Ways To Open Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra

“The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart!” The heart is a central place in our body where resides joy, love, warmth and compassion. The fourth chakra amongst the seven basic chakras of the human body is known as the Heart chakra or the Anahata Chakra (In Sanskrit meaning unhurt and unbeaten). This is the center which scopes us in freeing self to fall in love; fall in love with self at first and the fall in love with others. There are people who have their heart chakra opened and you can find them extremely compassionate and filled with tremendous love and empathy for everyone. However, in case of a blocked heart chakra, one fails to accept love, suffers with pain and grief and keeps himself away from the crowd and drags self to a phase of extreme loneliness and isolation. To feel the best of love in and around you, it is needed for you to work on opening the heart chakra or the Anahata chakra. This current article will talk about the secrets to open the heart chakra.

Ways To Open Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra

The Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra:

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and what you want” Heart chakra or the Anahata Chakra is regarded as the center for unconditional love and compassion which governs the heart, circulatory system, respiratory system, hands, shoulders, diaphragm, ribs and the thymus gland. This is the fourth chakra located at the chest. Air is the element of the heart chakra, and green is its color with the shape being Crescent moon.

Various Stages of Heart Chakra or the Anahata Chakra:

The stages of heart chakra can be categorized into four major types including closed stages, blocked stage, Balanced and over active heart chakra. Let us discuss on these four stages in the current section.

  1. What Happens in the Closed Stage of Heart Chakra?

    In this case of closed stage of Heart chakra, you don’t feel anything about love in heart, you feel everyone is to be separated from you and you are likely to feel absolutely lonely, angry and probably your life gets full of sufferings and failures.

  2. What Happens in Blocked Stage of Heart Chakra?

    In case your heart chakra is blocked, you meet with emotional ups and downs very often. You know you have a blockage in your heart chakra or anahata chakra in case you love some people and hate other or in case you have a conditional love. Check out some of the signs and symptoms which might show you have a blocked heart chakra.

    • You feel extremely depressed.
    • You feel embarrassed and completely fail life after a rejection
    • You want to present love to others, but fear of being rejected.
    • You feel as if you are unaware of how to love
    • You express heartlessness or coldness more often
    • You want to meet someone but you keep yourself away with a fear of facing any injury
    • You accompany negativity, doubt and feelings on unworthy for love
    • Selfishness and self- pity are also the common signs of blocked heart chakra
    • You are extremely self-centered
    • You lose patience and also acquire anger in you.

    Apart from these psychological and emotional symptoms, there also grow some physical symptoms or physical illnesses in case there is a blocked heart chakra. Check the symptoms of blocked heart chakra below.

    • Heart attack
    • Insomnia
    • High blood pressure
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Some kinds of allergies
    • Problems in circulation
    • Heart and lungs issues etc
  3. What Happens In The Balanced Stage Of Heart Chakra?

    “I am loved. I let love in. I am kind to myself. I am in peace and gratitude!” Are you feeling the same? If yes! Your heart chakra or the anahata is at its balanced stage. It happens that in case your heart chakra is well balanced, you understand self and others and accept people as they are and also love and appreciate self for your being. You are absolutely compassionate and able to understand others pain and joy which other people meet with. With a balanced heart chakra, you seem to be wise enough to know if people are honest with you or they are lying to you.

  4. Over-Active Stage of Heart Chakra

    There is also another stage of heart chakra which is known to be over-active stage. Check out the list of signs and symptoms below to make out if you are at your over active stage of heart chakra.

    • You are into a relationship where you dedicate self and give everything but your partner never appreciates you nor gives anything in return.
    • You are not able to say NO to others.
    • You try to please others even knowing these won’t be any beneficial for you. You actually remain desperate for people to love and appreciate you.

Ways To Open The Heart Chakra Or The Anahata Chakra?

“Love opens and heals us.” Know about how to open the heart chakra which is the abode for love, joy and compassion.

Below Are Some Of The Ways To Open Heart Chakra Or The Anahata Chakra:

Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra

  1. Go For The Visualization Meditation: Heart chakra is about the green color. Get green to your surroundings. Visualize a green color in your heart that reflects light, love and bliss in life. Feel the power of love with this visualization meditation in peace and you will find the difference.
  2. Encourage Physical Touch And Hugs: “Hugging is a good medicine which makes everything better than thousand words!” It is highly important to encourage a special hug from your loved ones, maybe your lover, maybe family or friends who can make you feel better with their hug and touch of compassion and love. Physical touch and hugs actually enhances the heart chakra healing and helps in its opening.
  3. Learn To Let Go And Encourage Forgiveness In Order Top Open Heart Chakra Or Anahata Chakra: Most people meet with sufferings because they lack the feeling to let go with ease, because they are not able to forgive people who have hurt them. By learning how to let go with faith, love and peace, by forgiving those who have pained you; you are encouraging an opened heart chakra or a balanced anahata and you are benefiting self in a great manner.
  4. Encourage Self Being In Love: Usually people fear to fall in love or get into any intimate relationship worrying about the rejections or pains of being hurt. Well! In order to open your heart chakra or the anahata, it is essential enough for you to let you fall in love, allow you to be loved and allow you to love others.
  5. Breathe, Be And See Green: There is a saying, “Keep a green tree in your heart; perhaps a singing bird will get in.” Green is the color for heart chakra. Entertain green in your surroundings. Get into the nature filled with greens, wear green colored clothing, imagine your heart filled with green inside and inhale the sense of green in your every breathe. You will have a balance in heart chakra
  6. Choose Your Thoughts: It is obvious that we all have positive as well as the negative thoughts. It is always required to choose your thoughts for a better healing of heart chakra. You need to reject the negative thoughts and encourage the positive ones. Every time you get a negative thought on self or any other person, get alert and STOP! Practice this, make it a habit and this will get into your nature. You will be able to open your heart chakra or anahata at an ease.
  7. Practice Yoga For Heart Chakra Healing:Yoga has always remained beneficial! Practice the yoga specialized for opening of heart chakra. Look below to note down some of the ways to do yoga for heart chakra healing.

    Before we let you know about the yoga steps for heart chakra healing, let us make you aware that the most beneficial and effective yoga posture used to open the heart chakra is the Ustrasana or the Camel Pose. Here below we have mentioned the steps to do the asana.

    • Kneel down and allow your hips to rest on your heels.
    • Next, raise up onto the knees, one arm at ones making circles to reach the front up and back with each arm
    • Keep the top part of the foot down with the toes touching the floor facing backwards.
    • Let your hands find their ways to the heels, as you start making the circles with your arms.
    • Now squeeze your buttocks and bend backwards so that the pelvic region is facing forward and chest growing outwards and upwards.
    • Allow your neck to curve with the spine
    • All you need here is at this position, go for a deep breathing to feel your chest is expanding. You can feel the opening of your heart here.
    • While releasing the posture, do it gently.
  8. Use The Affirmations For Heart Chakra:Affirmations are actually the powerful suggestions to your heart which helps in opening the heart chakra. Using the affirmation most often will help you real great. Find out some of the affirmations below.
    • I am worthy of love
    • I believe in love
    • I love me as I am
    • I love and accept others as they are
    • I live in complete balance with others
    • I am pure and filled with love
    • Love is my nature
    • Love is present everywhere
    • I forgive myself and forgive others for everything
    • I am compassionate towards me and towards everyone around
    • I believe God is love and I am in love
    • I trust in the healing power of love.

Other important things to be taken into account for opening heart chakra or anahata chakra:

  1. Essential Oils To Be Added In Regular Use To Open Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra: Essential oils which have the power to open the heart chakra when added to daily life, helps you grow well with love and aids you in the heart chakra healing. Some of the most important essential oils which can be used for opening the anahata or the heart chakra include, Lavender, Geranium, Rosewood, Cedarwood, sandalwood, Bergamont, Petitgrain etc.
  2. Crystals Appropriate For Heart Chakra Healing: There is also a belief that there are some healing crystals which appropriately helps in the heart chakra healing. Moonstone, Moss agate, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Green Aventurine, Jade, Malachite, Rhodonite etc are some of the most powerful crystals which can be used to open the heart chakra.
    These healing crystals can be placed inside the bras (in case of women) or can be kept in the wallet, purse etc for acquiring the best benefits out of it. You can make the crystals touch directly at your heart chakra in the chest and can find the benefits.
  3. Essential Diet For Opening Heart Chakra Or Anahata Chakra: Now, coming to the diet which aids you in opening of the heart chakra include the natural diets that are taken directly from the nature and which are not the processed ones. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains etc are the best foods for healing of the heart chakra. Do not go for meat, instead try it out with fish in case you are more inclined towards the non-veg foods.

Signs That Indicate Your Heart Chakra Or Anahata Chakra Is Opening:

You have tried your best to open the blocked heart chakra or the anahata chakra. Check out the signs that represents your heart chakra is actually opening:

  • You can feel some kind of sensations in your chest. Maybe slight pain, uneasiness or any kind of mild pressure are some of the signs experienced in the chest with the opening of heart chakra.
  • You find a superb change in your personality all of a sudden when your heart chakra or the anahata chakra is opening. You will start connecting with people and start understanding them, you become gentler and kinder and become more generous when your heart chakra is opening.
  • You will have an unconditional love towards nature, animals, birds and humanity.

Final Note On Heart Chakra:

As the saying goes, “The most useful asset of a person is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, with ears open to listen and hands open to help.” If you have all these with you, perhaps you are with your higher self that is unbeatable. Let your heart chakra be open and be balanced; let you allow love enter in and let you present the supreme form of love and compassion come out to heal the world.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:March 8, 2019

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