Ways to Open the Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra

There is a saying, “I guarantee you and your day will be lot better if you listen to your third eye blind now.” The 6th chakra present in the human body dotted at the forehead is known as the Third eye or the Ajna Chakra which primarily governs the pineal gland and vision, memory and imagination in the human beings. In case the third eye is blocked or closed, one is unable to listen to his inner voice and also might suffer from various signs and symptoms of depression, panic attacks and many other illnesses. There are some ways which can be followed to open the third eye which can also be referred to as the third eye healing. This current article will put some limelight on the Ajna Chakra or the Third eye and how to open the third eye.

Ways to Open the Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra

Know-About The Third Eye Chakra Or Ajna Chakra:

Third eye or the Ajna Chakra (In Sanskrit, meaning “Commans” or “Perception”) is placed at the forehead, slightly above the eyebrows in the center, associated with the indigo color with the light as its basic element; and is the 6th of the seven energy centers (Chakras) of the human body. The third eye actually aids us to think clearly with total consciousness and confers deep spiritual insight.

Apart from this, Ajna or the third eye chakra also assist us in imagination, inner vision and intuitive knowing. If you have attained that spirituality within, you will be able to see the world with your mind’s eye and that is the third eye. This chakra is actually your guiding star which interprets your past, present and future and assists you in setting up a path for self that is based on complete wisdom, knowledge, as well as your intuition and imagination.

What Happens In Case Of Blocked Third Eye Chakra Or Ajna Chakra?

In case you have a blocked third eye, you are unable to hear the inner voice, you meet with various physical symptoms including strokes, blindness, deafness, seizures, depression, poor eyesight, spinal dysfunction, brain tumors and even learning disabilities. There are also other physical symptoms related to a blocked third eye which includes sciatica, acute sinusitis, insomnia, high blood pressure, poor immunity etc.


What Happens In Case Of Blocked Third Eye Chakra Or Ajna Chakra?

Apart from the physical symptoms, there are some other signs linked with a blocked third eye chakra. Let us have a look on the same below.

  • One is not able to listen to the inner voice, fails in having the imagination and lack in proper wisdom
  • The person turns overly superstitious or so-called overly religious and starts fearing for everything so deep that he/she remain away from a logical thinking.
  • It becomes difficult to make any decision. All happens is a list of huge unsuccessful plans in the way.
  • One gives up with all his/her power and requires somebody else to lead his/her way. This way, there are chances you are ruled by others easily.
  • Depression due to such a state of blocked or underactive third eye may also lead to various addictions including the drug addiction.

What Happens When You Open The Third Eye Chakra Or Ajna Chakra?

“Close your two eyes and see with the third eye!” When you start doing this, when you start your mission for the third eye healing or when you open your third eye (Ajna) chakra; you feel you are enlighten and empowered with the universal wisdom and powerful imaginations to look at the world and self in a better way, with more of insight and awareness. Check out what actually happens to you when you have succeeded in opening or unblocking your third eye.

  • You start focusing on positive things and accept your days and path more realistically and logically.
  • You get a powerful intuitive tool which scopes you see through the present situation, know about the limitations and work upon the things in a wise and practical manner to accomplish.
  • You turn more idealistic, fearless and logical with your opened third eye.
  • You can rely of self reflection, you can build your originality without any outside guidance or rule and you are open to imaginations and enhanced insight on everything.
  • With the 6th chakra or the third eye (Ajna) chakra being open, one can be more loving, better at understanding and grow up with huge consciousness of compassion.

Ways To Open The Third Eye Chakra Or Ajna Chakra:

“We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution!” If you want to give your mind and body a healthy treat to meet with your higher self that is completely open, bright and engrossed with imagination, intuition, wisdom and knowledge; then all you need is go for some beneficial exercises, meditations, make use of the essential oils and take the required diet to open your third eye or the 6th chakra out of the seven basic chakras. Here in this section, we will let you know about some of the important ways to open the third eye or the steps included in the process of healing of third eye.

Ways to Open the Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra

Various Exercises And Meditations To Open The Third Eye Or Ajna Chakra:

Here below are some of the beneficial exercises/meditations which can help you open the third eye or the Ajna chakra.

  1. Eye Yoga For Ajna Chakra: You can do the essential eye yoga which would help you relax and assist you in healing of third eye. All you need to do is rub your palms together constantly and vigorously to generate the heat and then place the warm hands softly over both your eyes. You can also do one more form of eye yoga where you need to move your eyeballs up, down and left right as far as they go. Move them both in clockwise as well as anticlockwise direction slowly all 360 degrees.
  2. Visualization Meditation To Open Third Eye Or Ajna Chakra: Perhaps this is the most beneficial and effective meditation to open the third eye. Read below to know how to do the visualization meditation.
    • Close your both the eyes and imagine the third eye as a big round eye at the center in the forehead just above the two eyebrows. Imagine it is expanding to both the sides and behind you. Imagine the third eye stretches all around your head to grow up with the ability to dream and to visualize things in a broader way. This would help in opening the third eye greatly
    • Imagine the third eye is of indigo color and this is expanding all through your head and giving you ample amount of chance to visualize, imagine and grow up with wisdom and inspiration towards a higher self reflection. This is one of the best ways to open the third eye or the Ajna chakra.
  3. Mandala Meditation To Open Third Eye: This is one more meditation which can help you open the Ajna chakra when done properly.
    • In the first stage of this meditating procedure, run on the spot with open eyes, getting your knees up as high as you can and let you keep a deep and even breathing meanwhile. This moves the energy flow within. Do it for 15 minutes.
    • In the second stage which is again to be done for 15 minutes, close your eyes, keep your mouth loose and open and then gently sway. This gets the awakened energies to the naval. 
    • Again the third stage of Mandala meditation runs for 15 minutes where you need to lie back and rotate your eyeballs in a clockwise direction. Make the eyeball rotation vigorous and fast. Keep the mouth relax and open and place your head absolutely still with soft and gentle breathing. This helps you get your centered energies to the Ajna chakra or the third eye. Do this for 15 minutes.
    • In the forth stage all your need is close your eyes and be still
  4. Dream Meditation For Third Eye Or Ajna Chakra: This is one more crucial forms of mediation which helps you in opening up the third eye. To maintain this, all you need is have a writing pad or keep a voice recorder near your bed. As soon as you awaken from a dream in the night, quickly write it down or record it on. This would help you remember your dreams. You can decode your dreams which are the images and voices arising from the subconscious mind and help in improving your wisdom and knowledge vividly.
  5. Exercise That Helps In The Flow Of Life-Force Energy In The Body:There is a wonderful exercise where you need to maintain a posture which allows the life-force energy to flow all throughout your body and scope you to do whatever you want to do with your mind and body. Let us know about the steps for doing this.
    • At first sit on the edge of a chair keeping your spine straight and head erect.
    • Join your feet and take them back until they remain directly below your spine.
    • Now raise your heels so that your feet are resting on your toes touching the ground
    • Start bouncing your feet up and down, keeping your toes on the ground itself.
    • Allow you arms hang straight down the two sides of your body.
    • Open your fingers, keep your hand relaxed and shake your hands and arms gently.

Essential Oils To Be Used For Opening The Third Eye Chakra or The Ajna Chakra:

There are some essential oils which can be applied over the forehead where the third eye is known to be located so as to help in cleansing and balancing the third eye chakra. This is one of the most essential part in healing of third eye chakra. You can prefer any of the essential oils like Marjoram, Juniper, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Sandalwood

Beneficial Diet To Open The Third Eye Chakra Or Ajna Chakra:

Diet can help you in healing the third eye or the Ajna Chakra. Eating dark fruits and dark chocolates can be beneficial in opening the third eye (Ajna) chakra.

Some Other Essential Things To Introduce In Your Routine To Open The Third Eye:

  • Introduce the indigo color to your home interiors and also prefer wearing this rich color for it belongs to the 6th chakra and gets you the light by working for healing of the third eye.
  • Go for a gazing at the stars during night time.
  • Look for some healing stones that help in clearing away negativity and help you to restore proper energy flow. Amethyst, Quart, Moonstone etc are some of the most crucial healing stones used to open the third eye.
  • Encourage daydreaming more. Allow your imagination flow free in your mind. Imagine things and keep enough room for the healing of your third eye.
  • Follow your instinct and do whatever you love to do. 
  • Express the world your unique creativity and know that your life and your living is an art to be expressed and flourished.

Final Note On The Third Eye:

There is an alluring spiritual saying, “People who shine from within do not require a spotlight!’ If you want to shine from inside, if you want to grow with a great wisdom, imagination, intuition and higher self reflection and awareness; you need to look for opening your third eye. As they say, “There are two eyes to look and one eye to see”; let you see the reality, let you see the dreams and attain the power and strength to grow the highest form of wisdom from your dreams in the most enlighten manner to grow by light and insight in a real form.

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