Fennel Seeds for Increasing Milk Production in Breastfeeding Women

Many women find breastfeeding a difficult phase due to inadequate milk production. As many home remedies help to boost natural milk production, fennel seeds for breastfeeding are very effective.

Fennel Seeds for Increasing Milk Production in Breastfeeding Women

Fennel Seeds for Increasing Milk Production in Breastfeeding Women

The fennel seed healing qualities for lactating mothers are many. It is basically used as cooling agent to pacify digestive problems and to overcome menstrual irregularities. Scientifically fennel seeds are known as Foeniculum vulgare which has great healing properties and no side effects. Fennel seeds are widely used to improve vision and boost eye health. Fennel seeds for breastfeeding is popular as they help in increasing milk in the lactating women.

In lactating women, fennel seeds are seen to deliver significant impact in increasing natural milk production. For boosting milk production after child birth, fennel seeds are used in many forms like tea and other concoctions. For many centuries, people have used fennel seeds for breastfeeding and the results have been quite promising.

When estrogen levels in the mother are lowered, breast milk also gets reduced. To arrest this problem after delivery of baby, estrogen levels need to be boosted. In rare cases, doctors recommend medicine otherwise natural compounds like fennel seeds for breastfeeding are advised to enhance mother’s milk production. There are different ways of taking fennel seeds for breastfeeding. It also depends on the health condition of the mother and hence, fennel seeds are best taken with medical advice.

Some mothers have a weak immune system or frequently catch cold, in such cases, lower doses of fennel can help. Also, fennel seeds for breastfeeding can work well, if they are slowly introduced to allow time for the body to get used to it.

As fennel seeds aid in digestion, they can be chewed after meals. This is the safest way to boost your post-partum health and remain free from any side effects too. Besides that, fennel tea, which too has great benefits, is becoming increasingly popular as fennel seeds for breastfeeding.

How to Use Fennel seeds for Breastfeeding?

The benefits of fennel seeds for breastfeeding are many. Here are some ways in which you can take fennel seeds to boost your post-partum health.

  • Fennel seeds can be used as infused water by dissolving them in hot water. Some prefer adding a natural sweetener like honey or jaggery
  • Dry or dry roast the fennel seeds and eat them in the raw form
  • Fennel can also be used in soups and vegetables or sprinkled over salads too.
  • Can be used as a spice in sauces and dips.
  • Chew some seeds after your meals, which also works as mouth freshener

Making Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is just as effective as fennel seeds for breastfeeding. It can be made just like your normal tea, you can prepare by yourself as follows:

  • Boil 1 cup of water
  • Put 1 to 2 tsp freshly crushed fennel seed in boiling water
  • For 10 minutes, let the crushed fennel seeds soak in water

You can take this preparation thrice a day which also relieves digestive problems faced after childbirth.

Making an Ice-Cream of Fennel

Besides fennel tea benefits for lactating mothers, watch out for varied ways in which you can take fennel seeds for breastfeeding. It often happens that in your post-partum phase, you may feel like relishing the food you love. For instance, ice-cream, so, if your health permits, you can surely enjoy a homemade ice-cream which is prepared from fennel seeds. Have a look at the recipe of this deliciously prepared ice-cream:

  • You can also prepare an ice-cream by simmering fennel seeds in the saucepan and letting it steep for 30 minutes
  • Simmer together milk, sugar and a pinch of salt on medium heat
  • Add together whisked egg yolk with milk and thicken the mixture by stirring it continuously till it reaches moderate temperature
  • Sieve custard and transfer it into a separate metal bowl and place it in the ice bath while stirring it continuously
  • Mix the fennel cream into the custard mixture and press it to convert it into a solid form, make sure you are doing this process while placing it in the ice bath


Using fennel seeds for breastfeeding in high dosage can have various effects and can also affect the respiratory system. It is better to avoid going out in sunlight if you are on fennel seeds. It may also aggravate the skin allergies, so you have to be careful while taking this. Owing to its rare but severe side effects, fennel seed are best when taken in the natural form along with sugar. Those suffering from low blood pressure need to be especially careful as it can further reduce blood pressure and cause dizziness.

If you are on oral contraceptives, consult your doctor before taking fennel seeds for breastfeeding your baby. Fennel seeds are seen to be a cause of concern as they cut down effectiveness of contraceptives so lactating mothers need to weigh the pros and cons before opting for fennel seeds in your diet.

Best part of taking fennel seeds for breastfeeding in lactating mothers is that it is vitamin C rich, which augments milk supply and aids in good digestion. However, to safeguard your health, fennel seeds are best taken with medical advice and in small quantities.

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