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9 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of Water

Water is perhaps the most precious gift for all living beings. It is not only the nourishing substance for life but also is the most important thing for a better quality of life as well. Yet! We are not much aware of all the health and anti-aging benefits of water and this article focuses on this aspect of water.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Water:

Water Makes Your Skin Soft and Smooth:

Water is very important for skin softness and smoothness. This is one of the most important anti-aging benefits of water. Your skin gets more wrinkled and dries out easily without enough water. Water provides adequate hydration and makes the skin more elastic. However, too much of anything is bad. Soaking in a hot bath for too long can strip the natural oils out of the skin. These oils keep the moisture in. Spraying your face with a little water can be great! It is very essential to use a humidifier in dry climates, which benefits the skin a lot.

9 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of Water

Benefits of Water in Improving the Digestive Process:

One of the most important anti-aging benefits of water is that it helps to improve the digestive process. Waterworks much like oil does for a machine; it keeps us running smooth. Without water, the digestive process slows down and gets sluggish.

Water Feeds and Cleans the Cells:

Water has one more anti-aging benefit for our bodies. Water makes up more than 60% of our body weight. It is of great importance for effective assimilation and metabolism. Water moves in and out of the body cells constantly. This continuous process aids in dissolving nutrients and carries them where they need to go, and carries waste out of the body. Moreover, water also feeds our body cells so that they give us the energy we require. Hence, one of the most important anti-aging benefits of water is that it helps to detoxify our body cells.

An Even Body Temperature Is Maintained With Water:

May it be extreme heat or maybe it is extreme cold; water is an important element to help your body temperature stay out of the danger zone. Our bodies sweat in extreme heat, exercising in summer, which results in a water deficit in the body.1 Not only does water help in keeping your body temperature from overheating and causing heatstroke; but it will also help prevent severe dehydration. This is one of the most important anti-aging benefits of water. In cold temperatures, hypothermia is just as serious as heat stroke. It is found that dehydration is the major cause of frostbite.

Water Helps The Body To Heal After Sickness, Injury Or Surgery:

One more anti-aging benefit of water is that it helps the body to heal quickly after sickness, injury or surgery. To heal, our body needs to retain water. Drinking plenty of water can support this process. Water will also aid flush viruses and other infections out of the body, again one of the anti-aging benefits of water.

Water Benefits Your Joints:

One more wonderful anti-aging benefits of water are that it lubricates and cushions the joints of our body. Water molecules do not like to be crowded too close together and this is why they will spread out, forming a cushion that aids lubricate the joints. Elderly people, as well as patients of diseases like gout and arthritis, can feel the benefit of an abundance of water in their regular diet. Apart from cushioning the joints, water also acts as a shock absorber inside the eyes and also within the spinal cord. This is a much-needed anti-aging benefit of water.

Weight Loss Benefits of Water:

One more anti-aging benefits of water that could be listed down here is that it aids in weight loss. Drinking water before a meal can cause you to feel more full and thus help you eat less at each meal. This would help in weight loss. Moreover, drinking water also provides you more energy to do a little extra exercise too.

Water Helps Manage Kidney Stones:

Water helps flush waste and impurities out of the body. Enough water circulating through the body aids combat the formation of renal stones. Drinking enough water helps maintain effective organ function. This too can be considered as one of the most important anti-aging benefits of water.

Benefits of Water In Improving Your Brain Health:

Another excellent anti-aging benefit of water is that it is highly essential for brain health. As we age, our brainpower and function start reducing. However, water can help here. The brain is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body that would be greatly affected if we do not consume enough water. Water aids in improving concentration, focus, and complete tasks more efficiently – one of the most important anti-aging benefits of water.


You need to drink at least 64 ounces of fresh and clean water daily that would help you fight many signs of aging and increase your energy level too. Drinking plenty of water each day also keeps you healthy and away from many illnesses.

Now that you are aware of the anti-aging benefits of water, you can plan your diet accordingly. So, the next time you feel you are growing older and low in energy or brainpower, do take a glass of water and feel young!

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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