Natural Remedies for Trapezius Muscle Injuries

The Trapezius Muscle is a band tissue which runs from the back of the neck to the mid back region. Any injury or strain to trapezius muscle literally gives extremely severe pain in the neck and hampers swift motion of the neck and head. An injury to the Trapezius Muscle can cause neck stiffness as well as pain along the shoulders and back. The Trapezius Muscle can get injured as a result of a sudden trauma from a fall or due to a motor vehicle collision. It is mostly caused during contact sports like rugby and soccer during a tumble or fall on the back.

Repetitive stress is also one of the causes of Trapezius Muscle Injury. Another cause for a Trapezius Muscle injury is sitting for a long periods of time in a chair without armrests. Repetitive Trapezius Muscle injuries can result in chronic neck pain. Symptoms of an injured neck include neck stiffness and pain, tightness in the upper part of the back. Trapezius Muscle injuries are more common in people who lift heavy items like those who work in construction, weightlifters, and manual laborers.

Although there are various treatments that can be given for Trapezius Muscle Injuries but the below mentioned are some of the easiest and effective natural ways to treat Trapezius Muscle Injury.

Natural Remedies for Trapezius Muscle Injuries

Natural Remedies for Trapezius Muscle Injuries

RICE Protocol: This is the primary treatment given for most muscle strains and injuries. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Avoiding activities that tend to aggravate the symptoms go a long way in helping Trapezius Muscle Injuries heal faster naturally. Also, applying ice to for 15-20 minutes two to three times a day is an effective natural remedy for faster healing of the strained trapezius muscle.

Massage: This is yet another effective natural remedy to treat Trapezius Muscle Injuries. Massage helps in reducing pain and stiffness in the Trapezius Muscle. You can use a couple of fingers to gently massage the injured area with steady pressure for about a minute. Then massage at the area in a circular fashion to soothe the injured muscle. A back massager can also be used for this purpose.

Ginger: There are also some herbal remedies that can help treat Trapezius Muscle Injuries. Ginger is the best herbal treatment as it has properties which decrease inflammation and thus help treat the injured Trapezius Muscle. You can take around 1 g of ginger root powder two to three times a day for best relief from Trapezius Muscle Injuries. Ginger should not be used by pregnant females or females who are breast feeding.

Bromelain: This is a pineapple extract which has also shown quite a bit of effectiveness in treating Trapezius Muscle Injuries. This helps in decreasing inflammation and decrease pain. 40 mg two to three times a day of this herb for a few days is enough to treat effective Trapezius Muscle Injuries. Pregnant females and females who are breast feeding should avoid taking this herb for treatment of Trapezius Muscle Injuries.

An elastic bandage can also be used for symptom relief. Try to avoid lying flat on your back if you have Trapezius Muscle Injury as this can put strain on the muscle.

Heat: Apply heat to the injured trapezius muscle will help relax the tightened muscle. Apply heat to the injured site will promote better blood flow and faster healing naturally.

Capsaicin Pain Patch: One can try applying pain patches with capsaicin as the main ingredient to treat injured trapezius muscle naturally. It is effective natural remedy for minor muscle pains and strain.

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