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Lotus Oil For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Lotus is known to lend purity and serenity to the mind. The oil extracted from the lotus flower is an essential oil. This lotus oil has various beauty benefits when applied to the skin and hair. Lotus oil is usually used in producing aromatherapy products and is an important ingredient in various beauty products too. Lotus oil also contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B along with contains linoleic acid and protein. Lotus oil is a good antioxidant and contains flavonoids, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals.(1) It is suggested that Lotus oil be used in a diluted form for best results.

Lotus Oil For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Let us now know some of the skin and hair health benefits of lotus oil:

9 Amazing Skin Health Benefits of Lotus Oil

The Antioxidants Present in Lotus Oil Help Improve Skin Texture(2)

The antioxidants in lotus oil help condition the skin and improve its texture. It protects the skin from the polluting effects of the environment.

Lotus Oil Helps Achieve Even Complexion

Lotus oil is a coolant that helps to keep the body and skin cool. Lotus oil fades the brown spots on the skin and clears blemishes. Small blemishes that occur due to heat are also treated with the lotus extracts.

Lotus oil Contains Good Moisturizing Properties(6)

Lotus oil is a good moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. Those who live in dry climatic conditions can use the lotus extract to keep the skin moisturized and smooth, naturally.

Anti-ageing Properties from Lotus Oil(5)

Fine lines and wrinkles that are formed with age can be prevented by applying a diluted solution of lotus essential oil. It removes age spots and keeps the skin clean and smooth. Lotus oil is used as an anti-ageing treatment and keeps a person looking young and gorgeous.

Lotus Oil as an Astringent(5)

Lotus oil is a good astringent that reduces blemishes and helps to treat acne. Vitamin A content present in lotus oil helps to heal skin problems like acne, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. When applied regularly, it removes acne scars from the skin.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids in Lotus Oilmakeit a Good Skin Exfoliator

Lotus oil helps in skin exfoliation, as it contains alpha-hydroxy acids. It removes the dirt from the pores deeply.

Lotus Oil Safeguards the Skin from Pollution

Lotus oil protects the skin from the polluting effects of the environment by forming a protective layer on the face. Lotus oil also protects the skin from free radicals.

Lotus Oil as a Face Wash

You can use lotus oil as a face wash by diluting it and washing your face. It helps to minimize the skin pores, repairs the skin and adds beauty to the skin. You can avoid chemicals and use the natural lotus oil as a face wash to keep the skin clean and blemish free.

Lotus Oil for Removing Eye Bags

Lotus oil is also used to remove eye bags, as it keeps the area around the eyes fresh and clean. Lotus oil keeps the under eye skin hydrated and removes dark circles.

Top 4 Hair Health Benefits of Lotus Oil

Lotus Oil is good for Hair Growth

Lotus oil helps to improve the hair volume by increasing its growth. Lotus oil helps in the growth of hair, as it is nutritious and contains vitamins and proteins. Lotus oil instigates the growth of hair with its richness.

Lotus Oil for Thick & Lustrous Hair

Lotus oil adds lustre to hair strands and prevents the hair from turning dull and listless. The hair gets a special bounce to it when it is treated with lotus oil, by adding it to the water while washing your hair.

Hair Damage Repairing Properties of Lotus Oil(6)

Lotus oil treats split ends and repairs hair damage. As the hair strands are nourished and the scalp is stimulated, Lotus oil protects the hair strands completely.

Control Early Greying of Hair with Lotus Oil(3, 4, 7, 8)

Lotus oil improves the melanin production in the scalp and prevents the early greying of hair. Thus it helps protect the natural colour of the hair.


The lotus flower is not only a beautiful flower it also has amazing skin and hair benefits too. Rejuvenate your skin with lotus oil. All your skin and hair problems will just fade away when you use lotus oil on your hair. No side effects, but only natural care with lotus oil. A person’s appearance is enhanced by the beautiful skin and shining hair which can be achieved by using lotus oil.


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