13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pine Nuts Or Chilgoza

Pine nuts or Chilgoza is a distinct variety of pine found in the regions of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan; and the specific area is the western forest of Himalayas. Pine nuts or Chilgoza resembles the shape of stone pines and the nut is edible and very tasty. Being loaded with carbohydrates and proteins, pine nuts or chilgoza make a good dietary supplement for your body. The nut can be eaten raw and dry or fried in oil and used in salads. There are several health benefits of these pine nuts or chilgoza. Read below to know about the benefits.

Nutritional Facts Of Pine Nuts Or Chilgoza:

The water content present in pine nuts or Chilgoza is 2.28 per 100 grams. About 100 grams of the nut provide 673 calories. Moreover, it is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. 100 grams of the pine nuts or chilgoza contain 13.69 gram of protein, and sugar value present in the nut is just 3.59 per 100 grams. So, pine nuts or chilgoza is considered to be a healthy snack. 100 grams of the nut contains 251 mg of magnesium, and 16 mg of calcium. The potassium value in pine nuts or chilgoza is 597 mg per 100 grams. The nut is loaded with folate and iron, and thus is very much beneficial for pregnant women. Apart from this, pine nuts or Chilgoza is also rich in Vitamin A and aids in improving vision.

13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pine Nuts Or Chilgoza

13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pine Nuts Or Chilgoza:

#1. Beneficial For Diabetes:

Eating pine nuts or chilgoza daily, can help control type 2 diabetes. Diabetics who take these nuts on a daily basis have shown significant improvement in sugar levels and a decrease in bad cholesterol.

Apart from this, the pine nuts or Chilgoza have benefits for both glucose control and blood lipids. Moreover, they can also be used to increase the intake of vegetable oils and protein in patients suffering from type-2 diabetes; and these two are very important to improve the symptoms of diabetes without increasing the weight.

#2. Enhances Your Energy:

Pine nuts or Chilgoza is also beneficial in enhancing your energy level. Certain nutrients, like monounsaturated fat, iron and protein, found in the nut can help boost your energy levels. They are also loaded with magnesium, and reduced levels of the nutrient can lead to fatigue. Pine nuts or chilgoza also help build and repair tissues in our body, which might otherwise result in fatigue. Apart from this, the protein content found in these also help burn the fuel more slowly, and this can provide you long-lasting energy.

#3. Boost Brain Health:

Pine nuts or chilgoza is loaded with iron, a mineral that is required for storing and transporting oxygen. This also helps in improving brain health. There are few reports that suggest that these nuts can also help in treating anxiety, stress and depression. Higher levels of magnesium can result in lesser emotional outburst and other behaviours associated with mood disorders, and as pine nuts or chilgoza contain magnesium in it, the nuts can be beneficial in this.

#4. Reduces The Risk Of Heart Diseases:

In general pine nuts or Chilgoza are considered good for the heart health. Eating pine nuts or Chilgoza can cut the risk of sudden death due to heart attack. The monounsaturated fat, magnesium and manganese, Vitamin E and vitamin K, form a synergistic blend to prevent cardiovascular disease. Pine nuts or Chilgoza contains the Pinolenic acid in it which support healthy cholesterol and also helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol of LDL. The vitamin E in it helps produce RBCs that are important for oxygen transport and vitamin K helps in forming blood clots to prevent bleeding after injury. Consuming pine nuts or chilgoza has also been associated with lower blood pressure levels.

#5. Strengthens Bones:

Vitamin K builds bones better than calcium does A study says that Vitamin K can help in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. This vitamin also helps increase bone mineral density and prevents incidences of fractures. We already know that pine nuts or Chilgoza are rich in Vitamin K; and thus taking these nuts on a regular basis can help in strengthening bones.

#6. Boosts Immunity:

Pine nuts or Chilgoza is also known to boost immunity. This is because of the minerals like manganese and zinc present in it. Manganese helps in maintaining the hormonal balance of the body and in strengthening the connective tissue; and Zinc boosts immunity and helps in healing of the wound. Zinc is also associated with an improvement in the function and the number of T-cells, which are a type of WBCs that destroy the invading pathogens.

#7. Improves Eye Health:

Chilgoza are loaded with a lot of Lutein, or an antioxidant also known as the eye vitamin. Leutin and Zeaxanthin are two nutrients that help in preventing macular degeneration and glaucoma, by fighting free radical change. So, consuming these pine nuts actually benefits your eye health and improves your vision.

#8. Prevents Virus Attack:

Pine nuts or Chilgoza also has one more health benefits. They prevent the virus attack. By consuming these nuts, you can prevent the spread of influenza and herpes virus. The pine nuts contain Polysaccharides in them, which helps in combating many viruses that threatens your health.

#9. Good For Muscle Health:

The protein value of Pine nuts or Chilgoza is 24%, which prevents fatigue in the muscles. So, consuming these nuts regularly, you can prevent muscle sprains and muscle pains. Lysine is a protein that is responsible for managing hypertension. It is present in abundance in the pine nuts, and so, by consuming these nuts regularly, you can prevent hypertension.

#10. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer:

Pine nuts or Chilgoza is a rich source of Omega 6 and also has Selenium in it. This helps in preventing the growth of cancer-causing elements in the body. Presence of selenium is useful in infertility treatments. Moreover, Chilgoza are extremely high on antioxidants and eliminates free radicals which promote cancer risk and also are responsible for various other illnesses.

#11. Benefits of Pin Nuts or Chilgoza in Weight Management:

One of the most interesting health benefits of Pine nuts or Chilgoza is that, it helps in weight management. The Pinolenic acid found in these nuts could help in suppressing appetite and this can also help in the weight loss. The other heart-healthy fatty acids present in pine nuts or chilgoza, also help in burning the belly fat. One study states that replacing saturated fats in diet with pine nuts can help in losing weight in a healthy manner without any significant changes to exercises or calorie intake.

#12. Benefits Of Pine Nuts Or Chilgoza During Pregnancy:

Pine nuts or Chilgoza is known to benefit you greatly during pregnancy. This is because they are highly nutritious, which is the kind of food stuff that pregnant women must take.

Moreover, Pine nuts are rich in fiber, and this can help ease constipation, which is one of the common problems during pregnancy.

Apart from this, the iron and proteins found in these nuts are particularly beneficial, especially if the pregnant woman is a vegetarian. Iron and proteins play a crucial role in the health of both, mother and the baby. The Vitamin C content found in Pine nuts or Chilgoza helps in the efficient absorption of iron.

#13. Skin And Hair Health Benefits:

Pine nuts or Chilgoza contain high concentration of several essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which make them a great source for skin care. Vitamin E and antioxidants work to hold back the aging process. If you have a sensitive skin then pine nut oil is best way to boost skin health due to it being a great antiinflammatory. The oil also protects the skin from various dermatologic disorders. Apart from this, it is also known to have amazing moisturizing effects on the skin. Moreover, pine nut oil is known for massage therapy due to its healing property. It helps in reducing a number of skin problems, such as, psoriasis, itching, pimples, scabies, eczema, and sores. These nuts, offer your skin a revitalized and fresh look.

A body scrub made out of using pine nuts and coconut oil lightens the skin by removing dead skin cells. Also, it is an excellent way to hydrate the skin due to it being an excellent moisturizer.

Apart from skin health, pine nuts or chilgoza is also known to be an excellent remedy for hair growth. This is because of the rich Vitamin E content present in these nuts. Apart from this, pine nuts also keep the scalp in good condition. Individuals suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, have found pine nut oil to be greatly beneficial in combating the condition. These nuts contain a high concentration of proteins and the protein content in these nuts protects the hair against damage and also keeps it strong, healthy and lustrous.

Selection and Storage of Pine Nuts or Chilgoza:

In markets, you can find both shelled and unshelled pine nuts easily. If you are buying unshelled nuts, make sure that it is brown in color, its size is uniform, feels heavy, and should make a noise similar to a coin falling on the ground when dropped from a height. Make sure that they must be free from molds, cracks, and spots and of rancid smell. Shelled nuts could also be found in airtight plastic bags in the stores. Ensure that you always buy fresh nuts from the authentic stores.

Coming to the storage of pine nuts or chilgoza, one must keep in mind that the unshelled nuts have a long shelf life and thus can be stored for several months. However, shelled ones get spoilt early especially if it is put out in warm and humid weather. So, it is essential for them to be stored in jars in cold temperatures like in a fridge.

Safety Profile:

There are a lot of cases of altered taste perception following the consumption of pine nuts or Chilgoza. It appears after a few days of eating these nuts and may persist for up to a week. However, pine mouth is self-limiting condition and resolves on its own. Apart from this, pine nut allergy is something which also is seen in individuals where they get itching, may break into hives, and at times even have an anaphylactic manifestation like abdominal pain, respiratory difficulty, diarrhea and vomiting. So, those with known allergic reactions to these pine nuts or chilgoza, must avoid them.


So, we are aware of some of the best health benefits of pine nuts or chilgoza. If you have no allergies to nuts then you can try adding this nut to your diet and experience the benefits. However, keep a strict note that in case you find any of the side effects after consuming the nuts, do stop taking them and consult your doctor immediately.

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