Do You Get Morning Sickness With A Boy?

Morning sickness is a symptom seen in pregnancy. Though it is called morning sickness, it is seen at any time of the day. Nausea and vomiting are the prominent symptoms of morning sickness. It is usually seen to be occurring from around 4th week to 16th week of pregnancy.

Do You Get Morning Sickness With A Boy?

Do You Get Morning Sickness With A Boy?

Though it cannot be said decidedly, some people believe that there is more morning sickness with girls as opposed with boys. There might be some degree of truth to this theory. Some experts believe that when an expectant mom is carrying a girl, there are high levels of HCG hormone in the blood, compared to when a woman is carrying a boy. HCG hormone is linked to the morning sickness.

However, it is seen that moms who are carrying boy babies also do have morning sickness. Hence, it cannot be said decidedly as to who will have morning sickness and who will not.

There are some other clues which many parents use to know whether the baby is a girl or a boy. These clues may include-

The Way Of Carrying A Baby-

If you carry a pointy bump, it is often believed that you are pregnant with a boy

If you are round all over your waist or you have a tree trunk waist, it is often said that you are pregnant with a girl

However, some experts believe that how one carries a baby is mostly dependent on the tone of the muscles, your body shape, the weight gain and also on the position of the baby in the tummy

Gender hardly influences the way you carry, according to them.

Food Preferences-

It is often believed that those carrying a girl often like to eat sugary things while those with a boy prefer savory things

However, some experts deny this as well

According to them, cravings for a particular food may be due to a deficiency of that nutrient in your body

Or, it may just be because of the increased sense of smell during this period, as there is an increased blood supply all through the body

Heart Rate Of The Baby-

It is often believed that a heart rate of the fetus over 140 per minute is indicative of a girl child and a lesser one says it is a boy

However, the difference is marginal and cannot decidedly say that you are carrying a girl

Increased Hair Growth-

It is often believed that a mom’s hairy tummy is indicative of a baby boy, as male hormones are responsible for such growth

However, this cannot be true as the male hormone made by the boy baby is very little and the placenta provides mostly a one-way route from mother to baby, not from baby to mother

The hair growth on the tummy during the pregnancy is mostly due the hormones secreted by the mother herself

As these stories are more myths than realities, it is best to wait till the delivery and then know for sure what bundle of joy has come your way!

The most prominent symptoms of morning sickness are nausea and vomiting

Causes Of Morning Sickness

The exact cause of morning sickness is not yet known

Some studies attribute it to the hormone HCG, the severity of morning sickness depending upon the levels of the hormone

Some other studies say it is due to estrogen increase

Again, some say it is because of increased blood circulation, as there is increased blood supply to the nose and hence smell sensitivity increases

Yet others attribute it to psychological factors

Many myths and beliefs are associated with morning sickness. One such myth is related to the gender of the baby. However, it cannot be said decidedly whether the gender influences the morning sickness in expectant mothers or not.

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