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What Causes Joint Pain after Delivery, Know its Recovery Period, Home Remedies?

Many women often complain of joint pains particularly after delivery. During the period of pregnancy and that after delivery, the body goes through a number of different changes. Having a good understanding of these changes can help you be prepared for the upcoming changes and will be able to deal with them better.

There are various causes of joint pain after delivery and knowing about them is important. It is also necessary to know about some of the effective home remedies which can easily treat this problem of joint pain after delivery.

What Causes Joint Pain after Delivery?

What Causes Joint Pain after Delivery?

There are some causes which can lead to joint pain in the body after delivery. Some causes of joint pain after giving birth include:

  • The prime cause of joint pain after delivery may be the increased weight during pregnancy. Women carry the growing baby in their womb during pregnancy, whose weight keeps on increasing gradually. The body, after delivery shows some visible changes in the body, including joint pain after giving birth.
  • Another reason which account for the after pregnancy joint pain is that, problems like chronic pain and arthritis, which can cause joint pain after delivery.
  • Many mothers, who have previously suffered from conditions like pain in tailbone or joint injuries can experience joint pain after delivery.
  • Relaxing is the hormone which is also considered to be one of the important causes of joint pain, after giving birth. The main motive of this hormone is to relax down the body ligaments, which helps women to carry the additional weight of the baby. But after delivery, the body ligaments take a good amount of time to regain their actual position, which is a possible reason for joint pains in the body.
  • Women, who are unable to do regular exercises during pregnancy, due to certain health issues or those who have previous joint related conditions, can be at greater risk of joint pain after delivery.

How Long does it Take to Recover from Joint Pain after Delivery?

The time duration of joint pain after delivery and recovery depends upon the health of woman. Joint pain after delivery can last for few weeks to around six months in some women. Those women who have a healthy pregnancy and delivery usually are able to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen after delivery and they tend to recover soon. Other factors like rest, post-delivery care, previous injuries or joint complaints and overall health condition influence the recovery period for joint pain after delivery in women.

Some causes, which can prolong the recovery period of joint pain after delivery in some women include:

  • Inappropriate posture of the mother while she is breastfeeding, can add to the joint pain after delivery and also prolong its recovery.
  • All the daily responsibilities, of a mother like handling a child, holding in her arms for long, performing other strenuous activities can possibly increase the pain in the joints after delivery.

Home Remedies for Joint Pain after Giving Birth

Joint pain after delivery can be simply treated, by taking proper rest after the pregnancy period. Make sure that you take some time out for yourself, as being a mother; you have to perform many duties. It is also, good to go for some light exercises, only after, proper consultation from the doctor, which can provide relief from joint pain after delivery. A healthy diet, with therapeutic exercises and relaxation techniques can help to a great extent. Nutritional supplements must be considered with medical advice to fasten recovery in women.

If you are planning to treat your joint pain, through home remedies, these tips can help you.

  • It is very important to do some light exercises regularly, which keeps your body active, to control joint pain after giving birth. It is good to do light exercises like swimming which does not cause much pressure on the joints. However, planning an exercise regimen with proper consultation is essential.
  • Another home remedy, which one can opt for is the therapy of hot and cold. It basically involves techniques like, taking a hot water bath, making use of heating pads to relax the muscles and placing an ice pack on the joints. Do not apply the ice directly, wrap it in a towel, and then make use of the ice pack.
  • Many women feel better with a good body massage, with oil or any other medicated lotion, which acts as a lubricant, and helps to control joint pain.
  • As a home remedy for joint pain after delivery, some women find relief in pain from acupuncture.

It is better to avoid, wearing high heels after pregnancy, as it can increase joint pains. Wearing comfortable clothing according to the weather and supportive footwear can help. Also, learning proper ways of handing the baby, appropriate posture while working and ways to manage stress can help to manage joint pain.

Rest is another very important thing for every new mother and is a great home remedy for the treatment of joint pain. Having domestic help for daily chores can allow the mother to take adequate rest.

All these home remedies for joint pain after giving birth are an effective way of controlling body pain. Healthy lifestyle and pain free motherhood can help women take good care of the baby.


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