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What are the Causes of Back Acne & What is Its Solution?

Acne can happen on any part of the skin with hair follicles, implying that all hair-bearing regions of the skin are helpless to acne. Beside the most widely recognized area is the face, one of the other regions that regularly gets affected is the back acne.

While 92 percent of individuals with skin break out have acne on the face, 60% have back acne.

In this way, in case you are dealing with back skin breakout, realize that it is totally normal. Back acne can transpire to anybody, the teens and adults both. However, it is more common in grown-ups.

What are the Causes of Back Acne?

What are the Causes of Back Acne?

Despite the fact that it may feel like you are the only person having back acne, you are most certainly not. What’s more, you just need to comprehend yourself with the causes, solutions and prevention methods to cope with back acne:

  • Back acne is caused by similar components that cause face acne, specifically hyperactive oil organs, plenty of dead skin cells, & a multiplication of microorganisms.
  • Whenever oil & the dead skin cells end up seized inside the hair follicle or the pore, it can create an obstruction. This clogged pore turns into back acne and if bacteria attack, it can advance to an inflamed pimple.
  • Pressure on the skin, along with heat or sweat, can irritate and arouse follicles and cause a particular kind of skin break out called acne mechanical. They happen on zones of the body where the skin’s more helpless to exacerbation by pressure, heat or friction.
  • Back acne can happen from a certain way of life activities or poor cleanliness.
  • The most pervasive factors that cause back acne include hormones, hereditary qualities, ecological allergies, and stress.
  • Contamination and high humidity can likewise be the factors in back acne out as they clog the pores ultimately, causing the acne.
  • Tight clothes that put a great deal of pressure on the skin can likewise be a reason for back acne or acne mechanica.

What is the Solution to Back Acne?

It is essential to comprehend that even with the best cleanliness, healthy skin regimen and regardless of-of prevention methods, the skin can, still, have back acne. Thus, make sure to plan with your dermatologist to suggest you the effective solution.

Since everybody’s skin is distinctive and reacts differently to solutions, hence, there is not one treatment that works for everybody. Considering that, your dermatologist will survey both the skin & back acne to build up a customized treatment regimen for you to adopt. Probably the most widely recognized and successful regimens include:

Topical Prescription

While treating back acne, topical medicines are commonly utilized in a combination with other skin break out medications because of trouble in skin thickness, application, and high oil gland movement. Topical solutions are extremely successful in keeping back skin inflammation in control.

Oral Antibiotics

Antibiotics are useful in diminishing irritation and the excessive bacteria related to back acne. Thus, this can be an efficient choice for inflammatory skin break out, particularly for highly active individuals and sportsperson.


This prescription for skin break out medication is a standout amongst the most prominent and successful approaches to treat moderate to serious back acne. Accutane has potential long-term benefits that proceed after your course of treatment. This is also suggested by dermatologists to avert acne scarring.

Cool Touch Laser

Cool touch acne therapy securely and viably treats back acne and scars with no downtime and negligible uneasiness. The laser transmits delicate pulses of energy that infiltrate sufficiently deep into the skin to contract oil glands and reducing their ability to grow acne without influencing the oils essential for your healthy skin.

Preventive Measures for Back Acne

Maintaining a strategic distance from specific meds like androgens (male hormones) and lithium is a good preventive measure for back acne problem. They are known to build your chances of creating skin inflammation. Limit yourself from applying lotions, beauty care products, sunscreens, and some other oily products on your back, as they can prompt back acne flare-ups.

We know how exceptionally disturbing back acne can be. Finding a right treatment that works can appear to be more challenging particularly if you have attempted a few options with little change.

So, if by chance these measures are not clearing up your back acne, see a dermatologist. The skin expert can assess your back acne issue and recommend essential medications to help control it.


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