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How To Prevent Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness is the condition of pregnancy characterized by nausea and vomiting. Various methods are adopted to prevent or reduce the severity of the condition.

How To Prevent Morning Sickness?

How To Prevent Morning Sickness?

Morning sickness can easily be managed by adopting various household measures. Rest, healthy diet, stress-free, social engagement, acidity management, breakfast, and alternate therapies help prevent morning sickness:

Rest. Women in pregnancy should take complete rest to prevent fatigue and weakness. The immune system also weakened during pregnancy that further causes increased incidences of morning sickness. Increased strength helps in tolerating the pregnancy changes more effectively.

Healthy Diet. Healthy diet helps in body adjustments against the hormonal changes. Further, there are lesser incidents of nausea and vomiting with a healthy diet as compared to junk food. Protein-rich meals and food containing healthy fats are found to reduce morning sickness.

Avoid Things That Cause Nausea And Vomiting. Avoid the odor or taste of certain foods that make you uncomfortable. Further, do not eat such food that upsets the stomach. You should spray your favorite fragrance in your room. For some women, computer screen and computer flickers are the triggers of morning sickness.

Eat In Small Quantities. Do not overeat or eat more in one go. That increases the feeling of fullness, increased stomach upset and increase the incidence and severity of morning sickness. You should eat small frequent meals to ease your stomach.

Exercise. Light exercise such as yoga or meditation and brisk walking helps to reduce the severity and occurrence of morning sickness. Always ask for proper posture for exercise from your trainer as improper posture may cause damage to the fetus.

Remain Stress-Free. Stress is also a primary reason for morning sickness. Thus, try to be stress-free through meditation and remain indulging in your favorite activity. This helps in managing the emotional as well as physical stress.

Keep Acidity Under Control. Acidity leads to irritation in the stomach, which significantly increase the occurrence and severity of the morning sickness. Thus, acidity should be kept under proper control and the foods that increase acidity should be avoided.

Take Vitamin Supplements. During pregnancy, the body is in need of extra supplementation as more nutrients are required for fetal development. This causes a deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals. Studies indicate that vitamin supplementation helps to reduce the incidences of morning sickness.

Wear Loose Clothes. Tight fit and uncomfortable clothes reduce blood circulation and lead to irritation. Both these conditions lead to morning sickness. Thus, it is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Drink Plenty Of Fluid. During pregnancy, the formation of toxins increases due to fetal development and increased metabolism. These toxins interfere with the physiological functioning of the body, leading to morning sickness. Thus, in order to flush out the toxins from the body, and drink plenty of water.

Herbal Tea. Herbal tea contains a variety of natural antioxidants which helps to improve the symptoms of morning sickness. Further, the herbal tea does not contain caffeine, making them a great replacement of tea or coffee. Herbal also support your endeavor of a stress-free pregnancy. Various herbal tea that can be taken during pregnancy is chamomile tea, dandelion tea, and nettle tea.

Always Take Breakfast. Always take breakfast, especially in bed, if possible. Empty stomach increases the adverse effects of acid and may lead to morning sickness.

Alternate Therapy. Supplementation of ginger and pyridoxine and application acupressure therapy are regarded as effective alternative therapies used in the management of morning sickness.

Engage Socially. Women should engage socially during her pregnancy as this may help to remain her stress-free and also divert her mind from the changing effects of pregnancy.

Smell Or Suck A Lemon. In case, the women feel the initial symptoms of morning sickness, smelling or sucking lemon is recommended to reduce the severity or prevention from morning sickness.


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