is made of durable materials so that it lasts long. A stress ball should feel comfortable and soothing and not sticky. Moreover, stress balls should be durable enough and not turn too soft after use for a while

Multiple Sensory Features

If your primary aim of using a stress ball is to manage stress and anxiety, then go with a stress ball that has multiple sensory features, such as colors, scents, or textures that would help calm your brain and the nervous system quickly and more effectively.

Final Words

Stress balls can be of many types and can be used for multiple purposes including coping with stress and anxiety, relieving pain, improving grip and hand strength, and many more. No one size fits all, and each stress ball is made of different firmness and materials. So, while purchasing the stress balls for you make sure to choose the one that suits you or that is right for you and helps you in coping with anxiety and stress well.


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