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19 Health Benefits of Kothmir (Coriander Or Cilantro Or Dhaniya) & Its Nutritional Facts

Kothmir (Coriander or cilantro or dhaniya) is known to be loaded with some excellent health benefits. Coriander is a very old herb that has been known and used for 7000 years. Being rich in nutrients, Coriander has got several health benefits. Read below to discover about them.

Nutritional Facts Of Kothmir (Coriander Or Cilantro Or Dhaniya):

Kothmir or coriander contains 11 components of the most essential oils and 6 types of acids, which include ascorbic acid or the vitamin C, and each of these have a lot of beneficial properties. Kothmir (coriander or cilantro or dhaniya) contains several minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium along with vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K(1).

19 Health Benefits of Kothmir (Coriander Or Cilantro Or Dhaniya) & Its Nutritional Facts

Health Benefits of Kothmir (Coriander Or Cilantro Or Dhaniya):

Coriander or Kothmir Lowers the Cholesterol Levels:

Kothmir or coriander is known to lower the levels of cholesterol in the blood. This is because of the acids present in kothmir (coriander or cilantro or dhaniya). Oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid and ascorbic acid are some of the acids present in coriander, which are known to be effective in reducing levels of cholesterol in the blood(2). Moreover, these acids present in coriander even reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL levels deposition occurring along the inner walls of the veins and arteries, which can result in severe cardiovascular problems, such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and heart strokes. More importantly, kothmir aids in increasing the levels of good cholesterol or HDL, which in turn act as a preventive measure for defense against a lot of dangerous health conditions.

Coriander or Kothmir Regulates High Blood Pressure:

Kothmir or coriander is also beneficial for health because it regulates and manages high blood pressure(3). Coriander boosts the interaction of calcium ion and the neurotransmitter in the central and peripheral nervous system, known as acetylcholine; and relaxes the tension occurring in the blood vessel, thus reduces the chances of several cardiovascular conditions, such as heart strokes and heart attacks.

Coriander or Kothmir helps Treat Diarrhea & Other Stomach Disorders:

Kothmir (coriander or cilantro or dhaniya) has also got another health benefit and that is treating diarrhea(4). The components of some essential oils present in coriander, such as linalool and borneol, help in digestion, proper liver functioning, proper bonding of bowels and also aids in treating diarrhea caused by fungal or microbial action(4).

These health benefits of coriander are because of components, such as borneol, cineole, alpha-pinene and beta-phellandrene, which have antibacterial effects(4).

Coriander is also known to prevent vomiting, nausea and other stomach disorders. Moreover, the leaves of kothmir are excellent appetizers that get your bowels prepared for a large meal.

Coriander or Kothmir Aids in Proper Digestion:

Kothmir or coriander, because of the rich aroma of the essential oils present in it, assists in proper secretion of enzymes as well as digestive juices in your stomach, and thus stimulates digestion and peristaltic movements. Coriander is even beneficial in treating anorexia. In addition to the pleasant aroma, kothmir or coriander also has stimulatory qualities in it that are derived from the minerals present in it. It has been found from studies that indigestion or dyspepsia is reduced if kothmir (coriander, cilantro or dhaniya) is added to the diet on a daily basis(5).

Coriander or Kothmir Prevents Anemia:

Kothmir or Cilantro contains high amount of iron, which helps people suffering from conditions like anemia. Low content of iron in the blood can cause shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations and a reduced level of cognitive function. Moreover, iron even helps in proper functioning of body organs, promotes bone health and boosts energy and strength.

Coriander or Kothmir Protects Against Salmonella(6):

Salmonella is a dangerous cause of food borne illness; and thus any natural way of protecting self against it is really important. Coriander or kothmir has unusually high dodecenal levels, which is a natural compound that is powerful in treating salmonella-based illness.

Coriander or Kothmir Treats Mouth Ulcers:

There is another important health benefit of Kothmir (Coriander or cilantro or dhaniya) and it is treating mouth ulcers. Coriander contains a component citronellol, which has excellent antiseptic properties. Moreover, there are some other components that have antimicrobial as well as healing effects, which keep ulcers and wounds in the mouth from getting worse. So, coriander actually speeds up the process of healing mouth ulcers and even prevents bad breath.

Coriander or Kothmir Improves Bone Health(7):

Being loaded with calcium, kothmir is of great importance for those who are willing to protect their bones. Calcium and some other important minerals present in coriander are integral components of your bone durability and bone re-growth, and they also prevent osteoporosis. So, you can keep your bones healthy and strong for years by adding a small quantity of kothmir or coriander to your daily diet.

Coriander or Kothmir Detoxifies The Body:

Kothmir is known to be one of the best herb that can rejuvenate the body. The polyacetylenes, terpenoids, and carotenoids scavenge the free radicals and reactivate the oxygen species in your blood. Taking one glass of kothmir or coriander crush can flush out all the body’s toxins and benefit your health greatly.

Coriander or Kothmir benefits In Weight Loss(8):

Kothmir (coriander or cilantra or dhaniya) is also beneficial in weight loss. As per the natural healing science or Ayurveda, the seed decoction of Kothmir reduces the blood lipid levels in the body. The sterols found in the seeds of kothmir inhibit the dietary cholesterol’s absorption; and thus prevent unwanted weight gain.

Coriander or Kothmir has Anti-Diabetic Properties:

Helping in treatment of diabetes is yet another health benefit of Coriander or Kothmir. The leaves of Kothmir or coriander can also be used for treating diabetes(9). These coriander leaves have high levels of powerful anti-inflammatory flavonoids, such as quercetin, sterols and tannins; which provide a natural anti-diabetic cure.

Coriander or Kothmir Treats UTIs And Improves Kidney Function:

Coriander or Kothmir also helps in treating urinary tract infections. The kothmir or coriander seeds enhance the urine filtration rate of the kidneys, which results in quicker generation of urine. This in turn reduces water retention in your body. Moreover, your body even gets rid of all the toxins and microorganisms, thus keeping the urinary system quite clean.

Coriander or Kothmir Benefits In Curing Smallpox(10):

The essential oils found in Kothmir, are loaded with antimicrobial, anti-infectious, antioxidant and detoxifying components as well as acids. The presence of iron and vitamin C in Coriander or Kothmir strengthens the immune system. These properties help in preventing and curing smallpox and they can also reduce the pain caused by it and has a soothing effect on the smallpox.

Coriander or Kothmir Prevents Menstrual Disorders:

One of the best known health benefits of Kothmir (coriander or cilontra or dhaniya); is that it can prevent menstrual disorders. Coriander or Kothmir is a natural stimulant and regulates proper endocrine glands’ secretion, and this hormonal impact suggests that it helps in regulating proper menstrual cycles and also reduces the associated pain during periods.

Coriander or Kothmir Is A Natural Painkiller:

Kothmir or Coriander possess analgesic properties and reduces the pain by directly acting on the central pain receptors. This analgesic property of Coriander or Kothmir is because of the presence of a compound known as Linalool in it.

Coriander or Kothmir Improves Memory Power & Brain Functioning(11):

Kothmir (Coriander or Cliontra or dhaniya) has anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and cholesterol-lowering properties, which help in improving memory power and functioning of the brain. The neurons of the brain get less exposed to the oxidative stress and thus results in a better lifespan, resulting in better memory. This effect of coriander on memory and the nervous system is used for managing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Boosting memory is yet another great health benefit of Coriander or Kothmir.

Coriander or Kothmir Prevents Formation And Growth Of Tumor(12):

This is also a wonderful health benefit of Kothmir, that is it helps in preventing the tumor growth and its formation. The active compounds, such as terpenoids and phthalides present in Kothmir (coriander or cilantro or dhaniya) induce the production of some specific enzymes. These convert the tumor-resulting compounds and ions into less toxic forms. So, in this way Coriander or Kothmir stops tumor formation and tumor growth.

Coriander or Kothmir Is Good For Eyes And Treats Conjunctivitis:

Kothmir (coriander or cilontra or dhaniya) is great for your eyes. Being rich in antioxidants, minerals like phosphorus and vitamins like Vitamin A and C, kothmir helps in preventing several vision disorders, reduces stress and strain on the eyes and also prevents macular degeneration. Moreover, the presence of beta-carotene in coriander leaves helps in preventing several other diseases affecting the eye and can also reverse the effects of degradation of vision occurring due to aging.

Apart from all these, kothmir or coriander is also known to be a great disinfectant and has got antimicrobial properties in it that protects your eyes from contagious diseases, such as conjunctivitis. The oil from coriander or kothmir is extensively used in the preparation of a number of eye care products.

Coriander or Kothmir Is Great For Skin Health:

One of the finest benefits of Kothmir is its skin health benefits. Coriander or Kothmir is known for its antioxidant properties. The leaves and the seeds of coriander or dhaniya contain sterols, terpenoids, aromatic acids, polyphenols, and carotenoids, which actually scavenge the free radicals and also heavy metals and even manage oxidative stress in the body.

The essential oils and extracts of Kothmir can cure several fungal and bacterial infections of the skin, including acne and pimples, by purifying the blood. The anti-fungal, antiseptic, disinfectant, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties of coriander or kothmir also help in treating several skin disorders like eczema and skin dryness and benefits the health of the skin(13).

Some Other Health Benefits Of Kothmir (Coriander Or Cilantro Or Dhaniya):

Apart from all the above mentioned health benefits of Kothmir (coriander or cilantro or dhaniya), there are also additional health benefits that must be counted upon. Coriander or Kothmir is a natural aphrodisiac and helps in enhancing a person’s libido when used in combinations with other herbs. Moreover, Coriander or Kothmir even protects the liver.


So, by now we are aware that Kothmir or coriander or dhaniya has some really wonderful health benefits. However, one must even be made aware that there are few dangers associated with this herb. Some people might have allergic reaction to their skin by consuming coriander. Moreover, some people also may become more susceptible to sunburn with the use of Coriander or Kothmir.

NOTE. Pregnant women must not take Kothmir or coriander without consulting their doctor.


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