10 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mouth Ulcers

We all are familiar with mouth ulcers. These ulcers are often seen in one’s mouth and can be found anywhere. Mouth ulcers are usually some sores that appear in the mouth, often on the inner portion like the inner part of cheeks, inner half of lips and jaw, and it can also occur on both sides of tongue. Mouth ulcer can pop up anytime, but it is supposed to disappear by itself within 1 or 2 weeks. Generally, mouth ulcers are not a sign of something serious until they last too long or form lumps inside one’s mouth.

Mouth ulcers are also medically known as ‘aphthous ulcers’ and they can be painful while eating, chewing, drinking or brushing teeth. Mouth ulcers are not contagious in nature, hence cannot be caught from others with mouth ulcers. Up to 1 in 5 people supposedly get recurrent mouth ulcers and there is nothing dangerous about it.

In this article we will be covering about 10 simple home remedies to get rid of mouth ulcers.

10 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mouth Ulcers

10 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers

Here is a list of 10 Home Remedies that would help you deal with mouth ulcer without going to your dentist. However, it is always advised to consult a doctor in case of serious inflammation and pain.

#1. Honey-An Excellent Home Remedy to Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers

Honey works like magic on mouth ulcers. It has abundance of antibacterial properties. It retains the moisture of one’s mouth and it prevents the mouth from turning dry. Honey can also hasten the process of the growth of new tissues and hence is a magical home remedy for mouth ulcers. Doctors suggest that patient can apply raw honey directly at the site of the ulcer. The patient can also try mixing it with a little amla powder with honey and gently rubbing the paste at the site of the ulcer. One can even try mixing a little bit of turmeric powder with honey and apply it on the mouth ulcers to help heal quickly.

#2. Mulethi Powder for Mouth Ulcers

For mouth ulcers arising as a result of stomach illnesses, mulethi is extremely effective. For best results, take it with water and even honey. Mulethi helps to cleanse the stomach and remove any toxins that that may be contributing to the development of mouth ulcers. Regular use of Mulethi can reduce the chances of recurrent mouth ulcers and is a great remedy in treating mouth ulcers.

#3. Mishri and Camphor

Experts suggest another simple and effective home remedy for mouth ulcers which is mishri, where the patient can grind approximately 8 g of mishri with approximately 1 g of camphor. Put this powder-mix on the mouth sores directly. This mixture decreases irritation, inflammation and swelling.

#4. Coconut Oil or Pure Ghee-A Ueful Home Remedy to Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers

Coconut oil is extremely effective home remedy for various ailments as it is a natural antiinflammatory including mouth ulcers. Spread drops of coconut oil directly on the sores of the patient’s mouth, let it remain there for a minute, and then gargle with warm water to clean the mouth. This needs to be done multiple times in a day; and this remedy will heal the mouth ulcers by reducing the inflammation and swelling. Coconut oil also calms the pain from mouth ulcers if done regularly. Desi (native) ghee too is an ancient and extremely effective home remedy to get rid of mouth ulcers. Apply pure butter or ghee directly on the mouth ulcers and let it remain there for a few minutes, then rinse it off. Not only coconut oil, but also coconut milk can be very helpful for mouth ulcers. Regular consumption of coconut milk can soothe the pain and inflammation of the sores inside the mouth.

#5. Triphala for Mouth Ulcers

Triphala is an Ayurvedic herbal powder which is widely known for its healing prowess. It contains three well-known Indian fruits – Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. The best way to use Triphala is to mix 0.5 teaspoon of Triphala powder with a cup of water to make a mixture. Gargle with this mixture at least once a day for a couple of minutes and then spit it out. It should be done preferably at night.

#6. Basil (Tulsi) Leaves

Basil or Tulsi leaves are well known herbal remedy to treat a variety of conditions including mouth ulcers. Take some basil leaves and wash them properly with clean water. Put them in the mouth and thoroughly chew them. You can drink some water to completely swallow the leaves. They may be bitter in but are extremely effective in getting rid of mouth ulcers. You can also boil some fenugreek leaves and gargle with that water about three times a day.

#7. Aloe Vera

Take some aloe vera juice in your mouth and move it around such that it covers the entire area of the mouth including the affected sites. Do this a few times a day until you see improvements. This home remedy is perhaps the best way to get rid of mouth ulcers easily. Aloe is also a natural antiinflammatory. Drinking the juice is well known to treat stomach ulcers as well. It heals the inner lining of stomach and reduces acidic secretions.

#8. Fenugreek leaves for Mouth Ulcers

Just the same as basil leaves, experts say, fresh and properly washed or boiled fenugreek leaves can be extremely soothing for mouth ulcers. The problem with these fenugreek leaves is that they are quite bitter in taste and basil is a better option when compared to fenugreek leaves. The use of fenugreek leaves is very helpful home remedy for mouth ulcer if the patient can consume fenugreek leaves as instructed every morning. Honey can be used with the fenugreek leaves to overcome the bitter taste.

#9. Epsom Salt for Mouth Ulcers

Epsom salt is also very effective for Mouth Ulcers. Patients are advised to add 2-3 teaspoons of Epsom salt to warm water and mix so that the salt gets dissolved completely. Gargle with this solution for a few minutes and rinse mouth with regular water. Epsom salt is enriched with minerals that are capable of generating antibacterial action inside one’s mouth and helps to heal the ulcers inside the mouth.

#10. Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice is yet another simple, yet effective home remedy for treating mouth ulcers. Cabbage juice has anti-inflammatory compounds that speed up the process of healing of mouth ulcers. To make the cabbage juice, take some amount of water and a fresh cabbage. Now boil the cabbage in water until the water quantity reduces to half. Let it cool down and then sip on a glass of this juice for relief from the mouth ulcers and its pain. The patient can add a pinch of salt or sugar in the cabbage juice as the taste can be really pathetic. For best results, drink 3 to 4 glasses of cabbage every day.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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