How to Open Blocked Root Chakra or Muladhara

“I am rooted in life. I embrace my life experiences fully and unconditionally.” If this is something you are experiencing now in you then probably you have a balanced and open root chakra. The first of the seven basic energy centers is the Root Chakra or the Muladhara which is primarily responsible for one’s sense of safety and security of life on the Earth. The Root chakra includes everything which grounds you to stability in your life in this world. If you have an open root chakra or an open Muladhara you feel absolutely safe and free from worries of life. However, people with a blocked Root chakra or a blocked Muladhara suffer from various anxiety disorders, nightmares and are usually fearful for everything in life. This article of ours will let you know more about the Root Chakra and tell you about how to open the blocked root chakra or blocked Muladhara.

How to Open Blocked Root Chakra or Muladhara

Brief Note on Root Chakra or Muladhara:

Root Chakra is also known as Muldhara, which is a combination of two Sanskrit words namely Mula or the Root and Adhara or the support. So, this is the base or the support chakra which holds the foundation of all the chakras in a human body. Root chakra is the first chakra of the seven energy centers present in us and is located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae. Muladhara or the Root chakra defines your security and sense of safety on the Earth. When you have a strong foundation of a house, your house is absolutely safe from any kind of major calamities. However with a weaker foundation, you cannot hold your house strong and intact for long. The same thing goes with the Root chakra. People having a strong, balanced and open Root chakra are strong and fearless who feel safe and secured enough in managing their stability in life. You meet with fear, anxiety, depression and might require adequate amount of emotional support in life in case you have a blocked or imbalanced Muladhara or root chakra.

The chakra color is red and has a square shape or rather a square lotus. The energy we receive from the first chakra or the Root chakra or the Muladhara allow us to harness strength, courage and the will to live while our struggling times. This chakra actually connects us with the spiritual being of us and makes us fearless and stable enough to grow in life and to accept our transformation for a better, enlighten or awaken life.

What Happens When There is a Blocked Root Chakra or a Blocked Muladhara?

You are having a Root Chakra blockage if you meet with the following symptoms.

Physical Symptoms that Depicts Root Chakra is Blocked:

  • Lower back pain
  • Pain in feet, legs and in all parts that flows down from the lower back till the toes.
  • Kidney infections and various kidney related issues
  • Tumors or polyps in the rectal area
  • Blockages seen in various parts of the body.
  • Anemia, cancer, heart diseases etc can arise along with gynecological problems and arthritis.
  • Circulatory and reproductive health issues
  • Bladder irritation etc

Other Signs and Symptoms of a Blocked Root Chakra:

  • Here below are some other important signs and symptoms of a blocked Root chakra.
  • You experience confusion, distraction and get disconnected from the world
  • You meet with fear and insecurity
  • Depression and anxiety are commonly seen
  • Addictive behavior.
  • Lack of self esteem, lack or interest in being, laziness etc. in case the Root chakra is under active
  • In case the root chakra is over active, the person might be aggressive, impatient, irritable and may encounter an unnatural or abnormal sex or sexual behavior in him/her.

Signs of a Balanced Root Chakra or Muladhara:

How to Open Blocked Root Chakra or Muladhara

“I am safe. I trust more, I fear less. I am centered and grounded!” Do you have the same thing with you to express in real? If yes! Then you have an balanced Root chakra or the Muladhara. Check out the signs that show an open or a balanced Root chakra.

  • You are physically fit and strong.
  • You feel absolutely centered and grounded
  • You are energetic and motivated for life
  • You feel safe, secured and peace at mind
  • There is trust and faith grounded in you
  • You are nurtured and stable enough in your life and be connected with the world more intensely.

How To Open/Heal Blocked Root Chakra?

Now here is the section we would talk about the essential ways of opening the blocked Root chakra.

  1. Open Your Blocked Root Chakra With Daily Affirmations:

    “Yes! Affirmation help you believe and make what you want to.” Why not go for the below mentioned affirmations everyday and help you open the blocked root chakra by self in the most independent way? Read below the affirmations for opening root chakra.

    • I feel absolutely secured and safe of my being
    • I am open to all the possibilities
    • I trust in truth and goodness of life
    • I believe in me, I love my being
    • I am satisfied, I have peace for I have what I need.
    • I make choices which are helpful for me and which strengthens me to core.
    • I am connected to my body and my souls. I am connected to the world.
  2. Open the Blocked Root Chakra with Visualization, Meditation and Dance:

    • Rose Meditation: In this type of meditation, you need to imagine a thorn-less red rose with soft red petals and purple colored velvety leaves. Imagine this red rose at the base of your spine, you will get a feel of healing naturally with the red color. You can help your root chakra open its blockage gradually. You can do the same imagining the red color Hibiscus flower too. You can also imagine you being on a bed of red roses that would make you feel special and feel absolutely wonderful about you and your being.
    • Red Sun Meditation: Sit in a comfortable position or simply lie down and imagine you are inhaling the prana into you down the spinal column. Imagine the light while looking at the tailbone. Now visualize the light with hues of red and orange radiating up. This visualization and meditation will fill you with a positive energy that helps in opening of root chakra. While doing so visualize the light healing areas from buttocks, hips, genitals, colon, uterus, abdomen etc as it moves up. Now, exhale and imagine you are taking out all the toxins and wastes from the body through the top. While doing such a type of visualization meditation make sure you are inhaling and exhaling slowly and at least for 10 minutes or longer.
    • Kundalini Meditation: Kundalini meditation is one kind of meditation which helps you heal your root chakra in the most entertaining manner. You need to switch on the music and dance to the beats. Dance is all what gets you the entire energy to heal or open the root chakra. When you dance, the potent energies reach to the kundalini, where lies the Muladhara chakra or the Root chakra with its all glory. This is done in four steps where each step lasts for 15 minutes. Check out the steps of doing the Kundalini meditation below.
      • Stage 1: (15 minutes): Keep your eyes closed or open as per your comfortabilty while doing this type of meditation. However you need to keep your body lose and relaxed. Now, dance to the beats, shake your body like you are shivering. This would help you greatly when done for 15 minutes.
      • Stage 2: (15 minutes): Dance anyway you feel like dancing. Follow no rule in dancing and simply let your body move and energise you for 15 minutes in this stage.
      • Stage 3: (15 minutes): Stand still or sit down and do nothing for 15 minutes continuously
      • Stage 4: ( 15 minutes): Now this is the final stage where you need to simply lie down closing eyes for 15 minutes
  3. Opening the Root Chakra Blockage Through Yoga Asanas:

    Padmasana, Pavanamuktasan, Sirsasan, Mulasana etc are some of the helpful yoga asans which help in opening of the blocked root chakra. Go for these asanas on regular basis and you can find your root chakra healing gradually.

  4. Opening the Root Chakra Blockage With Essential Oils:

    Some of the essential oils also help in opening of blocked root chakra. Sandalwood, Cloves, Rosewood, Black pepper, Cedar, Rosemary etc are some of the most recommended essential oils useful in opening of root chakra.

  5. Open the Blocked Root Chakra Through Crystal Therapy:

    There are crystals which help in opening of root chakra in us. Bloodstone, Golden Yellow Topaz, Azurite, Obsedian, carnelian, Citrine, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, etc are some of the most effective crystals which can help you heal or open

  6. Open the Blocked Root Chakra Through Color Of The Chakra:

    We have mentioned Red is the color of the Root Chakra. You can simply imagine a red lotus below your spine, get the red colored candles glowing in front your eyes. This would have some positive effects on healing of root chakra blockage.

  7. Open the Blocked Root Chakra With Nature:

    The natural element for Root chakra healing is Earth. You can help you open the blocked root chakra by simply feeling the nature, being with the nature and experiencing the touch of our mother Earth. Take a walk with the nature at a place filled with trees, birds; take your shade under a tree, feel the grass in bare feet. You can try out such healing ways for opening root chakra naturally.

  8. Root Chakra Healing Diet And Nutrition:

    Our diet and nutrition do play a surpass role in our health and healing. Root chakra healing is possible with appropriate diet and nutrients. Taking red foods like strawberries, carrot, red apple etc along with the foods rich in protein content can help in root chakra healing fairly.

  9. Sound Therapy For Opening The Blocked Root Chakra:

    Sound therapy does help greatly in opening of the Root Chakra or the Muladhara. This first chakra vibrates in harmony with the sound of note “C”. Apart from this, chanting “LAM” can help fine in healing of the root chakra

Final Note On Root Chakra:

If you are finding tough times in you growing with trust, stability or security; then probably you are searching for something in the branches which appears to be in the root. All you need to do is, concentrate the energy that is present in the root chakra, try out the acts which help you open the root chakra or the Muladhara and experience the change in you, your presence and stability of being grounded by the roots

Note: Please consult with the expert health care providers to give the best treatments in case of physical or mental illnesses explained above. You can continue with the exercises, meditations and the essential steps required for root chakra healing along with the medical treatments.

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