How Strawberry Can Improve Your Beauty?

Strawberry is a delicious and tasty fruit that is found in abundance. Apart from its nutritious content, the beautiful strawberry adds to the beauty of a person’s skin and hair. This delicious looking fruit also contains many nutritious factors. Strawberry is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a good antioxidant and acts as a flavonoid too.

Strawberry can be applied on skin and hair to enhance the beauty of a person. Strawberry is found as an important ingredient in many cosmetic items and plays various roles in improving the looks of a person. As it is easily available, strawberry can be easily used as a home beauty ingredient as a beauty treatment at home.

Strawberry has various useful factors which act as amazing beauty benefits such as:

  • Strawberry is rich in nutrition and contains vitamin C and minerals and salicylic acid.
  • Strawberry acts as an antioxidant and keeps premature aging at bay.
  • Strawberry helps to exfoliate the skin.

Strawberry can be used in various ways. Below are given amazing beauty benefits of strawberry.

How Strawberry Can Improve Your Beauty?

How Strawberry Can Improve Your Beauty?

  1. Strawberry Acts As an Effective Skin Cleanser

    Take two or three strawberries and take its extract. The extracted strawberry juice has to be applied on the skin and gently massage the skin with it and allow it to rest for about 5 minutes. Wash your face with water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. This strawberry juice or extract acts as a good cleanser for skin.

    Another beauty benefit of strawberry is the salicylic acid present in the strawberry helps to remove dead skin from the facial skin. The vitamin C in the strawberry acts as an antioxidant and maintains the freshness of the skin and cleans the skin from all traces of impurities and makeup, keeping it soft and supple.

  2. Strawberry Protects Skin from Sun’s Rays and Tan

    Another beauty benefit of strawberry is that it protects your skin from the harmful skin rays and prevents the skin from tanning. You can rub the strawberry juice on the skin and allow it to remain on the skin for 5 minutes and then wash it away. This strawberry remedy helps to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Apply strawberry juice extract, before going out in the hot sun. As soon as you return you can apply the strawberry extract again, to keep your skin protected and fight the affects of the sun.

    The antioxidant content in the strawberry helps to prevent sun damage to the skin and also keeps the skin soft and removes all stubborn tan from the body. The ellagic acid and the vitamin C present in the strawberry act as a protective layer on the skin and keep the skin from drying up easily.

  3. Strawberry is a Great Skin Toner

    Another unknown beauty benefit of strawberry is that it is a great skin toner. Take a few strawberries and extract the juice. Take 1 or 2 teaspoons of strawberry juice and mix it with an equal quantity of rose water. Place it in the refrigerator and make ice cubes from it. Whenever you need to tone your skin, you can take a cube of the stored strawberry juice and rose water and apply it on the skin. You can use it whenever required as an ice cube or can also melt and use it. The strawberry juice helps to remove the wrinkles that occur with age and also acts as a good exfoliater to remove blemishes and keep the skin young and glowing.

  4. Strawberry Helps Treat Acne and Pimples

    One of the major beauty benefits of strawberry is fighting stubborn acne and pimples. Take few strawberries and extract its juice. Add milk to the strawberry extract and mix it well. Apply this strawberry mixture on the skin and massage it well. This strawberry remedy removes all the dirt and impurities from the skin and helps fight acne. If there are any scars caused by acne, it will help to diminish the effect. You can use this strawberry remedy twice a week initially to clear the skin.

    When the impurities from the skin are removed, it helps to reduce pimples and acne. But it has to be frequently applied to keep the skin free from impurities. The flavonoids and salicylic acid present in the strawberry help to clear the skin by removing excess oil that causes pimples. Milk helps to keep the skin clean from impurities.

  5. Strawberry Promotes Skin Restoration

    Skin rejuvenation is another amazing beauty benefit of strawberry. Strawberry juice helps to restore skin cells and dull and flaky skin gets restored from strawberry exfoliation. The rejuvenated skin improves your appearance and makes you look fresh and young. Skin dryness and wrinkles that are associated with aging can also be treated with strawberry.

    The vitamin C content in strawberry helps the skin to grow fast. The dry flaky skin is easily restored through new growth of skin. Strawberry exfoliation also helps to stabilize the skin and remove damage of skin tissue, keeping it fresh and clean.

  6. Get Attractive Lips with Strawberry

    Not many people know about this amazing beauty benefit of strawberry is that it makes your lips attractive. A person’s lips are the most noticeable feature and as lips are constantly coated with a lipstick, they are prone to exposure to harsh chemicals which leave them dry. You can gently crush the strawberry with your fingers and apply the flesh of the fruit directly on the lips and gently massage a couple of minutes for best effects. You can also add petroleum jelly to the strawberry pulp and store it in the refrigerator for further use on your lips to get pink and healthy lips. The strawberry pulp keeps the lips attractive. It can also be used as a lip balm to help the skin hydrated. Lipstick looks and stays better when applied on well maintained and healthy lips and adds to the beauty of the person.

  7. Strawberry Keeps Teeth and Nails Strong

    You can use strawberry to keep your teeth white and sparkling. Just mash some strawberries and apply them on the teeth. This amazing beauty benefit of strawberry will help to keep the teeth white and protect it from plaque. The vitamin C nutrition in strawberry also keeps the nails clean and well-maintained. 

    The vitamin C content in the strawberry keeps the teeth white. It removes all traces of yellow or dull colour of the teeth. The malic acid in the strawberry protects the teeth from becoming dull. The folic acid content helps in protecting the nails and keeps them strong and free from fungus and other infections found in the nails.

  8. Strawberry Helps You Achieve Beautiful Eyes

    The eyes are the liveliest part of the face. But some of us have dark circles under the eyes, while some have swollen bags under the eyes. Slice a few pieces of strawberry in thin layers and place these slices around the eyes. Keep the strawberry slices for about 10 minutes and wash your eyes and face with cold water and apply some moisturizing lotion around your eyes for refreshed eyes. The strawberry slices help to remove excess heat from the body and relaxes the nerves and tissues around the eyes and removes tension in the area surrounding the eye. All traces of dark circles and eye puffiness are removed with the use of this strawberry remedy. Strawberry also keeps the skin soft and removes crow’s feet from around the eyes.

  9. Strawberry is A Good Foot Scrub

    Take some strawberry juice and add a few drops of glycerine to it. Add grounded oats to this mixture and bring it to a thick consistency. Wash your foot clean and allow it to get wet. Rub this strawberry and oats mixture over it and massage the foot with it. This strawberry and oats scrub removes all traces of tan from the foot and keeps the soles of the feet clean and smooth. You can place your foot in warm water for about 10 minutes and gently massage the foot with a good moisturizer for better results.

    The vitamin C in the strawberry keeps the feet clean and removes the dark tan that occurs on the exposed part of the foot. The salicylic acid present in the strawberry helps to keep the foot moisturized and removes dead skin.

  10. The Amazing Beauty Benefits of Strawberry for Hair Health

    Strawberry for Hair Growth: Hair grows well when treated with strawberry juice. Gently massage the hair from the hair roots using strawberry juice and see the improvement in your hair growth.
    The Amazing Beauty Benefits of Strawberry for Hair Health

    Get Soft Hair with Strawberry: Another amazing beauty benefit of strawberry is that it makes your hair soft. Hair that grows brittle can be softened with strawberry paste. Make a paste of strawberry and apply it to the hair. You can feel the change in the texture of the hair, as it grows soft and silky. The scalp remains hydrated and keeps the hair soft. You can also add yogurt to the strawberry extract for better effects.

    Strawberry Conditioner: You can use strawberries with egg yolk to condition your hair and keep it soft and silky. The egg yolk nourishes the hair and keeps it healthy and strong.

    Scalp Exfoliation with Strawberry: Just as the facial tissues can be exfoliated, the scalp can also be treated with strawberry extract to scrub away the dead cells on the scalp and keep it healthy.

    Dandruff Protection from Strawberry: Dandruff and fungus are inter-related growth that prevents hair from growing and encourages hair fall. When the strawberry extract is mixed with tea tree oil and applied on the scalp, it helps to keep the scalp dandruff-free and healthy. Dandruff can be controlled with the action of manganese present in the strawberry extract.


Strawberry has many useful features that are good for the body, for internal use and external use. You can use strawberry from head to toe and enjoy its amazing benefits on your body. This ordinary and commonly available fruit has many beauty benefits that have to be used and applied to be enjoyed. Adding beauty to your face and hair can be made simple and economic, by using products that are easily available and applying them in the right manner.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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