Foods To Avoid If You Are Constipated

The easy availability of processed foods and our dependency on them is taking its toll on our digestive systems. Gastric troubles are increasingly common these days but one of the commonest is constipation. Since this problem surges easily, we need to be aware of what we should eat to avoid such troubles. Here, we have a list of some foods which cause constipation.

Foods To Avoid If You Are Constipated

Foods To Avoid If You Are Constipated

One of the biggest problems that people with today’s modern lifestyles and refurbished eating habits are facing is the problem of constipation. However, constipation due to faulty lifestyle can be managed effectively with appropriate diet. Know the foods to avoid if you are constipated.

Red meat – The complexity of a food item like red meat is much more than its apparent taste. It is one of the top foods to avoid if you are constipated. Moreover it has some tough protein fibers, breaking which is quite a task for the stomach. In addition to this, red meat is rich in iron, which again is a common cause of constipation.

White processed grains and their products: Almost all refined grain products like white rice, white breads, cakes, etc. have nearly no fiber in them. This makes it extremely difficult for such foods to pass through the system without trouble. While whole grain products relieve constipation due to the germ and bran in them, their white cousins can be quite difficult to process and often worsen constipation. Refined foods are one of the important foods to avoid if you are constipated.

Caffeine: If the dehydration is one of the possible reasons for constipation, caffeine in coffee, chocolates, black teas and the aerated drinks can make it worse. So, one of the main culprit foods to avoid if you are constipated is caffeinated drinks and products.

Unripe bananas: One of the top contenders among the foods that cause constipation are unripe bananas, as they contain more resistant starch. This compound is exceptionally difficult for the body to digest. But as the fruit ripens this compound is converted into sugars which are easier to digest and hence, ripe bananas can actually relieve constipation. Thus, unripe bananas are one of the foods to avoid if you are constipated, while you can increase the intake of ripe bananas for relief.

Alcohol: Health damage caused by alcohol isn’t a secret, but one of the effects that is hiding behind the apparent picture is that of constipation. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to excessive passing of urine through which some of the essential nutrients of the body are also passed, leading to dehydration. This can worsen constipation and in severe cases it can even initiate the same. So, one of the harmful foods to avoid if you are constipated is alcohol.

Gluten rich foods: Found in common grains like wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut and triticale, gluten is a food compound that quite a few people are intolerant too. If a person averse of gluten consumes these products, his immune system tries to fight it off, and in the process causes considerable damage to the digestive system. Chronic constipation is a definite sign of such resistance by the body, therefore, foods to avoid if you are constipated definitely include foods containing gluten.

Milk and dairy: Milk and dairy may not be accepted well by some people, leading to constipation and even children commonly face this problem. Lactose intolerant people can experience diarrhea when they consume milk or dairy products. If you find bowel changes by having milk and milk products, these foods may be avoided for some time.

Fried foods and fast foods: Eating large quantities of the fried and fast food can cause constipation. Since these foods are high in fat and low in fiber, they can easily worsen constipation. These are surely one of the foods to avoid if you are constipated. To help this problem, such foods should be replaced with healthier options like fruits and vegetables.

Chewing gum (if swallowed): There is a common myth that chewing gum takes up to seven years to digest. While this is just a myth, one very possible harm that swallowing chewing gum can cause is aggravate constipation. If you swallow several gums in a short period of time, they all stick together and form a mass in your stomach; this mass is extremely hard to pass through the digestive tract causing constipation. As it can surely worsen your constipation, swallowing chewing gum is one of the foods to avoid if you are constipated.

Frozen dinners: Heat and eat dinners contain nearly no fiber in them rather are loaded with additives, fats and salt. Such a combination of compounds can easily cause digestive troubles. Excess fat is hard to digest whereas the excess salt causes water retention; both of which can worsen constipation. Also, as processed foods are harmful for health, frozen dinners are one of the foods to avoid if you are constipated.

Food supplement: Calcium and iron supplements in general are known to cause constipation. Along with foods to avoid if you are constipated, such supplements should also be avoided. You would rather prefer eating a well-balanced diet which provides for all the necessary nutrients.

Persimmons: A popular fruit from eastern Asia, persimmons are either sweet or astringent in taste. The astringent persimmons contain large amount of tannins, a compound that slows digestive secretions and in turn reduce bowel movements, causing constipation. Hence, one of the foods to avoid if you are constipated is the astringent varieties of this fruit.

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