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How To Stop Vomiting After Drinking Excess Alcohol?

Throwing up is an awful experience but the fact is that it is the only way your body can get rid of the excess alcohol that you have consumed. Hangover presents with a group of symptoms that occur after heavy alcohol drinking, which include headache, fatigue, increased sensitivity, muscle pain and also vomiting.1 While most of the symptoms are common, vomiting after drinking excess alcohol needs to be addressed.

So how to stop vomiting after drinking excess alcohol? Knowing these simple tips can help you handle such situations.  

How to Stop Vomiting After Drinking Excess Alcohol?

How to Stop Vomiting After Drinking Excess Alcohol?

Alcohol intoxication begins when the blood alcohol concentration is 200% to 400%, which results in nausea and vomiting, hypothermia, dysarthria and nystagmus.2 The severity of these complaints varies based on how quickly the alcohol is ingested and how rapidly the alcohol concentration in the blood rises or falls. Other factors affect the speed of absorption such as smoking and the type of food consumed with it.

Here are some of the most effective tips to stop vomiting after drinking excess alcohol.

  • Drink Water In Sips – Vomiting results in water loss and increases the risk of dehydration. Once you have settled after vomiting episodes have small sips of water. Plain water, juice, broth, or plain fluids can help in rehydration.3 Having ginger ale is a very good option. The best way to stop vomiting after drinking excess alcohol is to take water in sips. Some enjoy sucking on ice or popsicles, which may be a good idea.
  • Eat Bland Foods – To get rid of nausea and to combat low blood sugar levels you need to consume bland foods, with complex carbs. Make sure you are feeling better enough to eat and choose simple foods like toast or crackers. Eat slowly and take small gaps to avoid feeling nauseous or vomiting again. Sucking on a ginger candy may be helpful too.
  • Have Fruits – Having fruits is a great option as it can provide rehydration, and energy and also help to maintain electrolyte balance and blood sugar levels. Bananas are a great source of potassium and can be soothing to your tummy as well. Watermelon contains plenty of water and can be refreshing too. Some studies have reported the beneficial use of pears to reduce the effects of a hangover, so that too may be a good pick.4
  • Get Enough Sleep – Vomiting after drinking excess alcohol results in fatigue. Also, you need to get overstimulation under control and the best way to do that is to get good sleep. Avoid doing activities that are mentally or physically exerting and take as much rest as possible.
  • Hot Beverages – For some, hot beverages work well. While tea and coffee can help to reduce the headache accompanied by alcohol hangovers, green tea too can be refreshing for some. Some studies have shown that green tea acts as an antioxidant and prevents changes that usually occur after alcohol intoxication.5 Hence it may be beneficial to stop vomiting after drinking excess alcohol.
  • Take Antacids – Take antacids if there is a burning sensation in the stomach. Avoid taking painkillers as they can upset the stomach. If vomiting, headaches, or muscle pains persist for a long, it is advisable to seek medical advice.

Once you have taken a rest and are feeling better you can take a shower if you enjoy one. This can make you feel refreshed and reduce other symptoms of a hangover.

After drinking excess alcohol your body needs time to process it and get rid of it to not cause undesirable symptoms.

So, resting for a while and preventing dehydration or energy loss is the best way to protect your health. Try using these simple tips to stop vomiting after drinking excess alcohol and better avoid drinking in excess the next time.

You can prevent undesirable symptoms. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach or mixing drinks, sip on water while you drink, have something to munch on, drink slowly, and keep it occasional.


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