What Are The Home Remedies For Paraphimosis?

Phimosis is a strangulation of the foreskin orifice that prevents it from retracting above the tip of the penis. This situation is normal in the newborn child, but over time the skin that adheres to the tip of the penis may retract as the foreskin becomes loose. Phimosis can also occur if the retraction of the foreskin is forced prematurely. This could lead to the formation of a fibrous scar that may prevent retraction of the foreskin later on.

Paraphimosis is the consequence of the foreskin´s retraction behind the corona of the penis which cannot return to its initial position. This situation can be serious since compression of the penis occurs, which prevents the blood drainage.

What Are The Home Remedies For Paraphimosis?

What Are The Home Remedies For Paraphimosis?

The patient can use cold compresses to reduce the swelling, but eliminating the inflammatory process does not help in treating the problem.

The fact is that it is impossible to completely cure the paraphimosis with home remedies; therefore, these methods can be used to alleviate the condition of the patient. It will still be necessary to see a doctor.

Stretching Exercises for Phimosis

These exercises need to be carried out along with the other home remedies mentioned here. The goal of these exercises for paraphimosis is to aid in stretching the skin enough such that it can move smoothly over the glans. The head of the penis is termed as glans penis. These exercises require patience on the part of the individual. If not performed properly it may result in injuries and scars making the condition worse.

First, you should evaluate the overall size of orifice for the foreskin. Carefully squeeze the edge of the foreskin when the penis is inert and try to pull it. Try placing a finger on the orifice. Do not stretch it if it causes pain, as this may result in scars and cause skin damage which can worsen the condition. The stretching exercises for paraphimosis should be performed for about 4-5 minutes both in the morning and evening. A change or improvement may be seen only after about a week so patience is the key.

Chamomile Cream

Chamomile cream has been used for a variety of inflammatory disorders of the skin to include psoriasis and eczema. These properties of chamomile cream also form as an alternative form of treatment to the use of steroid creams in paraphimosis.

Calendula Cream

Calendula is an effective antiinflammatory and has properties which are extremely similar to hydrocortisone. Apply calendula cream to foreskin every time you perform stretching exercises for relief of paraphimosis inflammation.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Like many oils that are available for variety of skin disorders, this oil is a useful herbal home remedy for paraphimosis and properties similar to that of steroid creams.

Nevertheless, sea buckthorn oil also regenerates the skin which makes it a perfect remedy for treating paraphimosis at home.

Licorice Cream

This is yet another effective home remedy for paraphimosis since the cream calms down the inflammation and has immunosuppressive qualities just like hydrocortisone.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Paraphimosis

Ayurvedic medicine consists of an ancient traditional medicine from India. Current medicine is constantly trying to prove the effectiveness of these remedies for different types of ailments and evidence and there is ever increasing proof to suggest the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicine in treating various medical conditions. For the treatment of this disease, Nirgundi Taila oil, and coconut oil are recommended for making the foreskin more flexible. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin while Nirgundi Taila oil is an effective antiinflammatory.

St. John’s Wort Cream

There are different creams which contain St. John’s wort have proved to be extremely efficacious for treating antiinflammatory conditions. Using this cream when you perform your stretching exercises for paraphimosis is extremely effective. This cream contains hyperforin which is a good antiinflammatory and can, therefore, be an effective natural steroid.

Tamanu Nut Oil

This type of oil also has anti-inflammatory properties; it has proven to help regenerate skin cells, so this option might be very useful home remedy for paraphimosis.

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