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Benefits and Side Effects of Using Indigo Powder

Indigo powder is a natural alternative for chemical hair dyes.

It is made from powdering the dried leaves of the indigo plant, which is also known as Indigofera Tinctoria.(1) The leaves are known to produce dark blue dye and when applied on hair after using henna it gives black color. Henna gives a reddish-orange color to the hair, which when combines with the blue color of indigo creates a natural black color.

Benefits Of Indigo Powder 

What is Indigo Powder?

Indigo powder is obtained from the indigo plant. Indigo plant is a small shrub that grows 1 to 2 meters tall and produces beautiful pink flowers. It is well known for its medicinal benefits and all the parts of this plant are used medicinally.

Indigo is mainly known for its hair dyeing properties. It has many other hair benefits as well.

Indigo in the form of oil is used for stimulating hair growth and in the form of hair pack is used for hair dyeing.

For those who want a black hair color, you can apply indigo after applying henna. If you want a dark reddish color, mix both henna and indigo powder together and apply.

How Is Indigo Hair Dye Made?

The blue color is naturally present in the leaves of the indigo plant in the form of glycoside (glucose and indoxyl).

To make indigo powder, the leaves are soaked in water and fermented. The glucose is consumed by the bacteria releasing indoxyl, which is a precursor of indigo dye and is called white indigo.

To make indigo powder, the leaves are collected and fermented to release the dye. They are then sun-dried till crisp to remove any moisture and then powdered.

Benefits Of Indigo Powder 

Indigo powder is extremely beneficial for hair in the following ways:

  1. Treats Premature Grey Hair

    The leaves of the indigo plant are an amazing home remedy for treating premature grey hair. The oil made with indigo leaves can help reverse and prevent premature greying of hair.

  2. Enhances Hair Growth

    The indigo leaf hair oil is known to enhance hair growth. In a rat study it was found that indigo extract stimulate new hair growth.(2)

    If used regularly it helps prevent infection and stimulate new hair growth. It should be massaged on hair gently every day to feel the effect.

  3. Reduces Dandruff

    Indigo hair oil is effective in reducing dandruff. It is a good remedy for those suffering from dandruff at a young age. It can also be used to prevent the occurrence of dandruff.

  4. Indigo Powder Can Be Used As Hair Dye

    The main benefit of indigo is that it can be used to dye grey hair. The chemical dyes have numerous side effects. They are also known to increase the sensitivity of the scalp.

    Indigo powder is a nature’s gift for those with grey hair and who do not want to use chemicals on their hair.

  5. Softens Dry Hair

    Indigo hair oil can be one of the best hair conditioners. It softens the hair making them less brittle. The powder when applied after henna leaves the hair soft and manageable.

    If used regularly, you can feel your locks to be extremely smooth and soft.

Side Effects Of Indigo Powder

Side Effects Of Indigo Powder

Indigo powder does not have any side effect but some people can experience an allergic reaction after using it. This is also very rare.

The symptoms of indigo powder allergy include itching, headache, and dizziness.(3) Those who experience these symptoms after applying indigo powder should discontinue its usage.

A disadvantage of using this powder as a hair dye is that it gets very messy and time-consuming when compared with the other hair dye. But once you get used to it, it gets easier.

Also, if you get a fake indigo powder, it can lead to severe itching and headache.

Indigo powder is completely safe to use. Using it can help you get rid of grey hair, leaving your hair soft and moistened. It is an extremely amazing alternative to the harsh chemical dyes that leave hair dry and damaged.

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