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8 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity in Winters

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It is not uncommon to see children fall sick in the winter season with variety of illnesses including chest cold, flu and runny nose. Some children are affected so badly that they find it difficult to go to school or play outside with peers ans friends. The primary reason for this is the ever developing immune system of children which takes place up until the age of 14 or 15 years. This in combination with not paying attention to hygiene especially while playing out in the snow and eating makes them sick faster than adults.

Some children tend to get sick as a result of an illness being transferred to them from their parents or siblings. Frequent trips to the family physician for medications are quite a common scene for children during the winter season.

With that being said, there are various home remedies which you can use to boost the immune system of your child. This is what has been described in detail in the article below.

8 Ways to Boost Your Child's Immunity in Winters

8 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity in Winters

Berries: Being extremely rich in antioxidants, this fruit is extremely potent in boosting the immunity of children. Additionally, berries also have plenty of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Berries are generally added to yogurt, cereals, and oatmeal and can be eaten whenever the child wants.[1]

Wild Salmon: Fish like the Wild Salmon is known to be high on Omega 3 and is perhaps the best natural anti-inflammatory agent available. It also contains vitamin E and selenium which are immune system boosters. They also act as agents which enhance brain power. Additionally, cod liver oil can also be used to boost the immune system of children in the winter season when children are more prone to get sick.

Broccoli: This is yet another food product which boosts the immune system of children especially during the winter season. It is extremely rich in antioxidants, calcium, iron, and folate. It is also very high on fiber which smoothen the bowel movements and prevents constipation. {2}

It is essential to add Broccoli at least once every day in regular diet for optimum benefit. If children are averse to the taste of Broccoli then it can be added to foods like fish and chicken to make it tastier.

Eggs: It is well known that eggs are extremely rich in protein and vitamin D which is vital for boosting the immune system. (3) Eggs have vitamin B in abundance and iron which are all essential components of a healthy immune system in children. There are many dishes that can be made from eggs which children tend to love so it should not be hard to incorporate eggs in diet of children and boost their immune system in winters.

Green Vegetables: Leafy green vegetables should be a part of the diet for children especially during the winter months to boost their immunity and prevent them from getting sick. These vegetables contain plenty of vitamins, calcium, and fiber which are essential ingredients to fight infections and keep children healthy. Some children may not like the taste of green vegetables but they can be slowly added to their daily diet in the form of soup or stews.

Probiotics: Foods rich on probiotics are also very effective in boosting the immune system of children in the winter months. Yogurt is the best source of probiotics.(4) Kefir yogurt is the most preferred form used by many people as a source of probiotics.

The taste may not be ideal for children but it can be mixed with normal yogurt and served to children in the form of shakes to boost their immunity against infections during winters. Probiotic supplementation is yet another way to provide this essential nutrient to children to boost their immunity.

Brightly Colored Fruits: Fruits like oranges, mango, and beet are also quite effective in boosting the overall immune system of children in the winter months. These fruits are very high on antioxidants and vitamin C and help in fighting off infections. These fruits are very much liked by children and it is not difficult to incorporate these fruits in the daily diet of children.

Water: It may seem that water is essential during summers but it should be known that in winters too water provides necessary boost to the immune system of children. Any unwanted toxins can be eliminated from the body by drinking ample amount of water. [2]

If plain water is something that a child may not drink frequently then fruit juices are also an excellent alternative to provide the required hydration. Ginger and lemon tea also has the same effect as water and can be used as an alternative to plain water to boost the immunity of children in winter months.

In summary, it is not uncommon to see parents take their children to physicians during winter months. This is because the immune system of children is still in the developing stage. This makes it important to boost up the immunity of children to prevent them from catching infections.

There are various natural ways to increase immunity in children in the winter months some of which have been mentioned above. If these measures are followed, then the likelihood of children getting infections during winters significantly reduces.


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