What Are The Recovery Exercises For Endocarditis?

Endocarditis is an infection of endocardium, which is mostly caused by the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria followed by streptococcus bacteria. After the person recovers from endocarditis, there is a definite need to bring a little change in one’s lifestyle to prevent themselves from future consequences.

Endocarditis is considered a grave problem and thus one should be very meticulous regarding its prevention aspect. A slight delay can cause many problems. So, as one recovers from endocarditis, then they should start practicing a healthy lifestyle, which means to bring certain modifications in their life so as to stay healthy.

What Are The Recovery Exercises For Endocarditis?

Here are few recommended recovery exercises one should practice to stay fit and healthy in long run:

Physiotherapist- One can hire a physiotherapist in initial stages of recovery. This will help him to initiate exercise therapy on a daily basis. Plus during initial day’s supervision and assistance is needed until and unless little recovery occurs.

Light Exercises- After recovering from endocarditis one should start doing light exercises. Commencement of walking should be done when one is still in the hospital and one can even perform light exercises under the supervision of their trainer.

Rehabilitation- This is what is needed. The duty of doctor does not end with the operation. It is their duty to make sure that the patient is able to adopt a normal lifestyle after the operation. So, with this intention rehabilitation is started early. Doctor along with nurses, physiotherapist, and other healthcare personnel makes sure that person is able to perform light exercises with ease. Rehabilitation is an important part as it enables a person to reintegrate himself back into the society.

Morning Walks- After the surgery, one should begin with morning walks. This is a major step as one gets exposed to fresh air which is important for healthy circulation.

Bed Rest- It should be also kept in mind that no patient should become bedridden after endocarditis, as it reduces the chance of healthy recovery. The person should only take bed rest when endocarditis is in active phase else there is no need for strict bed rest.

Climbing Stairs- Climbing the stairs is considered a good exercise. This is usually done to check BMR of a person. So, the practice climbing stairs until and unless your doctor instructs you against it.

No Lifting Heavy Objects- Besides this the person should restrict themselves from lifting heavy objects. Lifting weight more than 10 pounds is not recommended. Thus, special attention should be given these things.

Yoga- Except heavy exercises, one should indulge in aerobic exercise. Meditation and yoga which improves circulation are highly recommended to one who has undergone cardiac surgery. This will enable a quick recovery. Besides this, one should continue this exercise lifetime.

Nutritional Modifications- Besides performing the exercise the person should even bring certain changes in his eating habits. Consume less saturated fatty acids, refrain oneself from drinking, consume PUFA and unsaturated fatty acid; avoid smoking as it increases the risk of heart attack.

After 3 months one can resume normal activity, but the person should continue to do perform regular exercise so as to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Besides these exercises, if any medications are prescribed one should continue with that medication and in case of any danger signs the person should immediately refer to a hospital without any delay.

Few things which should be kept in mind after endocarditis-

Physical Exertion- Do not stress yourself too much as a lot of exertion increases oxygen demand in the body and thus heart has to work harder to meet the oxygen requirement of the body.

Tattooing should be avoided as it increases the chance of infection. While tattooing body might get exposed to exogenous infection, which through bloodstream may invade heart valves and initiate another episode of endocarditis.

IV drug users must be counseled regarding infections which are transferred through needles and thus prevent them from continuing drug abuse.

Weight- After the surgery, one should make sure they did not gain much weight as due to the increase in weight decreases the pumping efficiency of the heart. Thus, a lifestyle modification should be kept in mind after endocarditis.

Smoking is injurious to health and person who has undergone cardiac surgery should strictly give up smoking.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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