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Home Remedies For Neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma is the third most common form of cancer that occurs generally in childhood. Medical statistics say that around 25 children in Sweden are affected by this syndrome and more than 800 in the North American countries. This type of cancer is predominantly diagnosed in the nervous system and if left untreated spread to the entire parts of the body.

In the current scenario, plenty of research and investigation are carried out to determine the cause of this tumor and various trials are conducted to remove this tumor and prevent them from recurrence. Nevertheless, the current therapies are perhaps aggressive and eventually cause serious side effects. This article will deal about the home remedies you could follow to help control this disease with minimal or no side effects. But before that let us see some of the common treatment adopted in treating neuroblastoma.

Home Remedies For Neuroblastoma

A few months ago, amidst the social media frenzy of Bird Box challenges, that witnessed the fans of the Netflix to try them blindfolded, YouTube made a decision that it no longer going to support dangerous, life-threatening, things and encourage people to do those stuff. However, it somehow showed some serious interest in the cancer quackery.

There was a recent show in the “home remedies” channel that voiced the story of Ann. She shared her cancer story and how she came out of this life-threatening disease without chemotherapy or other therapies and just with the help of carrots. She says that she used to drink two and a half kilo of carrot juice every day that really helped her in curing the tumor. In addition, Ann suggests that there is no harm in postponing the therapies and try the home remedies which has zero percent side effects besides improving your nutrition level. As a matter of fact, nutrient carotene present in carrots is indeed effective in treating neuroblastoma.

Also, lifestyle changes with the best nutritional program can yield you positive results. Add raw veggies, alkaline-based foods such as protein, grass-fed local beef, and organic chicken and pasture-raised eggs purely in the organic form to your diet. Improve your immunity by eating fruits and veggies as raw as possible. Avoid anything that could damage your immunity so that your immune system is more focused on overriding the cancerous cells.3

Types Of Treatment For Child Neuroblastoma

Types Of Treatment For Child Neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma Surgery- After neuroblastoma is diagnosed, surgery is often used to remove as much of the tumor as possible. There are many cases where the surgery was able to remove complete cancer and these patients were no longer required additional treatments. Most children with neuroblastoma might probably undergo surgery. However, the classification of surgery often depends on the location of the tumor.1

Chemotherapy For Neuroblastoma- Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs, which are typically applied into a vein. They are generally given 4 to 8 cycles (about 12 to 24 weeks) before or after surgery. Chemotherapy is much appropriate for intermediate- or high-risk neuroblastoma. 70% of patients with high-risk neuroblastoma could achieve complete remission after comprehensive chemotherapy

Radiation Therapy- When patients with high-risk of neuroblastoma receive radiation therapy, medical studies show that they can enjoy a 5-year survival rate. In most cases, children do not require radiation therapy for this condition. However, it is used in children who have high-risk neuroblastoma after stem cell transplant.

Stem Cell Transplant- This treatment is often used in children with high-risk neuroblastoma who are unlikely to be cured with other treatments.

Retinoid Therapy- They are chemicals associated with vitamin A probably considered to help some cancer cells mature (differentiate) into normal cells.

Immunotherapy- It is sometimes used to treat high-risk or recurrent neuroblastoma. Researches are made to boost the immune system with CAR T-cell immunotherapy and treat neuroblastoma.2


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