How To Open Your Blocked Crown Chakra

“Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment!” He who is enlighten and is known to the higher self is perhaps the one who has achieved peace and bliss in his life and seems to glow and radiate love to the world. Such a state in a human occurs when there is an unblocked crown chakra or the 7th chakra of the body.

How To Open Your Blocked Crown Chakra

In this present article, we will know about the Crown Chakra or the 7th Chakra and know about how to open the blocked crown chakra to achieve bliss, peace and complete spirituality.

Introduction To The Seven Chakras:

Before we get into the insight of the seventh chakra or the Crown Chakra, let us know about the seven chakras present in our body governing each ones psychological qualities.

As per Hindu and Buddhist belief, there are said to be seven primary chakras in human body and all of these chakras are huge pools of energy, four of which are present in our upper body and known for governing our mental properties and three of the chakras are present in the lower body which assist in governing our instinctual properties.

The seven chakras include the Muladhara or the Root Chakra, The Svadhisthana or the Sacral chakra, the Manipura or Solar Plexus chakra, The Anahata or the Heart chakra, the Visuddhi or the throat chakra, the Ajna or the third eye chakra and the Sahasra or the Crown chakra.

All the seven chakras contribute to a human’s wellness. Some of the chakras are not opened usually and some are over active, some of the chakras are even almost closed. It is believed that if the chakras are not in proper balance then it becomes difficult for a person to attain peace with the self

Understanding The Crown Chakra:

Amongst the seven chakras present inside our body, the Crown chakra or the Sahasrara Chakra is the 7th chakra that is known to be the thousand-petalled lotus center present above the crown of the head. This current section of the article will put some limelight on the Crown chakra

General Know-About Crown Chakra Or The 7th Chakra:

Crown chakra, also known as the thousand petalled lotus center or the Sahasrara chakra is the entry point in a person for higher consciousness and for higher self to incarnate into the body. This chakra epitomizes the total energy state of a human body. Usually this seventh chakra or the Crown chakra remains in a blocked state in humans forever. The one who is able to unblock his crown chakra seems to be magically bright and he looks absolutely changed forever in terms of love, peace and enlightenment.

Crown Chakra

Location Of Crown Chakra Or The 7th Chakra:

The Crown Chakra or the Sahasrara chakra is physically described as Pituitary. This chakra is located above the crown of the head or just behind the top of the skull.

Importance Of Crown Chakra Or The 7th Chakra:

Let us list some of the points which make the Crown chakra an important chakra of human body.

  • The crown chakra is the entry for higher consciousness and enlightenment in a person which helps in attaining spirituality, peace and bliss in him.
  • The crown chakra is also the proper exit point for the soul whilst at death which allows the subtle bodies leave via the crown and begin to grow into higher dimensions.
  • Crown chakra is also connected to Pineal gland and various other areas on the body. So, activating the crown chakra helps in reactivating the pineal gland and other connected areas and thus assists the bodily systems to run smoother and keep us free from sickness.

Crown Chakra And Its Association With Pineal Gland:

This Crown chakra is intimately connected with the pineal gland, which releases a huge amount of growth hormone and various other chemicals. Because of the closure of the Crown Chakra after the work of Chitta and ego structures complete their work as we grow by our age, the pineal gland shrinks to a tiny shrivelled up pea. Activating the crown chakra will aid us in reactivating the pineal gland and thus will help in rejuvenating the entire body. The forces like Kundalini and sexual energy growing from the Base and the Six Chakras will help the crown chakra to open and thus help in the activation of the pineal gland.

Various Other Areas Which Are Associated With The Crown Chakra Or The 7th Chakra:

Apart from the pineal gland, various other areas are associated with the Crown chakra. Specifically the Cerebral cortex, top center of the head, pituitary gland, crown of the head, midline above the ears, nervous system, top of the head, brain, the cranial nerves and the cranial plexuses and the right eye are linked to the Crown Chakra.

What Is Blocked Crown Chakra Or Blocked 7th Chakra?

Now what actually does the Blocked Crown Chakra mean? Well! Do you know someone who is not open to other people’s opinion or who has an extremely closed mind? If yes, then probably there is a fair chance that the Crown chakra in the person is blocked.

In case of the blocked crown chakra, one is not ready to accept the truth or the realty and prefers self to be righteous. In case of blocked crown chakra, we are not able to meet with our own spirit and keep self away from our real purpose in the Earth. There are ways to open or unblock the blocked crown chakra which we will be discussing in the later part of the section.

It is also believed that in case there is a complete blocked crown chakra in a body (usually doesn’t happen on Earth), during the time of death the soul leaves out through other openings in the body like eyes, ears, mouth or the anus. In such case the soul end up in some negative astral realms and keeps wandering until the astral body begins to shatter and the spirit is able to release.

What Happens When The Crown Chakra Is Unblocked?

Unblocking of the seventh chakra or the Crown chakra makes one feel like being born anew. Anyone who has unblocked the Crown chakra has a magnified sense of love in self which reflects out. Men and women who have their Crown chakra unblocked, are known to be self realized people and are transcendentally bright radiating love in a way that everyone is drawn towards them.

As mentioned earlier, Crown chakra is also the absolute point of exit for the soul afterlife, the subtle bodies leave through the crown and start ascending into higher dimensions.

How To Open Blocked Crown Chakra?

Here comes our real point of interest. Let us know about how to open the blocked crown chakra in this section.

How To Open Blocked Crown Chakra?

Steps To Follow For Unblocking/Opening The Blocked Crown Chakra:

  • Sit down by crossing your legs
  • Lay your hand before your stomach.
  • Allow both your little fingers point towards the up and being away from your body, touching at their tops and cross the rest all fingers with the left thumb underneath the right ones.
  • Get all your concentration towards the crown chakra and the area where it lies, i.e, the crown of the head.
  • Now you need to chant the sound “NG”. But make sure you are doing it silently, softly and clearly.
  • Also keep in mind, during this entire procedure your mind is at absolute peace and you are totally relaxed at your body.
  • Remember, this meditation would take not less than 10 minutes. Perhaps this is the longest meditation.

Crucial Note:

“Without a solid foundation, you will have trouble creating anything of value!” You must not go for this meditation or this process of unblocking the crown chakra, in case you do not have a strong or open Root chakra. It requires your foundation to be strong so as to proceed on further.

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