What kind of Tea is Good for Laryngitis?

Laryngitis refers to a common type of throat problem and it takes place often because of bacteria or virus. Factors related to chemical and physical irritations are of importance. If you do not undergo with proper treatment with laryngitis, you may suffer further problems, such as chronic bronchitis or even asthma during the later years.
Laryngitis problem is common among 6 months to up to 3 years children but in some cases, adults may suffer from the same disease. The disease often spreads via air or contact with any infected secretions. Now, the question that comes in our mind is that what the appropriate tea is for laryngitis patients or appropriate tea to cure/treat the underlying condition.

Why Tea is Preferable?

Before we should discuss about the appropriate teas to have for laryngitis patients, we will discuss why tea is preferable or recommendable for such patients by speech therapists or ENT specialists. Since the tea is one of the hot beverages or warm fluids, they play major roles not only to provide regular hydration or moist the mucous membrane, but also to fight with the respective bacteria and other allergenic substances. Hence, experts have recommended for following types of tea among laryngitis patients.

What kind of Tea is Good for Laryngitis?

What kind of Tea is good for Laryngitis?

Many types of teas are available for laryngitis patients:

Mint Tea

Mint tea is the most preferable hot beverage to have in case a person suffers from laryngitis. This tea contains marubine leading substance in its plant to promote the mucus secretion easily from guts and from other areas, like liver, lungs, uterus and bile. Moreover, because of the burning and bitter state, it is useful in bronchitis patients. One can have mint tea to achieve better excretion of mucus, cleanse the liver and intestines while deal with gynecological problems.

Mullein Tea

Mullein tea contains fat, essential oil, sweet saponin and sugar, because of which the herb or the plant is effective to treat laryngitis and other related respiratory tract problems. These include coughing, hoarseness and bronchitis. Even it gives relief from pain and prevents the problem of inflammation. Besides this, mullein has proved to be helpful in curing of cardiac problems and promotion of hair growth.

Mallow Tea

Mallow tea contains starch, mucus, tannins, pectin, mineral salts and fatty oil. Because of its chemical composition, the mallow tea performs its functions anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial solutions. Besides laryngitis, doctors recommend its usage to deal with wide range of respiratory problems, urinary tract and gastrointestinal infections. Along with this, the mallow tea is effective to cure throat inflammation.

If this is not enough, a majority of laryngitis patients may use mallow in combination with chamomile to soothe acute inflammation of mucosa and treat chronic condition of throat catarrh whenever dry membrane of the mucous leads to frequent coughing.

Sage Tea

Sage tea acts as an excellent home remedy to treat throat or gums inflammation and mouth ulcers. Leaves of sage tea incorporate tannins, essential oil and various active substances, which act against bacteria, inflammation and fungi. Gargling by using sage tea cures almost every type of throat inflammation and thereby, forms the best tea to treat the problem of voice box or laryngitis. Even sage tea is useful for rinsing the mouth to cure various problems related to gums inflammation and mouth ulcers.


In conclusion, we should say that there are varieties of teas available in the market, which help in curing the problem of laryngitis in less possible span of time. Therefore, based on your convenience, you should choose for the one and get relief from your voice or respiratory problems efficiently.

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