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What Is A Baking Soda Pregnancy Test & How Accurate Is It?

Missed periods or late periods – could be due to several reasons:

  1. It may be due to putting on weight or dietary problems.
  2. When you do a lot of workouts, it could also be a possible reason for missed periods.
  3. When you don’t remember to take contraception pills.

Late periods can be due to various reasons that you should check through your doctor! If you know that you have had no sex in a while often, there is no point or reason to confirm either you are pregnant or not! But, if you realize that you had not used protection during intercourse, then you must take a pregnancy test to confirm it!

Whether you are willing to conceive or you’re stressed that you might be pregnant, getting a pregnancy test kit from the local shops is easier said than done.

That is where home remedies to confirm pregnancy comes handy. Homemade pregnancy tests have been around for ages and are still as useful as they seem to get.

We will discuss the most common and widely used DIY and homemade baking soda pregnancy test.[1]

What is Homemade Pregnancy Test?

The homemade pregnancy test is a handful process used for DIY conception confirmations which involve mixing pee with household items like bleach, toothpaste, and baking soda that causes a chemical reaction to make sure whether you’re growing a baby inside of you!!

How Does A Homemade Pregnancy Test Work?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hcG), a hormone present only in the urine and blood of pregnant women, which causes a chemical change when they are mixed with pee, if it’s fizzy and bubbly means you are pregnant, otherwise not.[2]

What Is A Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

What Is A Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

It is one of the simple DIY pregnancy tests that can be done anytime during pregnancy. Adding a spoonful of baking soda and a few drops of the expecting mother’s urine to check the acidity of the urine. If you notice some fizz then you’re pregnant. It occurs as baking soda or sodium bicarbonate reacts with most acids. But there are no scientific backing or research studies on this test. It is also believed to be used for gender screening.

It has been utilized traditionally to decide the pregnancy and is still being used by several people all over the globe as a DIY pregnancy test. It requires minimal efforts and techniques to recognize the hcG hormone (pregnancy hormone) in the urine. Discover and wonder how this simple and amazing everyday ingredient can disclose whether you are blessed with a child or not.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms:

How To Do A Pregnancy Test With Baking Soda At Home?

Requirements: It requires basic essentials that can be easily available at your home that are:

  • A spoonful of baking soda
  • Few ml of urine collected right before the test
  • A container to carry out the reaction of baking soda and urine

Methods: Steps to be followed while collecting the urine after washing your hands to avoid sample contamination, wear latex gloves if needed:

  • Take a container and hold it under yourself as you sit on the toilet to pee.
  • Take a spoonful of baking soda in glass containers and add a few ml of urine to it.
  • Just right after the addition, if fizz appears, indicates that you’re pregnant.

Caution: It is advisable that you should perform this baking soda pregnancy test using your first urine of the day as the urine gets diluted through the day as you drink water which may skew the results of the test.

You should not perform this test in the middle of the night because the centre of the night urine contains a low degree of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hcG). You need to recall this little detail while performing a pregnancy test with baking soda.[3]

How To Get The Best Outcomes Out Of A Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

The HCG level is high in the first part of the day as it is mentioned before to check pregnancy promptly. To get the best result out of the pregnancy test, some different ways are listed below:

  • You must drink lots of water before taking the test. Just before you go to bed to sleep, you can drink heaps of water, which would assist you with urinating in the first part of the day. Keep your pregnancy test prepared by that point!
  • You must sit for long in any event for 10 minutes to get the results. Ladies can get anxious to check the outcomes. Here, Tolerance is the key! You have to hold up at any rate of 10 or 30 minutes, yet you would get the outcomes! If you need a confirmed result, you can repeat this pregnancy test or attempt any other strategy, no doubt!!

How Accurate Is The Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

This pregnancy test shows a 50% precision level. The outcome is undermined because the acidity of the urine depends on several other parameters in the body. The acidity level changes every day, relying on the diet, water consumption, etc. making it a poor and lost indicator of the pregnancy. On days when the mother is dehydrated because of vomiting, nausea, or a decrease in the water intake, the urine becomes slightly more acidic leading to a wrong prediction. Nevertheless, baking soda pregnancy test is a good indicator of the urine’s acidity.[1][6]

Is The Baking Soda Pregnancy Test Safe?

The only safety concern associated with baking soda is causing irritation and redness in eyes, other than this baking soda is safe so is the baking soda pregnancy test. Nevertheless, it shows unreliable outcomes said by experts.[3]

Are There Any Risks of Baking Soda Pregnancy Test Safe?

There is no risk of using a urine test. Certain risks are associated with blood tests. The blood test is an invasive process that may cause pain or bruises at the spot where the needle is inserted, but it does not last for long.[5]

What Are The Other DIY Pregnancy Test?

There are several DIY pregnancy test alternatives available that can be used to make sure that you’re pregnant. Some of the other DIY pregnancy tests are referenced underneath:

  • Soap pregnancy test: The cleanser will start foaming or frothing when the result is positive.
  • Sugar test: The sugar will bunch up when the outcome is sure.
  • Toothpaste pregnancy test: If the trial is sure, then the toothpaste will begin frothing or will turn blue.
  • Bleach Pregnancy Test: it will indicate bubbles.[1][7]

What Does The Research Say About Baking Soda Pregnancy Test?

The homemade pregnancy tests explained above have no scientific backing. No research suggests that they’re reliable methods for confirmation of pregnancy. They’re based on anecdotal proofs only. Fortunately, there are more accurate pregnancy tests available!

Tried, Tested, And True Pregnancy Test With Proven Accuracy:

When it comes to a subject as affective, emotional, and potentially life-changing as pregnancy, better to use one of the accurate pregnancy tests out there which include drugstore-bought urine tests kits and blood test methods at your doctor’s office. Pregnancy tests are also available online and can be purchased through e-commerce sites.

Usually, home pregnancy tests can be used the day after you miss your period. Drugstore-bought home pregnancy tests claim to be more accurate (90%) than the DIY pregnancy test (50%) and that too scientifically proven. Prega news and Clearblue pregnancy kits are drug store-bought home kits. Pregnancy tests are more accurate and reliable when the first urine of the day is used. Don’t use pregnancy tests/kits with expired dates as it won’t be accurate then, so it’s important to check the expiry date.

It’s best to use multiple pregnancy tests for the best result. If the results are conflicting, consult your doctor. By using scientifically proven and sound pregnancy tests, you’ll be saving yourself from faulty outcomes.[4]


Does the baking soda pregnancy test really work? Yes, It has worked for numerous ladies, and you can attempt it as well! Homemade pregnancy tests made with cupboard ingredients instead of a store-bought variety is a hassle-free process that ladies may use to make sure whether to be ready to welcome the new member in their home by taking out a bit of time from their busy schedule at home.

There is no harm, and risk in attempting this test since it is easy, non-invasive, and easy to do at home. HCG is a type of hormone which is produced when you are pregnant. To get the best result, take the test first thing in the early morning before anything else. To be sure and not get perplexed, consult your doctor at the end!!

You should regularly consult with your doctor for the master’s conclusion! Having a child will completely transform you for good. It can mend the connections, lives, and get immense satisfaction in an individual’s life! The above-mentioned baking soda pregnancy test is easy to do and get a hint whether you’re pregnant or not.


Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:August 25, 2022

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