List of 10 Daily Habits To Reduce Chronic Pain

Understanding Chronic Pain!

With more than a 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, it is undoubtedly one of the most common health issues we are facing recently. Moreover, studies reveal that a person experiencing such a pain runs a high risk of suffering from depression as well; which makes it all the more important to deal with the issue of chronic pain effectively and rapidly.

Chronic pain has been proven to last for not just weeks or months, but even years. Though in most cases it is caused due to an infection, injury or serious medical condition, leaving it unattended for long can result in agitation, weak concentration, insomnia and depression as mentioned above.

This is why doctors recommend that along with the right medications and therapy, it is also important to own a healthy lifestyle which will help reduce chronic pain considerably.

List of 10 Daily Habits to Reduce Chronic Pain

Here are some easy-to-follow and yet effective 10 daily habits which help reduce chronic pain thereby making life easier for you.

  1. Stay Active to Reduce Chronic Pain

    Not wanting to exercise is a very natural phenomenon to experience during bodily pain. However, studies reveal that indulging in regular physical activities of any sort help to reduce chronic pain and gives way to good health and a fitter body. This is a must habit, which should be incorporated daily if you want to reduce your chronic pain. Try moderate exercises, such as walking, cycling or riding a stationary bike at least 30 to 40 minutes every day 5 to 6 times a week to manage your chronic pain.

  2. Stop Smoking Completely

    Chronic pain patients need to understand that smoking can have adverse effects on their body and need to quit this dangerous habit at the earliest. Tobacco prevents the proper flow of oxygenated blood to your tissues and bones; thereby increasing back pain and causing osteoporosis in the future. Smoking also inhibits the healing process and thus increases chronic pain. One of the top daily habits to reduce chronic pain is to quit smoking utterly and completely.

  3. Limit Alcohol Intake to Combat Chronic Pain

    It is a known fact that excessive alcohol intake can cause falls and accidents to occur and also results in extensive liver damage. However, most chronic pain patients drink to ease their pain and this can be quite dangerous simply because it can turn into an addiction. Talk to your doctor and discuss what the right amount of alcohol intake would be for you and try to keep within the recommended limit at all times.

  4. Try Meditation to Deal with Chronic Pain

    Stress is one of the most common side-effects of chronic pain. Meditating is a great daily habit, which not helps to quiet the mind and reduces stress, but also helps in reducing chronic pain by a large extent. Mindfulness is a popular form of meditation, which helps the person focus on the present moment and prevents him/her from thinking about his past or future. This in turn distracts your attention from the pain and your body becomes calm and relaxed during this meditation technique.

  5. Eat Right to Ease Chronic Pain

    When it comes to reducing chronic pain by keeping good daily habits, eating right is as important as your medications and everyday therapy. Foods such as green tea, fish, tomatoes and broccoli boast of an anti-inflammatory effect on your body, which helps eliminate pain to a large extent and keep your muscles flexible and healthy. Eat a well-balanced diet of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes, and avoid processed and sugary foods as much as possible. Developing the habit of eating healthy also prevents weight gain, which is also responsible for increase in chronic pain.

  6. Avoid Negative Thoughts to Avoid Chronic Pain

    Negative thoughts not only damage your mental health, but have adverse effects on your physical health and well-being as well. If you wish to fight off negative thoughts, you need to first become aware of it and try to come up with positive alternatives for the same. For example, try to tell yourself that there are a lot of things you can do despite your pain and you shall continue to do so in the future too. Thinking positive thoughts should be practiced daily for good health and reduction in your chronic pain.

  7. Take The Right Medicines

    Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which is available over-the-counter and provides quick and effective relief from chronic pain. Moreover, antidepressants can also be of great use to keep a check on your emotions, which also help in reducing bodily pain. Other medications, which would be right for you would be muscle relaxants. However, you must consult your doctor before consuming any type of medication whatsoever for treating your chronic pain.

  8. Massage Helps in Chronic Pain

    We have all read about the amazing benefits that a good body massage has to offer. However, not everyone is aware that this daily habit helps reduce chronic pain as well, albeit temporarily. Your nerves, muscles and body tissues get relaxed during a good massage, which gives immense relief to the person both during and after a massage session. Hire a good and experienced masseur who has dealt with patients of chronic pain previously.

  9. Try Distracting Yourself

    Withdrawing yourself into a shell is easy while you suffer from chronic pain. However, it is not the right thing to do as it can cause even more discomfort and increase your chronic pain unknowingly. Instead, try to distract yourself by indulging in activities you like. For example, pick up a forgotten hobby, solve a difficult puzzle or simply go to the movies with a friend. These are simple daily habits which help a lot in reducing chronic pain from your everyday life.

  10. Seek Help from a Support Group

    In order to prevent yourself from feeling isolated and get control of your mind and body, it is important for you to seek help from a support group and join it without delay. Meeting other people who are suffering from the same problem may help you learn new ways to overcome the issue of chronic pain and also allow you to share your story with others freely.


Dealing with chronic pain is not easy and there is no refuting that. But when suffering from it, one needs to understand that simple changes to daily lifestyle habits can help reduce your chronic pain to a large extent and allow you to deal with this issue better. These 10 daily habits to reduce chronic pain aim to do just that, so that you can always live a fitter, healthier and hassle-free life.

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