Unknown Habits That Put Your Heart Health In Danger

Heart diseases are very common these days and every other person seems to be suffering from some heart ailment or the other. In today’s world, with the environment in shambles, and technology advancing faster than the speed of light, it could be said that it has become very natural to have some heart condition and there is nothing surprising about it anymore. The heart being the most important organ of the human body or the human warehouse has the most important work to perform. The heart being a vital part of The Circulatory System has to supply blood everywhere. As mentioned earlier, heart diseases being very common, most people are well acquainted with terms like ‘heart attack’, ‘stroke’, ‘ coronary heart disorder’, ‘cardiac arrest’, ‘high blood pressure’ and many more. Most of these heart conditions are somewhat genetically acquired. However, there are numerous other known and unknown yet simple reasons that pose as a serious threat to the cardiovascular health. There are also various unknown reasons which people were never aware of putting their heart health in danger.

Unknown Habits That Put Your Heart Health In Danger

Unknown Habits That Put Your Heart Health In Danger

Overeating: Overeating is a common, yet unknown, habit that puts your heart health in danger. Overeating is one of the main and major reasons of cardiovascular diseases. Eating indeed is enjoyed by everyone, but excess of anything is bad. Overeating leads to obesity which in turn leads to a heart disease. so one should eat healthy and in the right quantities to have good heart health.

Watching Television: Watching the television for hours after hours is again a habit that puts your heart health in danger; and which many people are not aware of. Watching television makes you immobile for several hours, which increases the risk of a stroke and a heart condition.

Using Smart Phone: Sitting with one’s nose dug deep into the mobile phone is also an unknown habit that puts your heart health at risk.

Snoring: Snoring is one issue that is most commonly overlooked. Even though snoring is annoying, it is of serious concern, as snoring could be a result of Obstructive Sleep Apnea which is marked by breathing that gets interrupted while sleeping and can very well cause blood pressure to rise and heart problems.

Untreated Depression: Leaving depression unchecked is another issue that triggers multiple heart diseases. Yes, it is difficult to talk about mental health, but the feeling of being depressed or stressed can puts your heart health in danger as emotions do affect the heart health.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption: Excess of alcohol adds a great risk of very high blood pressure and added calories also lead to weight gain, which is a threat to the heart. Drinking unlimited amount of alcohol is another unknown habit that puts your heart health in danger. It is advisable to follow the rule of 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women.

Smoking: Smoking not only causes cancer, but also various other diseases including heart conditions. Not only smoking, living with a smoker and inhaling secondhand smoke is also dangerous for your heart health. Passive smoking has adverse effects on the heart too.

Excessive Salt Intake: Too much of salt consumption also leads to multiple diseases. People who are in the habit of eating heavily seasoned or salty food are putting their heart health in danger. It is advised to maintain 2,300 milligrams of salt/sodium per day. In case a patient has high blood pressure, they should not consume more than 1,500 milligrams of salt/sodium.

Skipping Medicines: Skipping medicines, which are for a heart condition or other health conditions, is another unknown habit that puts your heart health in grave danger.

Ignoring Dental Problems: It is said that ignoring dental problems could also pose a threat to the heart health. Apparently, there exists a strong bond between gum disease and heart disease. Building up of plaque or other bacteria leads to gum diseases, which adversely affects your heart health.

Eating Unhealthy Diet: Not maintaining a healthy and balanced diet again leads to heart problems. Not having the amount of fruits and vegetables that one needs to intake leads to less of vitamins and proteins in the body which is bad for your overall health as well as heart health. Eating junk food all the time is a common habit that puts your heart health in danger.

Lack of Exercise: Lack of exercise or any physical activity results in heart diseases. One should exercise daily for at least 30 minutes even if it’s just walking for good heart health.

Unemployment: Another issue that could affect the mental state of a person is unemployment. Unemployment poses a serious threat to cardiovascular health. In this case, the risk of heart attacks are high.

People these days believe that E-Cigarettes are safer than the normal cigarettes. It is completely a farce. The long term effects of E-Cigarettes are extremely dangerous for your health. The habit of smoking E-Cigarettes puts your heart health in danger.

Climate Change: Climate change also adversely affects the heart health. Climate plays an important role. The polluted air particles ingrain themselves in ones lungs and clog the arteries, which results in heart attacks and strokes. Supplements made of fish oil are recommended, as they decrease the effects of toxic outdoor air pollution.

Anti-Bacterial Soaps: Anti-bacterial soaps, which have always known for protection against germs contain Triclosan, which affects thyroid and adds to increased cardiovascular diseases. Terms like ‘antibacterial’, ‘germ killing’, ‘odor free,’ are basically present on packs of soap which contain Triclosan. Using too much of anti-bacterial soaps is definitely one unknown habit that puts your heart health in danger. Keep away from such things.

Being Stuck In Traffic Jams: Everyone hates traffic and being stuck in a traffic jam. Traffic jams can cause anxiety on different levels and are also capable of creating havoc on your heart health. Certain scientists have learnt that there is a common ground among air pollution, traffic, anxiety and heart attacks. People stuck in traffic are more exposed to the risk of a heart attack. This can be mitigated by checking the reports of the air quality and keeping the windows shut.

Nonstick Utensils: Nonstick chemicals used in utensils seem extremely convenient, but when it comes to health issues, it is not at all worth it. They are linked to infertility, ADHD, high cholesterol and pose a serious danger to your heart health. Immediately replace these utensils with stainless steel which is uncoated. Using nonstick cookware is an unknown habit that puts your heart health in danger.

Certain Sea Food: Certain sea foods contain Omega-3 fatty acids. These are supposed to protect the heart. However, the fishes can get contaminated with mercury and adversely affect your hormones and the heart health.

Eating Canned Food: Food that comes in cans is toxic on a different level. Canned food causes obesity, infertility and heart diseases. Consumption of canned or tinned food is a very bad and unknown habit that puts your heart health in danger.

Foods Which Puts Your Heart Health In Danger

A lot of other factors effect the health of the heart. Food happens to be one of the major factors. Quite a number of food items stand as a threat to the cardiovascular health. Red meat, which is eaten and relished by millions is full of fat, salt and cholesterol. Experts and doctors recommend that this must be only eaten once a month. This is such an age where jobs have taken over our social lives. People tend to indulge themselves in junk food. Potato chips is one such item. They contain loads of sodium, that is, salt and carbohydrates which poses as a serious threat. Pizza is another such delicacy loved by the current generation. It is one of the main reasons for obesity. It poses the capability of increasing the rate of heart attacks, of high blood pressure and diabetes. Boxed cereal which contains large amounts of added sugar is single handedly the reason behind the death by cardiovascular diseases. Oatmeal is preferred by doctor and experts. Similarly white bread, pasta, white rice have starch which turns into sugar. Caffeine is another major reason behind heart diseases. Energy drinks are said to have loads of caffeine, which leads to lack of sleep and thus heart conditions. Deep fried items adds oxidants to the human system and changes the structure of vitamins and antioxidants. It does not only lead to getting fat, but also damages cells in the body along with putting your heart health in danger.


All the unknown reasons which disturb the health of the heart are pretty simple and common reasons, which are mostly overlooked by people. Technology which has provided the human race with several easy solutions and has uncomplicated tasks has now become a threat to its own creator. Machines like the television, mobile phone are reasons behind the increased heart related problems. Apart from machines, the environment, various food items, mental health, certain habits, in fact medications too cause problems which results in terrible heart diseases. However, most of it can be managed with exercise, proper food habits, quitting bad habits like intoxication or smoking, speaking about mental health, proper and guided medication by the doctor. One must always watch out for danger signs which if ignored can pose a great risk to your heart health.

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