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Health Benefits and Side Effects of Brewers Yeast

What is Brewers Yeast?

Brewer’s yeast is an ingredient used for brewing beer, wine and bread. It is also known as baker’s yeast.(1) People also use it as a nutritional supplement as it is rich in B vitamins and chromium, which play a role in maintaining blood sugar levels. It also contains zinc and potassium. It also helps in improving energy and maintaining a healthy weight.

Brewer’s yeast is made from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is a fungus. It has a bitter taste.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Brewers Yeast

Benefits of Brewers Yeast

There are a few benefits linked with consuming brewer’s yeast.

A study shows that brewer’s yeast can be helpful to people with irritable bowel syndrome.(2) It can be more effective in relieving symptoms than the placebo treatments.

Another study found it to be effective in upper respiratory tract infections. In the study, the females who took brewers yeast supplement daily had fewer upper respiratory tract infections.(3) Another study found a reduction in the symptoms of respiratory tract infection while taking brewer’s yeast supplements.(4)

A recent article showed that taking 200 and 1000 micrograms of chromium supplement a day can be helpful in reducing diastolic blood pressure.(5) Researchers also found chromium supplements useful in improving muscle mass and controlling weight and providing relief from polycystic ovarian syndrome.(6)

A recent study suggested that S.cerevisiae aided milk production in animals, but its effect in humans was not clear.(7)

Side Effects of Brewers Yeast

It is believed by health experts that brewer’s yeast can lead to gas and migraine.(8)

A high dose of chromium supplement can lead to stomach problems. In rare cases, it may also cause harm to the nerves, kidneys, and liver.(9)

Brewer’s yeast may not be recommended for those with gout and Crohn’s disease or for those taking medication for depression.

It is also not recommended to those taking levothyroxine to treat hypothyroidism as it may reduce the medication absorbed by the body, lowering the effectiveness.

It is important for people to inform their doctor about any medication they are taking to ensure that it may not interfere with treatment.

How to Consume Brewers Yeast?

Brewer’s yeast is available in the form of tablets, capsules, and powder.

Adults can consume foods rich in chromium which include meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.(10)

Brewer’s yeast can also be purchased online. It is best to know about the amount of vitamin, mineral, or protein present in them before purchasing.

Brewer’s yeast contains chromium and B vitamins. It is beneficial for the conditions such as diarrhea, respiratory infection, and diarrhea. It does interact with certain medications and therefore people should consult a doctor before starting it, to avoid the side effects.

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