What is Chakra Meditation? How Does It Work?

“The thing about Meditation is; you become more and more you!” Someone who has encouraged meditation in his life has encouraged the divine light to listen his real soul by calming the mind at times. Chakras are the energy centers present inside every human body and meditation or the chakra meditation helps a person to open these energy centers or the basic chakras of human life. There are seven basic chakras namely the Root chakra or Mooladhara chakra, Swadishtana chakra or the Sacral chakra, Anahata chakra or Heart chakra, Agnyay or the Third eye chakra, Sahasra or Crown chakra, Visuddhi or the Throat chakra and Nabhi chakra or Solar plexus chakra. Chakra meditation is about the meditation done for opening or unblocking these seven basic chakras for an enlightened, blissful, peaceful and spiritual life.

What is Chakra Meditation? How Does It Work?

This article will revolve around the Chakra meditation where we will discuss on the ways to meditate for opening the chakras and discuss on how chakra meditation works.

A General Overview On The Chakras:

Chakras are actually the energy centers present all throughout the human body. It is a Sanskrit word which means the “Wheels or disk”. These energy centers or the chakras are present in all living beings. These are actually the channels through which energy flows. A personal energy field known as the Aura” surrounds us. Chakras act as the entry gates to the Aura. Chakras are present inside a spiritual being of every physical body and one who has the open or awakened chakras, is highly spiritual and enlightened.

What Are The Seven Chakras?

As mentioned above, there are seven chakras which are the seven basic energy centers present in our body serving their purposes. Let us take a brief look on them.

  • The Root Chakra or 1st Chakra: It is located at the bottom of the spine and the large intestine, rectum, and some functions of the kidneys are linked with this chakra. It has a color of red and the chakra is associated with being rooted and with having string survival instincts.
  • Sacral or the Swadisthana Chakra or 2nd Chakra: This chakra is associated with emotion and governs the creativity born in us. Kidney, urinary bladder, ovaries, testicle and the reproductive system as a whole is associated with the second chakra
  • Solar Plexus Chakra or 3rd Chakra: It is also known as Chakra of “Self esteem or desire” which is located at the solar plexus. It has a yellow color and organs associated with this chakra includes liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen and the small intestine.
  • Heart or the Anahata Chakra or 4th Chakra: The fourth chakra is the heart chakra which is located in the chest and is associated with the green color. This heart chakra is linked with self love, trust, harmony, emotion and compassion.
  • Throat Chakra or 5th Chakra: This chakra is located at the throat which governs the communication and the truth. Apart from the throat, the lungs are also associated with the 5th chakra. Blue is the color associated with the throat chakra.
  • Third Eye or Sacral Chakra or 6th Chakra: The sixth chakra is the Third eye chakra and is present between the two eyes. This chakra is associated with vision, intuition, psychic vision, imagination etc. Indigo blue is the color associated with it. Various organs linked to the third eye chakra include the brain, nose, face, and eyes.
  • Crown Chakra or 7th Chakra: This chakra is located at the crown of the head or in the top of the skull and violet is the color for this chakra. This seventh chakra is related to the entire human being and helps in connecting us to our “higher selves” and with the “universe’ or the” divine”.

What Happens In A Blocked Chakra?

Whenever there is a blockage in our chakras, there occurs a physical and emotional damage in us. We suffer from various illnesses related either to the physical body or the mental or emotional health. The person who suffers from a blocked chakra is constantly at a bad mood and everyone closer to him or her seems to be away and remains isolated.

Know About the Balanced Chakras:

“You are feeling calm, everything seems to be good and at the right place, life looks peaceful irrespective of whatever circumstances you cross over”. If you can feel and experience this, you have your chakras in balance. In a balanced chakra state one feels calm, feel balanced without anxiety, feel blessed, loved and awakened or enlightened to his peak height.

Anyone at any age and anytime can achieve a balanced chakra in him or her; implied to only if he/she is actually intended towards the opening of chakra. Constant practice of meditation and the healthy living style will help achieve one balanced chakras.

Constant practice of chakra meditation, being with nature along with a healthy living can help one reach a balanced state of his/her chakras. Apart from this, proper education and above it, intention is highly essential to start working on balancing the chakras.

Understanding the Enlightenment of Chakras Through Chakra Meditation and Knowing About How It Works:

Chakra Meditation

Inside every living being, there lies a subtle body that holds seven energy centers called the chakras and three energy channels or the Nadis. There also resides a dormant, maternal energy termed as Kundalini; in the root of the subtle system which is highly creative, protecting and a nurturing power in living beings. When Kundalini awakens, the power or the energy passes all throughout the body through the spinal column, awakens or opens each of the chakra present inside our body and emits from the fontanelle bone area present on the top of the head. This entire process is termed as enlightenment or when we are known to our higher self or the process of self realization.

Now if you ask, how one would know if he/she is awakening; you will feel the enlightened energy on the top of your head and in the palms. Let us also make you aware that chakra meditation when done properly can help you find the imbalances present in the subtle system of the body or the imbalances in the chakras and also help you in correcting or healing the imbalances to open them up and awaken or enlighten you to the core.

What happens before our Kundalini get awakened is the seven chakras remain limited and exhaustible with their energy. However when after constant practice of chakra meditation, education and healthy living we allow our Kundalini to awaken or when we reach our self realization state, our chakras get immense power in them for they get connected by the Kundalini to the infinite current of the universal superconscious by passing through the middle energy channel or the Susama, to all the pervading power of divine love.

It is obvious you must be asking how to go for the chakra meditation. Well! We have mentioned about the chakra meditations for opening each of the chakras (including Root chakra, Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Third eye chakra and the Crown chakra) in our site; however we will let you know here about one of the simplest way to meditate for opening the chakras and that is the visual and the color meditation. All you need is simply focus on the particular color of the chakra you want to open up, wear the color on you and be with the nature in natural surroundings to feel and know it is actually working in awakening the chakra. You can know your opening of chakras while doing the chakra meditation when you are able to feel the energy giving you a tingly feel in the particular area of your body where your chakra resides. Start with the root chakra meditation and go for all the chakra meditation to encounter self with the higher of you, to feel the divine of you.

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