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Is Ocular Rosacea A Serious Condition & Can It Be Reversed?

Ocular rosacea is a type of rosacea, which causes itchy and red eyes, along with swelling in the eyelids. Also, the problem makes your eyes appear as stinging, burning or bloodshot eyes. Also, you may feel the presence of sand in your eyes for all time. The problem becomes adverse when your eyes feel watery even with only a single blast of cold air. Also, you may view small pimples in your eyelid or eye’s rim referred to as styes. Ocular rosacea may force you to bother because of light or result in your blurry vision.(1)

Is Ocular Rosacea A Serious Condition?

Is Ocular Rosacea A Serious Condition?

People suffering from rosacea may even experience eye or vision problems i.e. a condition referred to as ocular rosacea. However, the question that comes to our mind is whether the condition is severe or not. For this, we have to analyze the symptoms followed by complications of the disease. Simultaneously, we have to check the outlook or prognosis of ocular rosacea.

Complications of Ocular Rosacea

Symptoms And Complications of Ocular Rosacea

Ocular rosacea may result in a large number of complications in eyes or vision. However, in most of the cases, the disease has the following major symptoms-

  • Dryness of eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Pimple-like bumps present on the patients’ eyelids
  • Swelling and redness of the eyes
  • Difficulty in seeing things or blurry vision
  • Increase in sensitivity towards a beam of light
  • Crusting on the eyelashes and eyelids.(3)

Along with this, ocular rosacea may hurt your cornea i.e. eye surface, especially, if you suffer from tears’ deficiency i.e. dry eyes. Corneal complications may result in many visual problems. Besides, blepharitis i.e. inflammation in your eyelids may cause secondary irritation to your cornea from the disease’s complications, including the problem of misdirected eyelashes. Corneal complications finally result in permanent vision loss.(4)

Outlook/Prognosis Of Ocular Rosacea

Ocular rosacea is not a severe or a chronic health condition. However, in some cases may affect your ability to viewing different objects but it is not a life-threatening problem.(5)

Can Ocular Rosacea Be Reversed?

Secondly, many patients and their family members ask whether the condition of ocular rosacea is reversible or not. For this, eye specialists have said that the condition does not have any permanent cure. However, patients may manage their symptoms to avoid vision loss and/or blindness via proper eye care and the necessary medications. However, you will find many instances, in which your symptoms will repeat many times.(6)

Causes Of Ocular Rosacea

Until now, no one knows the exact cause of the problem of ocular rosacea. However, doctors perceive that the problem takes place because of different factors, which include the following-

  • Environmental factors
  • Heredity
  • Involvement of certain bacteria
  • Blocked glands present in one’s eyelids
  • Eyelash mites

Along with your symptoms related to ocular rosacea may aggravate because of a few of the additional factors, which include-

  • Regular intake of hot and spicy foods as well as beverages
  • Alcohol intake
  • Temperature or wind extremes, along with sunlight
  • Specific emotions, like embarrassment, anger or stress
  • Saunas or hot baths
  • Strenuous exercise
  • A few of the medications intended to dilate one’s blood vessels.(2)


To conclude, we should say that ocular rosacea is not one of the severe or life-threatening conditions. However, we cannot deny the fact that the problem does not have any permanent cure. Instead, patients have to manage their conditions via proper eye care and necessary medications to avoid complications and vision loss shortly.


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