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It is quite common for kids to have head lice especially when they go to school. It is estimated that around 12 million children in the United States are affected by head lice which sometimes even makes them cry during the process of removing them from their hairs which in itself is a very tedious and difficult process.

There are over the counter remedies available but they are not that effective in getting rid of the lice fast which further adds to the frustration of both the parent and the child. Having Head Lice is not a matter of concern as it does not spread any disease or infection.

However, whenever they bite the scalp it makes the child irritated as they get that itchy sensation which may be continuous and makes the child more irritated.

Fortunately, there are certain Home Remedies which can successfully get rid of lice fast.

6 Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lice Fast

6 Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lice Fast

Some of the Home Remedies for Lice are:

  1. Almond or Olive Oil

    Both of these oils are excellent home remedy to get rid of lice fast. These oils make the lice suffocate to the point that they become very sluggish and thus are very easy to remove with just use of a comb. All you need to do is apply either olive or almond oil on the hairs of the child and let it stay for about half an hour and then comb the hair after washing it. Doing this every other day would help you get rid of the lice at the earliest possible time period.

  2. Essential Oils

    There are many essential oils like peppermint oil, cinnamon leaf oil, neem oil, eucalyptus oil which are extremely useful home remedy to remove Lice. Add about 20 drops of essential oil into olive oil and apply it to the hair and let is stay for about half an hour. Then wash the hair thoroughly and comb the hair. This helps immensely in getting rid of lice fast.

  3. Coconut Oil

    This is also quite an effective natural remedy for lice. All you need to do is Apply coconut oil to the scalp completely leaving no area uncovered and leave it overnight. Wash the hair next day and comb it. You will see excellent results in a few days and it will help you get rid of the lice completely and quickly.

  4. Nit Comb

    This is a type of comb especially designed to remove lice from the head. This is helpful in children who are way too young less than 24 months old. Since the scalps of young children are too tender hence many of the oils are not recommended. Thus you may use the comb and in wet hair just use the comb to flush out the lice from the hairs.

  5. Garlic with Lime Juice

    This is also a simple and effective home remedy to get rid of lice. This is because of the smell of garlic which suffocates the lice and makes them sluggish and thus it is easy to remove them. You need to mix about 10 cloves of garlic with about two teaspoons of lemon juice and make a paste of it. Apply this paste on the scalp and let it remain there for about 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair with warm water and comb. Doing this for about a week will help you completely get rid of lice.

  6. Baby Oil

    Baby Oil is yet another effective Home Remedy for Lice as it suffocates the lice and makes them sluggish which can then be removed easily with combing. All you need to do is put some baby oil on the hair let it remain there. Now gently comb the hair and it will hep you get rid of the lice.

    In summary, the remedies above mentioned are simple, easy and effective in getting rid of lice fast.

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